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Use YouTube to Share Your Content

Why Should You Use YouTube to Share Your Content?

YouTube is the OG video content platform. It saw the light of the world in 2005. And that is before Facebook allowed videos, Instagram coming out to the world, and even before Twitter. Basically, if you go back in time, YouTube would be your only option if you want to enjoy video content.

Over time, video content became so popular that every social media started to integrate the media type. But that does mean that YouTube lost its touch. Even after being a video-specific platform, YouTube had 230 million daily active users in the second quarter of 2020.

If you consider the monthly active users, YouTube had more than 2 billion active users in 2021. That amount of active users is higher than Instagram, another platform that solely relies on videos and photos. YouTube is currently the go-to pick to watch content regarding different topics and niches.

So, when you decide to share your content on YouTube, you basically make your videos available to billions of people.

What Does It Mean to Have a High View Count on YouTube?

Even though YouTube is not like any other social media, just like any other social media, it has some common indicators for the engagement rate. There are likes, comments, and sharing mechanisms present on YouTube. However, among all of them, the thing that says most of the story is the number of views.

Content creators would check the view count to see how well their content is doing. A high number of views would mean that their video was capable of capturing the attention of the targeted audience. And the targeted audience got value from the video that the content creator had to offer.

The same thing goes for regular users as well. A high view count tells that the video has to offer value. And when a user stumbles upon a video with a high view count, they automatically click on it. Considering the high view count, they will be more interested to see what the video is actually about.

Additionally, many YouTube users will not even bother clicking on videos with a low view count, no matter how good of a value the content has to offer.

View Count on YouTube
Million Views on YouTube

Why Should You Buy 1 Million Views on YouTube?

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users. That size of the active user base can give you the feeling that it will be pretty easy to grab the attention of your targeted audience. But you must not forget that YouTube has more than 51 million channels.

Now, you might argue that not all of these channels will focus on the niche that your channel is about. But if you take a closer look, you will find millions of channels that are offering the same type of content as you. So, even if you think you are putting out unique videos, you are actually not.

Other than that, you should also note that YouTube got more than 500 hours of video per minute in 2020. Let us not even bother saying how many videos it gets per day. Also, as we mentioned earlier, YouTube users do not even bother interacting with new channels.

So, if you don’t have a proper subscriber base, it will be pretty much impossible to get 1 million views.

That said, if you opt for our service, your video will get a proper initial boost. This initial boost will make the users who stumble upon your video through their feed value your video more.

In fact, if you go to YouTube right now and see your feed, you will notice that you do not even need to click on the video to check the view count. It is already present on the feed. So, after the 1 million paid views, your video will attract more users and start to see organic growth.

What Advantages Will You Enjoy After You Purchase 1 Million Views on YouTube?

You will sign up for an overall channel boost after you purchase a million views on YouTube. Wondering how? Let us explain! First of all, when you target a video with our package, you ensure that it gets picked up by the algorithm.

Seeing how much of an engagement the video already has with the paid boost, the algorithm will start to recommend your video to the users who might find it interesting. Also, as your video already has 1 million views, users will automatically get attracted to your video. That will enable your video to get organic views.

The view count will snowball after it starts getting organic views. And after that, your video will obtain more reach. It will be more visible to millions and millions of users. And they will also get attracted to the video as it already has tons of views.

Now, if these viewers find value in the video you are offering, they will not get into your channel. Why? To find out what more you have to offer. In other words, your old videos will also start to get a high amount of attention. And if they see your videos are up to the mark when it comes to quality, they will begin to subscribe.

That means your subscriber count will start to snowball as well. And when you get loads of subscribers, your new videos will not struggle one bit in terms of getting reach and a high number of views. See how your overall profile can see immense growth after purchasing 1 million views from us?

Purchase 1 Million Views on YouTube
Purchasing 1 Million Views

Can I Go Viral on YouTube After Purchasing 1 Million Views?

YouTube does have a trending tab. However, the trending tab is country or region-specific. So, if you are aiming to go to that tab, you will be more visible for your country or region users.

But there is another definition of going viral on YouTube. If your video gets more than 5 million views in the first 3 to 7 days period, it will be considered viral. And no matter which viral definition you are shooting for, you can achieve that with our service.

As mentioned, you will give your video a proper boost after you purchase the 1 million views. This boost will make your video highly visible and enable it to get a massive amount of reach. Eventually, if the video is high in quality, it will snowball and get more than 5 million views in the very first few days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Should I purchase 1 million views for all of my videos?

Answer: If you want each of your recently uploaded videos to get a high amount of reach and make them snowball, you should purchase 1 million views for all of them. However, do ensure that the videos you are targeting are high in quality. Users will not engage with low-quality videos even when it has a high number of views.

# 2. Will the paid views stay there forever?

Answer: Unlike some other service providers, we do not rely on bots. Instead, we will send in real people to watch your video. These views from real users will stay as long as your video is not taken down. If the video gets taken down, the views will no longer matter.

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Kenneth J. Cardenas

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I was a bit skeptical when I stumbled upon the service. However, I am glad that I did not let my skepticism win over. The service is truly great! And the team does really make the process of buying the packages hassle-free. Also, after I purchased the package, my video boomed! It stayed on the trending tab for one whole month!

Donna W. Willis

@ Customer

My content creator career started with YouTube, and it would pretty much end there if I did not find out about this wonderful service. I actually enjoyed all of the benefits that the team is promising here. And I would not hesitate one bit to go for the package again if I need to boost another video in the future.

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