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Soundcloud literally changed the music recording industry Forever

Soundcloud literally changed the music recording industry Forever!

From unsigned artists to Grammy winners, Soundcloud has profoundly impacted the music industry. Approximately 20 million creators share their music in this music community- And more & more are joining every single day.

Wondering why?

The german-based music streaming platform allows users to upload, share, and listen to music with no fees or royalties. This has forced major record labels to either start uploading their music on Soundcloud themselves or create their own audio streaming service. The result has been a surge in independent artists and musicians getting their music out there.

Thanks to the platform, anyone with an internet connection and an interest in music can become a musician.

Whether you like it or not, Soundcloud is the biggest artist-friendly Music platform (till now). Soundcloud quickly became a favorite for aspiring musicians and established artists alike with its simple platform and limitless potential.

Do plays matter on SoundCloud?

Heck Yes!!!

Just like how YouTubers crave to get views, artists on SoundCloud crave for plays on their tracks. More people listening to your music means it is gaining popularity.

Get it?

Imagine you’re a music artist who just uploaded a track. When you see that it’s being listened to by many users and that count is rising, you will automatically get a motivation boost.

In simple word……..SoundCloud plays are the most important factor in an artist’s profile. Their credibility depends on the popularity of their content. An increase in the number of plays means that more people accept your content which can give it a sense and seal of approval for other listeners.

Still thinking- Is it worth buying plays on SoundCloud?

Listen…….People want to listen to what their friends are listening to.

This is why many artists will even purchase streams for their tracks. Record labels are also looking out for the content that is trending. To get trending and climb on the Top 50 charts, your plays count is what will matter the most.

Do plays matter on SoundCloud
How many plays to make money on SoundCloud

How many plays to make money on SoundCloud?

Making money on SoundCloud is not a piece of cake.

If you are looking to make some profits on this platform, you need to spend some bucks first. Sign up for the Pro account with a fee of $12 per month, and only then you will be able to access their Premier program.

Once you are in their Premier program, you can expect to earn some. The Premier program requirement is a minimum of 500 plays in the previous month. After that, you can start counting for every thousand plays.

Typically payout can range between $0.0025 to $0.004 per play on a track, depending on your content quality. So around $2 – $4 for every one thousand listens.

There are some restrictions to the Premier program. You can not simply get paid for any music or audio content you upload. The content has to be original music and not podcasts. Also, SoundCloud Premier is only available in some countries of the world.

How do you get SoundCloud plays?

According to SoundCloud, a play on your track will be counted when a user hits the play button. Now that’s the most organic and simple way of getting streams on your SoundCloud content.

Upload your file and wait for people to listen to it.

Most of the time, that won’t get you many or even any plays. Let’s see what we can do to get more plays on SoundCloud.

Repost- Use RepostExchange to share your content.

Partnership- Make partnerships with other users and repost each other’s content. Your content will be available to their listeners and vice versa.

● Stand out profile- Give your profile a professional look. Invest in putting together good visuals for your tracks and albums.

● Quality content- At the end of the day, your content should speak for itself. Poor quality content will never catch the audience.

● Genre & mood- Select the right genre and mood tags that best suit the audio. Just don’t go too crazy with too many tags.

How do you get SoundCloud plays
Buy 100 SoundCloud Plays from us & connect with fans- before your competition does

Buy 100 SoundCloud Plays from us & connect with fans- before your competition does!

The plays on SoundCloud indicate how many times a song has been listened to by other users. A “play” on SoundCloud equals 1 listening of the song.

Thinking about what will help in buying just 100 plays? Well, a lot!!!!

It is the first door to get involved with the music community. Where can I buy real SoundCloud plays? We can help a little bit.

Here is how we work…….

For example, if you have a song with 100 plays, someone has likely listened to it at least once. These 100 may Share your music with their like-minded friend. This will help you connect with other musicians and build a following. This can help you gain new followers and make connections with other musicians.

And that’s what every musician dreams for, right?

Whether you’re just starting out and need some exposure or a seasoned artist looking for new ways to connect with your fans, 100 plays are good enough to start a new journey.

How much does it cost to buy plays on SoundCloud? Don’t worry, it won’t break your bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Can you buy real SoundCloud plays?

Answer: Yes! Starting from as little as $0.99, you can purchase real plays and get your tracks a boost up when it hits the platform. Some packages even include reposts, likes, and comments.

When users see high play counts and buzz, it gives them a sense of validity. More people will want to hear it and eventually bring in a flood of plays and interactions.

# 2. How many SoundCloud followers do you need to get paid?

Answer: There is no direct influence of the number of followers on the monetization of content on SoundCloud. In other words, SoundCloud will not be paying you based on how many followers you have.

It doesn’t really matter if someone is following your profile or not; what matters is how many users have listened to your content. Technically, you can have a few to even no followers, and you’ll still be able to get paid for your content.

# 3. How much money is 1000 plays on SoundCloud?

Answer: For every 1000 streams on your SoundCloud track, you can earn up from $2.5 to $4.

There is, however, a catch! You can only enable earnings based on play counts via the Premier program. You will, of course, need to meet all of the criteria of the Premier program first.

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Kathleen A. Berry

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It’s true! Everyone has their earbuds nowadays, and it’s hard to stand out. I’ve been trying to get more plays on my tracks for a while now, and it’s not easy. With a broken heart, I deiced to ask for the help of Uptopsocial. Now I know it’s the best decision for 2022

Dennis S. Jones

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I’m a Spotify artist. So when I joined Soundcloud, it felt like a new world. I don’t really know how this works, but I imagine it’s pretty hard to get people to listen to your music here. Uptopsocial helps me focus on the music rather than the number of plays & followers.

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