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Why You Should Buy YouTube Subscribers

Why You Should Buy YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube being the biggest video-sharing platform, has billions of users. Not only that, but also it is considered the second biggest search engine right after Google. So, it goes without saying that the social media platform is one of the best places to make a name for yourself while earning big bucks.

Then again, it’s not your usual walk in the park, and becoming a star on YouTube requires creativity, patience, effort, and time. However, the workload can be reduced significantly with a little outside help. This is where we come in and offer you a helping hand to jumpstart your YouTube channel.

The Roadblocks to Becoming a Professional YouTuber

Whenever you start something, whether it’s a business, job, Facebook page, Instagram Account, or YouTube channel, there are bound to be a few barriers sticking right up to your face. It is the law of the universe; when you go into unknown territory, you are sure to come across a few obstacles.

The same can be said when you are planning to start a YouTube channel. It’s not all fun and games, as the first few viewers and subscribers are the hardest to get. So, what are the barriers to entering the YouTube market? Let’s have a look.

The Roadblocks to Becoming a Professional YouTuber
Difficulty in Making People Watch Your Videos

Difficulty in Making People Watch Your Videos

In the first few months of your YouTube journey, it’s going to be hard even to have 3 figure view counts on your videos. So, you can guess how much time and effort it takes to reach 5 or 6 figure views.

The reason why it’s so tough is that there are thousands and millions of people constantly uploading videos on YouTube. According to Oberlo, every day, more than 720,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Basically, videos uploaded in one day on YouTube would take you almost 82 years to finish watching.

With the competition being ultra-fierce, it is more than difficult to make people watch your videos and not of other YouTubers.

Having Your First Few Subscribers

If you think getting people to watch your videos on YouTube is tough, then you have one more thing coming your way. You can get a few views and likes just by sharing your video on Facebook or any other social media platform.

However, it is two times harder to get only a few subscribers. The reason is that even when people watch your videos, there is a high chance they won’t press the subscribe button. Subscribing to a channel means getting regular notifications from it.

Moreover, the videos from your subscribed channels are given more priority, and often you’ll see them popping up on the home page.

Look back and think, how many videos have you watched and how many times did you press the subscribe button? You’ll find your answer right there.

Having Your First Few Subscribers
Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

In order to monetize your YouTube channel and its videos with Google AdSense, you’ll need to have a specific number of subscribers and watch hours. This is the only way to earn money from YouTube directly.

It may seem easy but trust me— it’s not. The number of subscribers and watch hours you need is 1000 and 4000 respectively, which is a lot to have without any outside help. Because of this, many people have a difficult time to begin earning from YouTube.

Who Should Buy 100 YouTube Subscribers?

The easy answer to the question would be— people who have less than 1000 subscribers or watch hours on their channel and videos. If you are already a hotshot on the platform, then buying only 100 subscribers won’t do much for you.

I’m not saying it’s completely useless, but if you think economically, it won’t be quite worth the money. If you have more than 1k subscribers, then you should aim for bigger fish and not only 100 followers.

100 YouTube Subscribers is a package meant for people who are starting their YouTube journey and planning to take small steps before diving headfirst into it.

Who Should Buy 100 YouTube Subscribers
Why Purchase 100 YouTube Subscribers and Not More

Why Purchase 100 YouTube Subscribers and Not More?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, buying 100 YouTube subscribers is meant for YouTubers who have only a few numbers of followers. You can also opt for it when you are stuck at 3900 subscribers and need 100 more to start earning big bucks.

In any case, the package bears its own kind of fruit. So, let’s have a look.

A Head Start You’ll Need

I’ve told you already that getting your first few subscribers is the toughest task you’ll ever face on the road to becoming a full-fledged YouTuber. It often takes way too long, which makes most beginners give up the entire thing.

However, you, of all people, don’t have to be depressed or give up your dream of becoming a YouTube star because, via UpTopSocial, you can have your first 100 subscribers and presumably more in the future.

Once we help you get a start on things, the rest of the path will feel easier than usual.

Better Chance of Gaining Organic Viewers and Subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the higher your chances are of having potential viewers and followers. I’m not saying you’ll have people coming from all over the world to watch your videos, but it is sure to increase the chance of you getting more views on your videos slightly.

Social Proofing Your Channel

Social proof is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of a YouTube channel. People tend to trust what other people follow. The more subscribers you have, the better chances of your videos being watched by other people.

A hundred subscribers mean your channel has the approval of 100 people, which is better than having nothing.

Unlocks Custom URL

Finally, once you have 100 or more subscribers, you can unlock a feature called custom URL from YouTube. A custom URL with your channel’s initials can help you out in many ways.

But, the best thing about it is that your channel will get a good ranking factor when it comes to Google and YouTube SEO.

Better Chance of Gaining Organic Viewers and Subscribers

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Ruth R. Seals

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Anime is a widely popular form of entertainment these days. Starting up with an Anime YouTube Channel is hard. I mean, “Really Hard.” You’ll have to compete against established channels and franchises. I had all these things in mind. I approached UpTopSocial for a boost.

And boost I got! These guys delivered 100 YouTube Subscribers within a day or two. This gave me just the start I was looking for. Pretty happy with the response time and result.

Samuel D. Cheatham

@ Customer

Long story short, I wanted to hit 50K subscribers quickly. Believe it or not, I was 500 or so short when achieving that number.

I rang UpTopSocial and purchased about 100 YT subscribers from one of my new videos. This gave my video some traction. AND it allowed me to reach 50K quicker!

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