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Why Do Views Matter on YouTube

Why Do Views Matter on YouTube?

YouTube is now one of the biggest video platforms on the internet. In 2021, there were more than 2 billion monthly active users. And if you take a look at the current statistics, it will be more than 2 billion as it has been growing ever since 2005. That is not the only huge number that YouTube currently has.

Each minute, 500 hours of videos get posted on YouTube in 2020. Again, if you take a look at current stats, it will be more than 500 hours per minute. So, you can guess how many videos are currently available on YouTube. Now, the question that arises is what the users consider before watching a video?

Well, a couple of factors can make the content gain value. And the number of views is one of them. In fact, the number of views plays the most crucial role. Why? If you take a look at your YouTube feed, you will notice that there is a view count just below each video.

Now, consider yourself trying to watch something in your free time. Would you be more inclined to view the videos with a high view number or a video with no engagement at all? The latter, right? Well, that is exactly how crucial the role of view count is.

Basically, a high view count makes the content seem more valuable. It attracts users and makes them watch the video. Yes, social proof plays an important role in this case. A high view count will make the users think that if the video has a high number of views already, it must be worth the watch.

Why Should You Buy 100 YouTube Views?

Currently, YouTube has more than 51 million channels. And like we mentioned before, it gets more than 500 hours of content per minute. So, you can gauge how many videos are already present on the platform. Nonetheless, YouTube also had more than 2 billion active users in 2020.

That number of active users can give you the idea that making your videos get the right amount of attention will be pretty straightforward. But you can not forget that the competition between you and the other 51 million-plus channels will be pretty tough. Like you, the other channels are fighting to get their videos a high view count.

You can argue that your videos might be different than what is available on the platform. Again, no matter how unique and high-quality your content is, there will be channels that will beat you to it when it comes to capturing the audience. Also, you should note that YouTube users tend not to interact with new channels.

According to them, when an account is new, it means that the channel has to offer no value at all. So, even if you provide high-quality and highly unique videos, you might not get any attention at all. For that reason, you will notice many content creators saying that starting a career on YouTube has become pretty challenging.

Well, all of these challenges will not mean anything to you if you purchase YouTube views. It will give your account and your video the boost that it requires and allow them to get to the topmost positions.

Why Should You Buy 100 YouTube Views
Why 100 Views

Why 100 Views?

One hundred views might seem negligible at first. But if you are just starting your content creator career on YouTube, this 100 views is a lot. Many content creators do not even get ten views on their videos in the early days. Yes, you just read that right; ten views is a challenge for many.

Compared to that, 100 views is a lot. These 100 views will give your new videos the boost that it requires. It will amp up the engagement rate of the content, and that will eventually make your video get organic views. Eventually, when your video gets a high level of organic views, the YouTube algorithm will notice it.

Now, when the YouTube algorithm picks your video, it will showcase the content to the feed of the users who might be interested in your video. Once they click and find value in your video, they will not hesitate to engage with it. In other words, you can make your video get tons of comments, likes, and views after the purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. What is considered viral on YouTube?

Answer: There is a trending tab on YouTube. However, that tab only contains videos that are trending in your country or region. But YouTube users did come up with their own definition of viral. According to that, when a video gets more than 5 million views in the span of three to seven days, it has gone viral.

# 2. Can I get more subscribers after I purchase 100 YouTube views?

Answer: The paid views will make your content get a high overall value. That will reel more users to your video. And eventually, if you put out more high-quality videos and make them seem attractive, you can definitely gain organic subscribers. So, basically, you will have a high chance of snowballing with just 100 paid views.

# 3. Should I purchase 100 YouTube views for all of my videos?

Answer: You can definitely purchase 100 YouTube views from us for all of your videos. We will handle each of those orders accordingly. However, you should remember that YouTube users are more drawn to high-quality videos. So, if you want to enjoy the benefit of this paid boost, target the high-quality videos only.

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All it took for me was to target one high-quality video with the package, and my account got more than 1k subscribers in just two weeks.

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