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High Number of Instagram Views

What Does It Mean to Have a High Number of Instagram Views?

Instagram gets 95 million photos and videos per day. And since its inception, it has got more than 40 billion videos and photos. But what makes the videos on the platform stand out? Well, there are a couple of things that signal whether a video has to offer a good amount of value or not.

The number of likes, comments, shares, and views are basically those signals. However, among all of these, the views matter the most. On Instagram, when a user watches your video for over three seconds, it will be considered as a view.

And if a user does not watch it for three seconds, it will not be counted as a view. So when you get a view, it means that the video has reached to user’s feed, and they have interacted with it. For that reason, the content creators will monitor the view count to see how well their videos did on Instagram.

And when a video gets tons of views, it means that the video reached a lot of feeds, and it could capture the attention of the viewers.

Likewise, the users of Instagram check out the number of views to scrutinize whether the video is truly offering any value or not. If a video has tons of views, it means that the video has a good amount of value to offer. But when a video gets little to no views at all, it means that the videos are not worthy of the watch.

Why would the users keep this criterion in their minds? Well, you need to understand that Instagram users are primarily on the platform to stay connected, get entertained, informed, and stay updated regarding the trends. And they will not want to waste their precious time on posts that have to offer no value at all.

Why Should You Buy 1000 Instagram Views?

Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users. And there are 500 million daily active users of the Instagram app. This amount of active users can give anyone the feeling that making their videos get a high number of views will be pretty easy. But is the case really that simple? Not at all!

We have already mentioned that Instagram gets 95 million posts per day. Among all of these posts, there are tons of videos. Also, in the very first 24 hours of the release of the Intagram video, Instagram got 5 million videos. For that reason, getting little to no views on the videos posted on Instagram is pretty common.

Another thing that should be in your mind is that not all of the 1.393 billion active users are regular users. In 2020, Instagram had 30 million amateur content creators. If that specific statistic included the non-amateur content creators, the number would be more than 30 million. Also, that total number is continuously growing.

Furthermore, there are 500 thousand active influencers on Instagram. These influencers also take full advantage of the video feature and try to influence their followers through videos. So, you can already understand how competitive is the video segment of Instagram.

Even if you think that you are offering highly unique and high-quality videos, there is a high chance that you will be dethroned by other influencers or content creators. And if you have a new Instagram account, prepare to struggle a lot because Instagrammers tend not to interact with new accounts at all.

Buy 1000 Instagram Views
Purchase 1000 Instagram Views

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Purchase 1000 Instagram Views?

All of the limitations and challenges will be out of the equation once you purchase 1000 Instagram views. The paid views will give your video the right amount of boost.

But what boost are we actually talking about here? Well, 1000 views is a lot! Instagram videos getting 1000 views mean that the account is pretty well-off and has to offer a good amount of value.

Furthermore, the paid 1000 views will trigger the Instagram algorithm. Seeing how much interaction your video has, the algorithm will start to showcase the video to the explore feed. And in the explore feed, users that are not on your follower list will see your videos. That means your video can get an insane amount of reach.

Now, when the users from the explore feed will stumble upon your video and see that you already have 1000 views, they will think that your video has to offer value. They will start to watch the video without thinking too much. That will enable you to reel in organic views.

Additionally, when these viewers find value in your video, they will hop right into your account. Why? To check whether your other videos and posts have to offer the same level of value or not. Eventually, they will follow you if they find that you are consistent with your uploads.

On that note, when the users get into your profile, your old posts will get a proper amount of attention. And when they follow you, your future posts will not struggle that much to gain high overall visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. What if I need more than 1000 Instagram views?

Answer: The beauty of our service is that we offer the ability to make multiple orders. You can target the same video and make five orders, for example. That will make you end up with 5000 views. Likewise, if you want 6000 views, you can place six orders. We will ensure that you end up with your desired amount of likes.

# 2. Can my video go viral after I purchase 1000 Instagram views?

Answer: Going viral on Instagram means that your video is rapidly spreading through Instagram, and it is getting shared by thousands of Instagrammers quickly. As your video will have a high chance of landing on the explore feed, it will have a higher possibility of going viral.

# 3. Should I purchase 1000 Instagram views for all of my videos?

Answer: You can surely place an order for each of your Instagram videos. We will ensure that you get the same level of delivery on each of them. However, you need to consider that Instagrammers value high-quality videos over low-quality ones. So, if you target a low-quality video with our service, you might not get the expected result.

# 4. Will the views stay there forever?

Answer: As we utilize real accounts to offer our service, we can say that the views will stay there forever. However, if your video gets taken down by Instagram or if you delete the video, the views will disappear.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

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Thurman J. Tillman

@ Customer

I was pretty amazed to see how well this service actually works. The team managed to impress me with not only the purchase process but also the results. All that was needed from me was to target a high-quality video. And after that, my Instagram account saw an immense level of growth.

Mark M. Fleet

@ Customer

My Instagram was struggling a lot to get the right amount of attention. I tried a lot of things and implemented a lot of different tactics. But none of them seemed to work.

However, the case is totally different for this service. After my purchase, I did not only see a huge level of growth in my video, but it also brought high traffic to my profile. So, I will not have any trouble recommending the service to anyone!

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