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Why Does Spotify Play Count Matter

Why Does Spotify Play Count Matter?

Spotify has been around since 2015. And ever since then, it has been continuously growing. In 2021, the music streaming platform had 406 million monthly active users. And currently, the user count is sure to be more than 406 million because everyone now relies on music streaming services.

Nonetheless, like how the number of users is growing on the platform, the number of artists is also growing. In 2021, there were 8 million artists on Spotify. And they have altogether released a total of 1.8 million albums on Spotify. Also, the number of total tracks available on Spotify was 70 million in 2020.

Again, thanks to how fast Spotify is growing, the number of tracks has indeed increased considerably. Now, the question is, how do the users dictate which song is worth listening to and which does not? Though there are many different factors, the play count matters the most.


When a song has a high play count, the users who listened to the music might have enjoyed it. This type of thinking is exactly what draws users to new tracks. And for this very reason, the artists try to get as many plays as possible on their songs.

On the other hand, when a track has a low play count, it fails to attract users. The users who stumble upon the track and see that it has a low play count will be less likely to play the song.

Why Should You Purchase 100000 Spotify Plays?

Dope music does not always mean a dope number of plays. At least, the story is not the same for Spotify. Instead, a lot of things come into the equation. For example:

Number of Artists and Tracks

First, you must realize that you are not the only one trying to get a high play count on your music.

Eight million+ artists on the platform have the same goal as you. These artists will try to capture the users’ attention by releasing high-quality and highly unique songs.

And thanks to that, Spotify now has more than 70 million songs. So, you can guess how easy it will be for your music not to get any attention.

Why Should You Purchase 100000 Spotify Plays
Proper Grasp of the Targeted Audience

Proper Grasp of the Targeted Audience

Furthermore, if your promotion game is not solid, other artists will have the upper hand over you. Even with great songs on the discography, there are loads of underrated artists on Spotify. They are underrated because other artists have a proper grasp of their fans.

Nonetheless, you can eliminate these issues and challenges with our service. You can give your track a good boost and help them attract more users.

New User Challenges

Things will get much more complicated if you are new to Spotify. Most users of Spotify are not that likely to interact with new artists. They think the new artists do not have what it takes to drop a bomb soundtrack. So, even if you provide high-quality music, you might not get any attention.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Buy 100000 Spotify Plays?

100000 Spotify is a lot! There are loads of artists out there that do not even get 1000 plays on their songs. So, you can guess how much of a boost you will get with the purchase. This boost will enhance the value of your track and make them more attractive.

But that is not all. The paid Spotify plays can provide your music with a high level of exposure. It can make your tracks reach the targeted listeners, eventually making more people listen to your songs.

Thanks to a relatively high number of plays, your profile’s credibility will increase. More and more users will be drawn to your tracks when that happens. You will also get more fans waiting for you to drop more music in the future. Basically, the paid Spotify plays can be your ticket to becoming a superstar.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Buy 100000 Spotify Plays

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Frequently Asked Questions

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# 1. Should I purchase 100000 Spotify plays for all of my songs?

Answer: You can indeed purchase 100000 Spotify plays for all of your tracks. However, you need to understand that Spotify users will not be that drawn to music that is not dope. So, we would recommend targeting only the songs with higher overall potential.

# 2. How does Spotify count play?

Answer: Users who play a track for 30 seconds or more get 1 play. However, the app must not be muted. If the volume of the app is muted, Spotify will not count the play.

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I never realized that it would be hard for me to gain attention on Spotify. Before, I used to think that my tunes were bombs as they got reasonably good feedback on SoundCloud.

But after I joined Spotify, I was close to losing all of my motivation to make music. Thankfully, I stumbled on this service at the right time. It helped me get back on track and motivated me to make more music again.

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I wish I had known about this service before. It would have saved much of the time and effort I wasted on different tactics. Unlike the tactics I have implemented before, this service worked like a charm.

It helped me to get a tremendous amount of visibility on Spotify and helped me to soar. Thanks a lot, UpTopSocial.

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