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Why Does The Follower Count Matter on Instagram

Why Does The Follower Count Matter on Instagram?

Instagram is a place where users are there to stay connected with friends and family, get updated with the latest trends, and be entertained and informed. Over time, Instagram has managed to reach 1.393 billion monthly active users.

And that is a lot of active users. But all of the regular users will not just interact with random content creators. Instead, they will only engage with the accounts that offer high value.

Now, how will these users determine which profile has to offer a high value and which one does not? Well, the follower count says it all! A profile with a high follower count means that the account is consistent with the quality of the posts. The profile provides high-quality values and has proper reach.

For that reason, a profile with a high follower count will get more emphasized by the users, while the accounts with little to no followers might not get any attention at all. Considering that, the content creators are always on the grind to attract more users to the profile.

How Does the Follower Count Categorize Instagram Profiles?

Instagram profiles can be categorized by considering the number of followers they have. In most cases, people will join Instagram to stay connected with their friends and family. In such cases, the account will fall under a personal profile. And in such a case, the average number of followers is 150, which is pretty understandable.

Furthermore, your account will fall under the micro-influencer category when you get more than 1000 followers. Above 15000 followers, you will be a full-fledged influencer. That amount of followers will make your profile seem influential and impactful.

Lastly, above 20000 followers, you will be at the very top of the hierarchy. Your account will fall under highly influential or highly impactful business accounts. And this is the category that most Instagrammers will target.

How Does the Follower Count Categorize Instagram Profiles
Why Should You Buy 100k Instagram Followers

Why Should You Buy 100k Instagram Followers?

You might think that it will be pretty easy for you to gain a lot of followers on Instagram, as it has 1.393 billion monthly active users. But the case is really not that simple. First of all, there are loads of content creators among all of these users.

In fact, in 2020, Instagram had 30 million amateur content creators. And if non-amateur was into the stats, it would have been more than 30 million.

Furthermore, Instagram has 500 thousand active influencers. All of these influencers and content creators will do whatever it takes to make their posts attract users to their profiles.

Now, you can guess how much competition is present on Instagram. So, even if you think that you will get loads of followers by offering highly unique and high-quality posts, you might want to think again.

You should also remember that Instagram gets 95 million photos and videos per day. So, millions and millions of content are getting posted on the platform each hour.

Wouldn’t it be easy for your post to get lost among all of these new posts? Absolutely! Your content might not even reach the 10 percent of your targeted audience.

Another thing that needs to be noted is that Instagrammers are highly picky when it comes to choosing profiles to follow. They will simply not bother looking at profiles with little to no followers. Instead, these users will be highly attracted to the accounts with loads of followers.

That is exactly where our service will step in. It will give your profile get a huge boost and make you stand out from the competition. If you were struggling to compete with personal accounts before, you would be ahead of the full-fledged and highly influential accounts after the purchase.

What Advantages Will You Get After You Buy 100000 Instagram Followers?

Our service can bring a lot to the table. Let us explain them one by one. First of all, you will be amping up your follower count with the purchase. 100k followers is a lot! Some of the highly influential accounts do not even have 100k followers. And this amount of followers will make you take a great leap.

Usually, when you have tons of followers, it means that your post gets a high overall reach. Well, the same thing will be applicable to you after you purchase 100k Instagram followers. Your post will easily get a high engagement rate and get higher overall visibility.

But that is not all! Seeing how much engagement your posts are getting, the Instagram algorithm will pick your posts up.

The algorithm will then make your posts reach the explore feed, where they will be available to millions and millions of Instagram users. They will see how much reach and followers you have and will not hesitate one bit to interact with your account or posts.

What Advantages Will You Get After You Purchase 100k Instagram Followers
Get 100k Instagram Followers

How Much of Growth Can I Expect After I Get 100k Instagram Followers?

You will get an immense level of growth right after you purchase 100k Instagram followers. As we have already mentioned, 100k followers will make you reside in the highly influential category. It will make your account get an immense level of value and highly attractive.

However, the growth will not just stop there. After you make the purchase, your posts will get a high overall reach without any issues if they are high in quality. That will eventually make you land on the explore feed pretty quickly.

Thanks to the high engagement rate, the Instagram algorithm will pick your posts without much of a delay.

When you manage to get your posts to land on the explore feed, it will be gain an immense level of visibility. Millions and millions of Instagrammers that are not on your follower list will be capable of seeing what your post is all about.

And when they find value in your post, they will hop into your profile. Seeing that you already have tons of followers, they will start to follow you as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How long does it take to deliver 100k Instagram Followers?

Answer: After you place an order to buy 100k Instagram Followers, it’s a gradual process for delivery. You shouldn’t expect us to get quick results with some spambots, right?

We deliver based on profile and order volume. Within the first 2-5 minutes, don’t be surprised if you see a quick shake in your account.

We start working right after you place the order and usually finish within 24 hours (but there are some rare exceptions).

# 2. I am looking for reliability. Can you provide more information about your Instagram followers?

Answer: We don’t compromise on quality. We know how refined Instagram’s algorithms have become and understand the risks of trying to beat them. Instead, we set up campaigns focusing on providing followers from the highest-quality active accounts- so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

You can buy 100k Instagram followers from without hesitation. We have years of experience with this.

# 3. Are 100k Instagram followers enough?

Answer: That depends on your scenario. If you are starting out your content career or influencer career, 100k followers are more than enough for that stage.

However, if you want to compete with highly famous persons, you will need more than 100k followers. But that does not mean that 100k followers will not be any good for you. You will still get a proper boost with the purchase.

# 4. Will the 100k followers stay there forever?

Answer: We are offering our service using nothing but real profiles. These profiles have authentic user history.

For that reason, the chances of them getting banned out of nowhere will be pretty low. So, you can expect the followers to stay up until the point where you do not delete your account, or your account gets taken down by Instagram.

# 5. What is the difference between real and fake Instagram followers?

Answer: By real paid followers, you will be referring to the users that are not bots. Well, that is exactly what our service is about.

These real followers will help get a high overall reach and quickly make your posts land on the explore feed. In comparison, the fake followers will be nothing but bots. They will not help you in any regard.

# 6. Can I go viral after purchasing 100k Instagram followers?

Answer: You will amp up your chances of going viral after you purchase 100k followers. The followers will make your posts get a high level of reach. That will eventually make your posts get a massive level of engagement as well. Eventually, you can make your posts go viral pretty easily.

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Jenifer R. Thai

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100k Instagram followers is a lot. And I did not just want to hand my money over some regular services.

But UpTopSocial is not one of them. I have purchased different packages from this team before. And they are pretty consistent regarding their quality. So, if you were looking for a legit service that will let your Instagram gain a massive boost, this is it! You can trust UpTopSocial with all of your money.

David R. Marks

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I started my business profile pretty recently. Even though I had to offer high-quality and popular products at a much better deal, my profile did not seem to get that much attention.

It seems all I needed was some legitimacy, which this service offered. But that is not all! The followers I purchased made my promotional posts get tons of reach. It allowed me to drive more sales. Thanks a lot, UpTopSocial.

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