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Likes on Soundcloud Means

What Does Having High Likes on Soundcloud Means?

The heart of SoundCloud is tunes and songs. In 2020, there were more than 250 million tracks on the platform. Now, the numbers have risen quite significantly. But the thing is, an average user on SoundCloud will not listen to any song that they come across. Instead, they will keep a couple of things in mind.

The thing that determines whether a song is worth listening to or not are likes, plays, and comments. However, the like numbers play the most crucial role among all of them. How so? Well, when a song has a high number of likes, it means that the users who listen to it enjoyed it. In other words, the track is not just an average one.

This standout feature makes more and more users listen to the exact track. Basically, social proof comes into play. Wondering what social proof is? It refers to the idea that when everyone is doing something, it means that you should be doing the same thing as well.

Now, when users come across a song and see how many likes it has, they will think they should be listening to the same track as it already has tons of likes. See how social proof is playing a role? So, in short, likes play a crucial role in determining whether a track is high in quality or not.

Why Should You Purchase SoundCloud Likes?

The thing is, you do not need an account to listen to tracks on SoundCloud. So, many do not feel the need to create an account. In 2019, there was 76 million registered account. And SoundCloud did not update the statistics after that. However, do not let that fool you.

In 2017, SoundCloud had 175 million monthly listeners. Again, SoundCloud did not update the stat since 2017. However, 175 million in 2017 is not bad at all! And you should consider that music streaming has boomed in terms of popularity.

People do not usually buy physical copies now. In fact, many do not even bother buying a digital copy.

So, if SoundCloud did update the stat, it would have surely been more than 200 million. Nonetheless, the main reason why we are offering you so many numbers is to tell you how much demand SoundCloud still has. And users still rely on SoundCloud to listen to their favorite tracks.

However, if you were to make your new track stand out among the crowd, things get a bit daunting. As we mentioned, users consider the number of plays, likes, and comments before playing a track. And this kind of thinking can under-shadow a high-quality track.

Additionally, in 2020, there were 25 million music creators. These creators will do their level best to make their music stand out. So, you can understand how much competition is present on the platform. But our service can help! It will give your new track the boost it requires to stand out and make users play it.

Purchase SoundCloud Likes
Just 50 Likes

Why Just 50 Likes?

You might be wondering what would 50 likes mean to your track where there are more than 175 million monthly listeners available on SoundCloud. Well, the thing is, there are loads of new music creators on the platform. And most of the SoundCloud users know that SoundCloud contains loads of underrated creators.

Considering that, the users try out new tracks from fairly less-reputed artists. But that does not mean that they will listen to any song that they come across. Remember that we mentioned they will consider likes and plays to determine whether a song is worth listening to or not? Well, that applies to the new music creators as well.

Nonetheless, 50 likes for a track that recently came out is not bad at all! Users struggle to get even ten likes on the new song. Yes, even after sharing their song on social media and asking people to support them, they hardly get 10 likes on their new song. So, 50 likes are more than enough to make your new song stand out.

Other than that, if you think that 50 likes are not enough, there is no one stopping you from buying the same package multiple times. You can stack our package and convert it into multiple of 50. By doing so, you can get 100, 150, 200, 250, and so on likes on your new track.

What Advantages Does Paid Likes Have to Offer?

When you purchase our package, you sign up to boost your song correctly. Whether you are settling on just 50 or multiples of 50 likes, your new song will stay well ahead of the competition. How so?

Well, let us consider that you just have purchased 50 likes for your newly released song. It now stands out from the other recently released tracks, which are probably hovering around 1 to 5 likes. Now, users who will come across your song that is followed by other newly released tracks will choose your one over the others.

Why? Social Proof! Seeing that your newly released song is doing pretty well compared to others, they will think your track is high in quality. This thinking will make them play it. Eventually, when they find your track was really worth listening to, they will press like and even comment on it.

So, eventually, you will be reeling in organic plays, likes, and comments after the paid likes. But that does not stop there! When the users find your new track is offering value, they will get into your account. Why? To find out more songs! And if they find that you are consistent, they are sure to give you a follow.

In other words, your follower count will also see massive growth. This will further translate to your future tracks seeing more reach and getting plays, comments, and likes automatically. That means you are not just purchasing likes for your song. Instead, you are signing up for a total profile boost.

Advantages Does Paid Likes Have to Offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many likes is good for SoundCloud?

Answer: There is no predefined number for likes. The more, the better. How? Consider a scenario where you, as a user, come across songs of the same genre. You will be more inclined to play the song with more likes. This also means that you should try to get as many likes as possible for your newly released songs.

# 2. Can I go viral after purchasing SoundCloud likes?

Answer: Being viral on SoundCloud means that your track got tons of likes, comments, and plays. And as we mentioned, your profile and song will get a massive boost after purchasing the SoundCloud likes. So, yes, you can surely go viral after purchasing SoundCloud likes.

# 3. Can I get paid by SoundCloud?

Answer: SoundCloud collects the advertisement revenues and distributes a chunk of them to the content creators. Also, there are ad-free premium subscription plans available. SoundCloud will also use that money to support the music creators of the platform.

And by purchasing our package, you can surely start earning money from SoundCloud.

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Lois C. Cruz

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I recently started my music career on SoundCloud. Although I tried to make my music reach a higher audience by sharing it on social media, it did not bring the result I was expecting. But this service worked like a charm. After the purchase, my song started getting tons of organic likes, plays, and comments.

So, I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to boost their song on SoundCloud.

Robert F. Myers

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The fact that SoundCloud users only listen to the well-off tracks under-shadows a lot of the underrated artists. And I was a victim of that. I knew my music had the potential, but it just needed a boost, which is exactly where this service stepped in for me.

I was totally amazed by the results! It brought in massive organic growth for my profile.

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