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Why Does the Subscriber Count Matter on YouTube

Why Does the Subscriber Count Matter on YouTube?

There are more than 51 million channels on YouTube. And in 2021, YouTube had more than 2 billion monthly active users. These users are on the platform to get entertained, informed, educated, and updated with ongoing trends. And they are pretty picky regarding what videos they watch.

Instead of just clicking on every video the users see, they will check the view count, the engagement rate, and, most importantly, the channel’s number of subscribers. The number of subscribers matters because it states the value the channel offers.

When a channel gets a high subscriber count, it means that the videos that the channel has to offer are top-notch. They successfully got the attention of the targeted audience and could offer value to the viewers. That is why all YouTube content creators aim to get as many subscribers as possible.

Why Should You Purchase YouTube Subscribers?

The fact that YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users can give you the idea that getting many subscribers will be pretty easy. But the case is really not that simple. You are not the only one trying to get more attention on YouTube. Like, you, there are 51 million other channels.

These channels will post new videos daily to properly grab onto their targeted audience. For that reason, YouTube got more than 500 hours of video per minute in 2020. So, you can imagine how many videos are uploaded right when you read this.

Your video can easily get lost among all of those videos. It might not even reach a quarter of your targeted audience. And when your video does not reach the targeted audience, you will not be capable of attracting users to your channel.

But when you purchase subscribers, you make your channel get a boost. That eliminates most of the challenges we have just described here.

Why Should You Purchase YouTube Subscribers
What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Buy 50 YouTube Subscribers

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Buy 50 YouTube Subscribers?

Because there are channels with over 200 million subscribers on YouTube, 50 subscribers do sound a lot less. But if you are new to the platform, you will struggle to gain even ten subscribers. Yes, new accounts on YouTube faces a tough time. Usually, the users do not interact with these accounts.

So, with 50 YouTube subscribers, you could enhance the value of your profile a little bit and help it start to gain more attention. But that is not all! With 50 subscribers, you will be well ahead of the channels with no subscribers. That will make your channel stand out a bit on this competitive platform.

Furthermore, if you want to see what paid subscribers could do, this 50-subscriber package is an excellent deal. You can just test things out with your channel with the purchase.

And as the cost is pretty affordable, you will not even have to worry about wasting too much money if your test does not go as planned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. What if I need more than 50 YouTube subscribers?

Answer: We are offering a lot of different packages for YouTube subscribers. So, if you think 50 subscribers will not be enough, you can always check out other packages. Those will also come at a reasonable price, just like these 50 subscribers.

# 2. Are 50 subscribers too few?

Answer: In comparison, 50 subscribers are not a lot. However, as we have mentioned earlier, there are loads of channels that do not even have ten subscribers. Compared to those channels, 50 subscribers is a lot. You will give your channel a fair boost in terms of subscribers with the purchase.

# 3. Will the subscribers stay there forever?

Answer: Unlike other services, we utilize real accounts with real people behind them. These profiles have proper YouTube history and are not bots. For that reason, the chances of these accounts getting banned out of nowhere will be pretty slim. So, you will not have to worry about the paid subscribers disappearing.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

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Kimberly J. Somerville

@ Customer

My YouTube career started off pretty rough. I uploaded quite a few videos. However, they hardly brought my channel any subscribers. So, my channel had more than 20 videos but with just one subscriber.

I was getting very demotivated. Then, my friend recommended this service. And it helped me to push myself further. Now, I have more than 1k subscribers, all thanks to SocialKingo.

Debra D. Duong

@ Customer

Social Kingo never seems to disappoint me. I have tried out their services before, and they are very consistent. And with this package, I was amazed because they are making it easy for new accounts to get on track.

Because the package does not cost much, content creators can test things out with the package. So, I would say that this is a great deal!

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