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What Makes the View Count So Important on YouTube

What Makes the View Count So Important on YouTube?

The view count is one of the most important factors on YouTube. It determines how your videos are ranked in search results and whether or not they are recommended to other users.

But what exactly is the view count, and why is it so important?

View count is simply the number of times your video has been watched. The more views your video has, the higher it will rank in search results and the more likely it will be recommended to other users.

That’s because YouTube’s algorithm favors popular videos when ranking and recommending content.

Alongside that, before clicking on the video thumbnails, most YouTube users check the number of views. They are less likely to watch your video with a low view count.

When it comes to YouTube success, the view count is King. By understanding how it works and taking steps to increase your view count, you can get your videos in front of more people and achieve greater success on the platform.

Why Should You Purchase YouTube Views?

Now that you know why the view count is so important, you may wonder if purchasing YouTube views is worth it. Let us clear some things up for you.

New Users Get the Short End of the Stick

One of the biggest problems with YouTube is that new users have a very hard time getting views and subscribers. YouTube’s algorithm favors established channels with large view counts and subscriber bases. This makes it very difficult for new channels to get any traction.

Content Quality & Keyword Optimization Are Not Enough on Their Own!

This may be hard to swallow, but even if you have great content and optimize your videos for YouTube’s search algorithm, you are still not guaranteed success. Remember, YouTube has over 51 million channels. In 2020, the platform saw 500 hours of new videos getting uploaded per minute!

So, it is pretty much necessary to level up your YouTube game if you want to get more organic reach.

This is where we come in. We can help increase your view count and get your videos in front of more people. By buying YouTube views, you are boosting your channel and increasing your chances of success on the platform.

Why Should You Purchase YouTube Views
Why Should You Purchase 50 YouTube Views

Why Should You Purchase 50 YouTube Views?

The thing is, 50 YouTube views might seem much less when you compare it with the views that well-off channels get on YouTube. But did you know that new users on YouTube struggles to get even ten views? Yes, we are talking about ten views here! Compared to that, 50 views don’t seem bad, right?

With the purchase, you can make your video get a little boost. And this little boost can enhance the reach of your video and make it slightly more visible to the other users of the platform. Do not underestimate the potential of this slight boost! Because sometimes all it needs is just a little push!

Furthermore, you can use this package as a trial. It can give you an idea of what the paid boosts are. And as you are not paying tons of money to get the 50 views, you will not really have to think you are wasting a lot of money just for a trial.

Now, if the trial makes you feel comfortable with the paid boosts, you can be more confident regarding the large-sized packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Can 50 views make me go viral?

Answer: Based on our experience, it’s highly unlikely to happen. But if you run a small channel and just starting out, 50 views can help increase your ranking in search results and get your videos in front of more people.

# 2. What if I need more than 50 views?

Answer: The sole purpose of this package is to give your video a little boost. And we know that a lot of customers will want more. The good news is that we offer tons of other packages related to YouTube views. Just explore a couple of them, and we can assure you that you will find something that will be perfect for your needs.

# 3. How much time does it take to get 50 views?

Answer: Since the view count is pretty low, it really won’t take much time. We got a vast network of real YouTube users. So, your order of 50 views will be delivered pretty shortly.

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thumb_01_60_60Lisa R. Arrowood

@ Customer

This package is perfect for the YouTubers just starting their career, just like me. It offered me the right amount of boost on my videos and made my videos get a slightly higher reach than before. And after the purchase, my channel got 100 plus subscribers. So, you could say that I am very satisfied with my purchase.

thumb_03_60_60Claudia E. Braun

@ Customer

If you were looking for a service that will make your new account get a little bit of boost, this one is it! It works exceptionally well and will surely help you to get your channel on track.

And let me not forget that I did not have to go through any hassles. UpTopSocial has simplified both the purchase process and delivery process for maximum satisfaction. Overall, I have 0 complaints.

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