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What Does It Mean to Get a High Number of Likes on Instagram?

What Does It Mean to Get a High Number of Likes on Instagram?

Currently, Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users. Most of these regular users are here on the platform to connect with the close ones, get informed and entertained, and stay updated with the current trends. And when it comes to getting entertained, informed, and updated through posts, the Instagrammers are very picky.

They will simply not bother wasting their time going through posts that do not have to offer any value. But that is a pretty natural thing to do, considering the fact that Instagram gets 95 million photos and videos per day.

That means each hour, millions and millions of new posts are making their way to the platform. And as a user, you cannot simply interact with all of them. Even if you spend the entire day on Instagram, it will simply not be possible for you to engage with each post you come across.

But what do these Instagrammers consider when they are picking a post? Well, they will check how many likes it has. If a post has a high number of likes, it means that the content surely does have to offer value. It makes the post automatically eligible for the users to interact with.

Likewise, for the content creators, a high number of likes would mean that the content was capable of capturing the attention of the targeted audience. In short, it was capable of offering them value and successfully excelled in terms of reach.

Why Should You Buy 500 Instagram Likes?

Instagram does have loads of monthly active users. But not all of them are regular users. In 2020, the platform had 30 million amateur content creators.

Now, that stat only gives us a glimpse of how many amateur content creators were there in 2020. If it included non-amateur content creators, the numbers would definitely be higher than 30 million. Also, there are 500 thousand active influencers on Instagram.

So, what does that mean? Well, even if Instagram has 1.393 billion active users, it does not mean that it will be easy for you to make your post gain a high level of attention.

The content creators and influencers are the first ones that will make things hard for you. Altogether, they make Instagram get 95 million photos and videos each day. Now, that is a lot! And that number of posts per day creates a lot of competition.

Furthermore, all of the content creators will try their level best to make their posts stand out from the competition. They will do that by being highly creative with their content. Even if you think that you are putting out high-quality content, you are bound to see your posts getting beat by content from other users.

Another thing that should be in your consideration is that Instagrammers are highly picky when it comes to choosing accounts to interact with. Usually, they will not engage with new accounts.

According to them, the new profiles have to offer no value. So, if you are relatively new to the platform, you might not get any attention, no matter how good the content you provide.

Our service can easily tackle all of the issues and challenges. All you need to do is target a high-quality post and the paid likes will do the rest.

Why Should You Buy 500 Instagram Likes
What Benefits Will You Gain After You Purchase 500 Instagram Likes

What Benefits Will You Gain After You Purchase 500 Instagram Likes?

You can make your post get a high level of attention after purchasing 500 likes for it. Want to know how? Well, when you target a high-quality post with our service, you will not only be adding more likes to the count but also will be making it highly attractive.

Again, you might be wondering how. Well, social proof is going to play an important role in this case.

When Instagrammers see that your post has 500 likes, they will think that it indeed has to offer a good amount of value as it got so many likes. That thinking will make them check out what the post actually has to offer.

When they find out that the post is really high in quality, they will interact with the post as well. Eventually, your post will get an amped-up engagement rate.

Now, when a post gets an amped-up engagement rate, it gets picked up by the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm will then start to showcase the content on the explore feed.

And in the explore feed, your post will be visible to millions and millions of Instagrammers. Do note that these Instagrammers will not be from your follower list.

Will My Profile See a Huge Level of Growth After I Get 500 Instagram Likes?

As we mentioned, the 500 likes can enhance the overall visibility of your post. It will increase the chances of the post ending up on the explore feed, where it will be visible to millions and millions of Instagrammers. After that, your post will start to pick up a lot of traffic.

Now, if this traffic likes what you have to offer, your post will make Instagrammers get into your profile. Why? Well, the users will see that your post is really high in quality; they will get into your profile to see what other posts you have to offer. That will bring traffic to your profile and make your old posts get proper attention.

But that is not all! When these users see that you are really consistent with the content you have to offer, they will even start to follow. That will increase your follower count and allow your future posts to get significant attention quickly. So, yes, you can make your profile gain a massive level of growth after the purchase.

Will My Profile See a Huge Level of Growth After I Get 500 Instagram Likes

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Are 500 Instagram likes too much or too little?

Answer: Instagram posts got an average of 1261 likes  in 2018. Compared to that, 500 likes might seem like a lot less.

However, it is more than enough to make your post get back on track. On the other hand, 500 likes might seem like a lot when you consider that usually, posts get around 100 likes for the profiles that are not well-off. Again, it is not a lot! It is just perfect for giving your post a proper boost.

# 2. Should I purchase 500 Instagram likes for all of my posts?

Answer: You can certainly place an order for all of your Instagram posts. We will ensure that you get each of those orders accordingly.

However, you should remember that Instagrammers will value high-quality posts more than others. So, even with 500 likes, your post might not attract the right audience if it is not high in quality. For that reason, we would recommend targeting high-quality posts only.

# 3. What is the difference between fake and real paid likes?

Answer: By real paid likes, people refer to the service that is utilizing real profiles. That is what we are offering. We will not rely on bots.

Instead, we will send real people to like your posts. For that reason, our service has so much potential. On the other hand, services with bots will usually come in cheap. But you should understand that bots do not interact on their own. So, they are not worth it at all.

# 4. What does it mean to go viral on Instagram?

Answer: The definition will vary from one perspective to another. One might tell you that going viral means that your post gets tons of likes, shares, and comments in the first few hours of upload. On the other hand, some will tell you that your post will only go viral when you get 100 thousand plus likes and views on your post.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our happy customer’s feedback

Tommy D. Ward

@ Customer

I was very skeptical regarding the service when I came across it. A lot of my friends discouraged me, saying that the likes from these types of services are usually from bots.

But I still gave it a try. And it was the best investment I made in a while. The likes were all from high-quality profiles, which made the posts get a high engagement. So, I will certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a boost.

Florence R. Madrigal

@ Customer

The service is a true gem. It has managed to impress me with every aspect. Firstly, the purchase process is totally hassle-free. I did not have to go through any extra steps, nor did I need to wait for days to get my order delivered.

Also, let me not forget that the package made my post and profile get a proper boost. Overall, I am highly satisfied with my order.

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