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Why You Should Buy Twitter Followers

Why You Should Buy Twitter Followers?

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the greatest platforms to start a business. Did you know— 75% of B2B businesses advertise their merchandise and services on Twitter. If these many people think it’s an excellent place to promote their products/services on the platform, then obviously, there is something to it.

Twitter has users all over the world. There are about 192 million people who use Twitter on a daily basis. Judging by the numbers, we can easily assume that Twitter is not only a platform to socialize but also a huge marketplace.

So, once you have a fan following on Twitter, you can easily monetize the traffic to start earning big bucks.

The Barriers to Building up a Twitter Profile

The obstacles are almost the same as what everyone faces while entering any social media platform. It’s tough for new users to draw the attention of the crowd as there are so many active, experienced and well-known figures on Twitter.

Anyways, let’s have a look at the problems most people come across at the early stages of their journey.

Difficulty in Reaching Out

If you are new to Twitter, the most challenging thing you’ll face is reaching out to potential users or customers. As you are just a newbie, there is a tiny chance of other people bothering to see your tweets, let alone following your profile.

It is harder to convince the crowd on Twitter compared to other social networking websites, but once you can make them follow you, the benefits are also twice as much.

Even if you post state-of-the-art tweets, it’s not sure that your target audience will ever see them? There is no guarantee you’ll ever be able to reach out to your target audience without outside help.

Hard to Create a Fan Following

Even if your tweets start to get a few likes and comments, there is no certainty that people will follow your account, business, or brand.

You need credibility to make users follow your profile, and authority can only be earned when you have a decent number of followers. However, it’s not easy to achieve the trust of people, especially when you’re at the beginning.

Complications in Monetizing Traffic

You won’t be able to influence produce or service purchase unless you have a good number of followers. Even if you have a few fans, it doesn’t mean they’ll feel obligated to purchase your merchandise.

People start feeling disappointed when they can’t earn anything from a social networking website after a certain amount of time, provided they came to the platform for economic growth. So, it’s essential to earn the trust of your existing or new followers.

The Barriers to Building up a Twitter Profile
How Can 500 Twitter Followers Help You Get a Start on Things

How Can 500 Twitter Followers Help You Get a Start on Things?

Don’t get the wrong idea that 500 followers on Twitter will dramatically change the appearance of your profile. It’s a small number, so you have to limit your expectations. However, you can expect some positive outcomes from 500 fans. So, how does it help you?

Generate More Traffic

When you begin your Twitter journey, the toughest objective is to make your voice heard, in this case, tweets, to the people. However, once you already have a few organic/non-organic followers, the job of reaching out to people becomes much easier.

It’s just like other social media platforms; the more followers you have, the better your chances are to obtain organic followers. People need some kind of assurance before they start following a brand/business or rising influencer. The 500 followers you purchase will give your account the credibility it needs to draw the attention of other users, generating more traffic gradually.

Reach Your Goals Faster

If you are on Twitter for economic purposes, you must have a set of goals that you want to reach within a certain period. I’m not saying you won’t be able to achieve your objectives without paid services, but the time and effort you’ll need to spend will be significantly more.

So, if you reduce the workload and make the job a little easier, paid services are the best way to go. The beginnings are always the toughest, and most people get frustrated around that time. However, with a little boost from us, the early stages won’t seem so scary.

Better Than Twitter Ads?

Now, you may have this question— why go for paid followers and not Twitter ads? I have a few answers to that. Let’s start with reason no.1— Advertising on Twitter is much more expensive than buying followers to reach the same goals. It’s true that Twitter ads will have a better positive outcome, but they will undoubtedly cost you more.

Reason no.2— Without a decent number of followers, even Twitter ads won’t do you much good. Let’s say you bought their advertisement services, and your tweets or business posters reached a few people. Now, do you believe anyone who sees your tweets will follow you unless you already have a huge fan following? I don’t think so.

So, yes, you can or should use Twitter ads campaigns, but only when you have a significant number of followers.

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# 1. Should I buy 500 Twitter followers?

Answer: Anyone, any company, business, or entity who doesn’t have prior experience using Twitter should opt for this package. This is a beginner-friendly deal, so it’s best for people who are starting their journey on the platform.

# 2. Is it legal to use paid services?

Answer: Of course, it is. There are no rules against you not being able to rely on paid services. However, watch out for shady dealers who provide followers using illegal software. Using third-party software can get your profile banned.

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Alison M. Duran

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I have a bachelor’s degree in English, and I wanted to become a ghost tweeter for famous brands, but finding clients was tough as hell. Nobody wanted to hire someone without a reputation. So, I had no other choice but to rely on UpTopSocial, and boy am I glad that I’ve taken their help.

Now, I have a few permanent clients and often get offers from new ones.

Nadja O’Keefe

@ Comedian

I’ll be honest with you; I was finding it hard to get a footing into the stand-up genre. College shows, local bars, and charity events were my “Go-To” retreats to practice my craft. I wanted to make something big out of my skill of making other people laugh. Someone advised me to get on twitter and I did! But I was finding it hard to get followers.

I decided to buy 500 twitter followers from UpTopSocial. They delivered as they promised. No bots, no fake profiles. All real people with real opinions. Thanks to them, I’m getting new followers everyday and constructive criticisms on my jokes. Happy! 

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