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Why Do Ratings Matter

Why Do Ratings Matter?

Did you know that there were more than 60 million active business pages on Facebook in 2019? Yes! People have noticed what Facebook really has to bring to the table with many active users and take full advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

No matter what you want to buy, you will find a page selling it as long as it is legal.

Now, consider yourself a regular user who stumbled upon multiple pages selling the item you need. Would not you wonder which one you can trust the most with the authenticity of the product? You would also consider whether you will get a good service from the people operating the page you plan to buy the product from, right?

Well, everyone looking to buy products or services from Facebook has the same type of thinking. So, you are not the only one. And that is where the ratings come into play. It will add a layer of legitimacy to the page.

However, we are not just referring to any type of rating. Instead, the ones that will have a proper impact on legitimacy are the five-star reviews. Users will not question themselves too much when a page has tons of five-star ratings before buying a product or service from that page.

What Does It Mean When a Page Has Tons of Five-Star Ratings?

In Facebook, the page rating works on a scale that starts from one to five. As you might have guessed, one star and two stars would translate the page being bad. Three stars would mean that the page is mediocre. And four and five stars are the ones that most of the pages shoot for.

Even though four stars mean good, five stars will catch the most attention. Five stars mean that the page was top-notch at providing the product and service the customer paid for.

It also translates that the customer service of the page owners is just right. For that reason, page owners would try their level best to get as many five stars as possible.

Now, let us focus on the elephant of the room. When a page has tons of five stars, potential buyers will not think twice before making a purchase. Also, if, for some reason, you fail to deliver the product on time, they will not rage and give your page a negative review.

Instead, they are more likely to think that as you have already satisfied tons of customers, there is no chance that you will willingly deliver the service or product late. Yes, you can get your new customer to be more patient if your page has a high overall legitimacy.

Five-Star Ratings
Buy Facebook 5 Star Ratings

Why Should You Buy Facebook 5 Star Ratings?

Facebook had 2.91 billion monthly active users in 2021. This fact can give anyone the feeling that it will be pretty easy to make a page grow automatically. But you should not forget that there are 60 million active pages on Facebook already. And like you, they are trying to grab the attention of the new customers.

Many of them are already doing well by promoting themselves through ads. And the sale they made with the ads made them gain lots of five-star ratings. Also, you will be in a pretty tricky situation if you are just starting your Facebook page adventure. New pages get little to no attention from Facebook users.

That is precisely where our service comes into play. With our packages, your page will get the boost that it requires to stand out. It will gain more legitimacy, which can go a long way in driving more sales.

Basically, after the boost, the potential customers will not think twice before purchasing a product or service from your page.

Can I Drive a Huge Number of Sales After I Purchase 5 Star Ratings?

You can surely drive more sales after purchasing 5-star ratings. Wondering how? The paid ratings will make social proof work at its best level. What is social proof? It is a social and psychological phenomenon where people copy the actions of others.

After you purchase the ratings, social proof will make the new potential customers purchase your product or service without overthinking. They will think that as a lot of the customers already gave your page a five-star rating, they will not make a wrong decision by choosing your page.

Eventually, when they find out how good of a service you are providing, they will give your page a five-star rating as well. That will make your page gain more legitimacy, and eventually, you will find that your product or services are running out of stock or capacity pretty quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many five-star reviews should I purchase?

Answer: Let us answer the question with an example we used earlier. You stumble upon two or more pages that are selling the item you are looking for. In that scenario, you will mostly trust the page with a high number of five-star reviews, right? Considering that, we would recommend shooting for as many reviews as you can afford.

# 2. Will the five-star reviews stay there forever?

Answer: We will not use bots to offer our services. For that reason, we can assure you that the reviews will stay there forever. However, if the users we send to review your page decide to deactivate the profile or you decide to delete the page, the reviews will not be there.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our happy customer’s feedback

Kara R. Treadaway

@ Customer

My Facebook page has got the most comprehensive collection of trendy products. So, I could not really understand why my sale count was not that high. Later, I realized that my page had little to no reviews at all. I asked a couple of my old customers to rate my page, but they did not.

Thankfully, I got to know about this service at the right time. It boosted the legitimacy of my page and made the sale go crazy.

Deanna R. White

@ Customer

The team here knows what they are doing. They are offering a legit service that is free of bots. How do I know that? I took the time to review my order and checked all of the profiles that reviewed my page, and they were all real!

So, I do not have any problem recommending the service to any business page that wants a proper boost.

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