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Post Share Matter

Why Does Post Share Matter?

Among all of the social media, Facebook sits in a very respectable position. Did you know that Facebook was one of the first social media that surpassed one billion registered users? Yes! It is that prevalent. And the number of active users has been increasing every day.

Nonetheless, being social media, Facebook has many social features that make people interact with one another. There are comment, reaction, and sharing mechanisms. However, among all of them, the thing that makes content spread around the entire platform is the sharing mechanism.

That said, the Facebook sharing mechanism works only for public posts. And when someone shares your post, they are making your content reach an audience who are not connected with you. So, it can help you monitor how much reach your content is getting.

In fact, many content creators consider it a metric and primarily use the share count to see how well their posts are doing. In other words, as post shares mean that the post is getting a high reach, content is doing exceptionally well if it gains tons of shares.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Post Share?

Facebook has been around since 2004, and it has been capturing new users ever since. In the last quarter of 2021, there were roughly 2.91 billion active monthly users. This number of the active user base would state that it would be easy for anyone to get a firm grasp of their desired audience.

However, you need to consider that Facebook has loads of influencers, content creators, and brands trying to grasp their targeted audience. The content creators, especially, will try to always outperform their competitors.

So, you will even see a high-quality post doing terribly when it comes to getting a higher reach and engagement rate. Also, you should remember that Facebook sees an average of 350 million new photos per day.

Another thing that you need to consider is that Facebook users are very picky and selective when it comes to engaging with content. Most of the users are in the platform to get entertained, educated, connected with their friends and families, and stay up to date with the ongoing trends and things. For that reason, they would generally engage with posts and accounts that are already doing well.

But the thing is, if your post gets a headstart, even if you own a new account, you will start to get the expected engagement and reach. And you will be getting exactly that headstart by oping for paid post shares.

Buy Facebook Post Share
Purchasing Facebook Post Shares

What Will You Gain After Purchasing Facebook Post Shares?

As we have already mentioned, once you purchase post shares for Facebook, your post will get a headstart.

But what headstart are we actually referring to here? Well, your post will get spread around Facebook. It will get a bit of visibility on others’ feeds. However, there is so much more our service can bring to the table other than just offering a headstart.

First of all, after you get the headstart, you enhance the value of your post. As you already know, people see shares as a metric to determine how well their posts are doing.

But it is not just a metric for a content creator. Other users also check the share count to determine the value of a post. In other words, when the users will see that your post has a high share count, they will know that it is valuable.

Having that thinking, they will start to interact with the post. If the users find the proper value out of your post, they will even share it, put a comment, react or like it. This will start making your post get a high engagement rate. And this higher engagement rate will bring a high organic interaction.

In short, paid Facebook shares will not only make one metric of the post climb up, but it will also give the post an overall boost. And that overall boost will help you to get your content to reach tons of audiences and amp up the overall value of your post.

Will My Profile See Growth After I Purchase Post Shares For Facebook?

Purchasing post share will not just make your post get substantial growth. It will also even play a huge role in making your profile or page grow. How? Well, as we have discussed, the paid post shares will give your content a headstart. It will enhance the value of your post and make it highly visible to other Facebook users.

Once the value climbs up, your post will attract organic engagement. The organic engagement will further enhance the reach of the post and make it visible on tons of users’ feeds. Your post will basically be a hot tea for a reasonable amount of time. Users will even help to spread it around the post by sharing it through DMs and stories.

Now, when your post reaches tons of feeds, it also means that your profile will be highly visible. The people who will find your post interesting will surely visit your page or profile.

Why? They will get into your profile and check if your other posts are up to the mark or not. If they find that you are consistent with the content you share, they will surely give you follow, send you a friend request, or like your page.

Eventually, your profile will get high traffic, and your follower, friend, or page-like count will ramp up. So, you are not just signing up to get growth on your post. Instead, you will get an overall profile boost and growth at the same time.

Purchase Post Shares For Facebook
Buying Post Shares for Facebook

Can Business Profiles or Pages Benefit from Buying Post Shares for Facebook?

If you take a closer look, you will see loads of brands and businesses operating on Facebook. In fact, many of the brands have started their adventure on Facebook and seen an immense amount of growth.

Want to know about a brand that found success on Facebook? Take the phone brand OPPO, for example. They lifted the brand awareness and boosted sales by carrying out a multi-part Facebook campaign.

Nonetheless, our service will benefit both personal and business profiles or pages. Wondering how business accounts will benefit from the service we are offering?

First of all, if you target one of your promotional posts or campaigns with our service, it will get the headstart that we talked about earlier. This headstart will give your promotional post an initial boost, which will draw more attention.

More and more people will be compelled to see what your promotional post is about after seeing the high share count. And when they find that your post is indeed offering value, they will engage with it. This engagement rate will make your post attract more attention. You will start to get organic shares, comments, and likes.

Eventually, the organic shares will help to spread your message around. Your business profile or the page will also attract more users, which will enhance your follow or like count.

That said, the higher the number of followers or likes, the higher the legitimacy of a business account or page. And as you probably know by now, legitimacy goes a long way for business profiles and accounts.

When a profile seems legit, people do not hesitate to click the Buy Now button. So, you will eventually drive more sales after purchasing post shares.

Will I Get The Same Level of Benefits After Purchasing Post Shares That Are from Bots?

We will never use bots to offer any of our services. Why? The thing about the services that rely on bots is that they can offer their service at a much lower price. Wondering how? Well, bot accounts are not that hard to create. In fact, you can make one right now.

And all it is going to take is just two minutes. Seeing the lower price point can surely make you consider these types of services, but you should know that the shares from the bot account will not bring you any value at all.

Bot accounts are nothing but computer-generated profiles. These accounts can not interact on their own. They would need someone to take control.

And the services that will use bots will usually take control of the accounts just to share your post. Yes, your post will get the number of shares you paid for. But you will not get the actual benefits paid share boosts can bring to the table.

Firstly, the bots do not have any friend or follower base. Why? Ask yourself if you would follow or send a friend request to a bot? No, right? So, your posts will be on deserted profiles.

That will not enhance the reach of your post. Secondly, bot accounts will not interact with your post naturally. That means your post will not get a high engagement rate after the purchase.

For that reason, we strictly rely on real profiles with real people behind to offer our service. We will send these real profiles to share your targeted post around.

And as these profiles will have actual friends, your post will be visible to their friend list, which will reel in organic engagement and make your content get a high overall reach.

Purchasing Post Shares That Are from Bots
Purchase Post Shares for Facebook

Can I Go Viral After I Purchase Post Shares for Facebook?

The chances of you going viral will surely increase once you purchase shares for your Facebook post. As you know by now, your post will get a headstart after you make the purchase.

This headstart will increase the value of your post and make it highly visible to other Facebook users. Eventually, your post will start reeling in organic engagement and growth.

Now, if you target a post that has a high potential or offers a high value to the users, your post can be the talk of the town. The users that will stumble upon your post after it gets the organic growth will spread it around further by sharing it on their wall or sending it to their friends’ DM.

Eventually, your post will be present on everyone’s feed. You can start from 0 likes, shares, and comments to thousands of shares, likes, and comments.

How to Drive High Organic Growth After Purchasing Facebook Post Shares?

Our entire process will surely make it easier for you to purchase Facebook post shares. However, if you want to drive high organic growth, you need to keep a couple of things in your mind.

First of all, consider the post you are targeting. You need to understand one thing Facebook users are very selective. They will not bother interacting with low-quality posts.

For that reason, if you were to increase a post’s reach with paid shares, you need to first make sure that the post is high in quality. Check out your competitors and see what they are posting. Try to come up with something better than your competitor and make your post stand out.

Secondly, you need to be consistent with the quality of your posts. If you do get a lot of attention on your profile and start sharing low-quality content, the engagement rate will decline substantially. In fact, you will lose both new and old followers or likes.

Additionally, ensure that you understand your audience. Consider at what time they are most active and upload your content at that specific time. On that note, according to an analysis, posts that are from 8 AM to 12 PM on Thursdays and Tuesdays see the highest engagement.

Finally, experiment with different content ideas and see what works the best for your audience and profile. If you find the right balance, stick with it until it does not work again.

Growth After Purchasing Facebook Post Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many shares should I purchase?

Answer: That will depend on how strong of initial boost you are actually looking forward to. Let us give you an example, two posts about the same topic purchased share boosts. One opted for 1000 shares, while the other opted for 5000 shares.

A Facebook user stumbles upon both of them. Can you guess which post will attract the user more? The one with the 5000 shares, right? So, if you want a solid overall boost, you should purchase as many shares as you can.

# 2. Will the shares I purchased stay there forever?

Answer: It will depend. If you opted for a bot-related service, the shares could disappear at any given time. Facebook is pretty strict when it comes to bots. And if the bot’s account that shared your post gets banned, your paid shares will disappear too.

On the other hand, when it comes to the paid shares from genuine profiles, they will be there pretty much permanently. The shares will only disappear once the profiles decide to deactivate their profile.

# 3. Can I purchase post shares for all of my Facebook posts?

Answer: Yes, you can undoubtedly buy post shares from all of your Facebook posts. You can expect to get the same level of delivery quality for all of them. We will ensure that. However, we recommend you only purchase shares for the posts with high potential.

Those high-quality posts will do a proper job of grabbing the attention of Facebook users and making you enjoy all of the things our service can offer.

# 4. Will I gain more profile followers after purchasing Facebook post shares?

Answer: The paid post shares will give your content a headstart and make it excel when it comes to drawing more attention to your profile. You will even notice high overall traffic on your profile.

And the users who will find your content interesting will surely give you a follow or send you a friend request. They would want to get more of your content.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our happy customer’s feedback

Krista R. Nolan

@ Customer

I struggled a lot to get great attention on my Facebook page. Even though I tried my level best to offer high-quality content through my page, they seemed not to get a high reach no matter what I did. Maybe it was because my Facebook page was new.

Nonetheless, once I purchased this service, not only did the post I targeted to get a high reach, it made my like count boom. Now, most of the posts get tons of engagement automatically. So, I will say that I am satisfied with the service!

Hollis B. Gill

@ Customer

Was pretty skeptical regarding the service, but I still purchased one of their packages. The first thing that amazed me was how easy the purchase process was. I did not have to go through any intricate steps, nor did they ask for my Facebook credentials.

Secondly, the delivery was top-notch. I got shares from high-quality accounts, which enhanced the reach and interaction of posts. And let me not forget the level of growth my profile saw after I opted for the service.

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