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High Follower Count

What Does It Mean to Have a High Follower Count?

Instagram has been around since 2010. Since then, it has been piling up on user count. Now, it has more than 1.393 billion monthly active users. That is a lot. And trust us, the number will grow further and further. You might even see it hit the 2 billion mark pretty soon.

However, do you know what all of these users do on Instagram? Most of them are there to connect with their friends and families. But a good chunk of the users is there to get entertained, informed about the things going on around them, and to catch up with current trends.

But the thing is, these users will not waste their time following accounts that have no value. Instead, they would want to follow only the accounts with a high follower count. Why? When an account has a high follower count, it means that the profile offers a high value with the posts. At least, that is what most Instagrammers think.

For that reason, you will find accounts offering high-quality content but not getting the attention they deserve just because the profile does not have a high follower count.

So, in short, users check the following count to determine the value of a profile. And to understand how their account is doing on Instagram, the content creators would see their follower count. It is one of the key factors that determine success on Instagram.

Why Would You Want to Target Female Instagrammers?

The thing about Instagram is that there is content for all. Whether you are into sports or tech or life or health or beauty, you will find content creators that will offer you the content you are into. However, if you consider sport-centric content creators, they will mostly attract male audiences.

On the other hand, consider a profile that is mostly about health, beauty, and lifestyle. The female audience is what the account will target. Male Instagrammers will not find value in the account’s content.

Likewise, you might operate an account that falls in female-specific criteria. And you can only see your profile properly grow if you target the female Instagrammers. Random followers will not do much work for your growth.

Target Female Instagrammers
Instagram Algorithm

What Role Does the Follower Count Play for the Instagram Algorithm?

Yes, Instagram has its algorithm. The primary role of Instagram is to offer the users the most relevant content. Doing so ensures that the users of the platform are having a good time and watching content that is interesting. The algorithm will take user history and interaction into consideration.

Go ahead and get into the explore feed. You will see that the posts there are like those you have interacted with in the past. Well, these are the works of the Instagram algorithm. Also, if you take a closer look, the relevant posts are those that are already doing well. In other words, those posts have a high engagement rate.

Now that you know that the algorithm will only select the posts with high interaction rates, you might want to know what is the signal of this engagement rate. A high number of likes, comments, and shares! You will not get these without having a proper amount of followers.

For that reason, if you get into the profile from a post on your explore feed, you will see that they are already doing well in terms of follower count.

Why Should You Buy Female Instagram Followers?

Instagram does have a lot of active users. Again, it has 1.393 billion monthly users! And in 2021, Instagram had 48.4 percent of total female users. Among that 48.4 percent, 13.1 percent were from 18 to 24 years. While the 25 to 34 age group had 14.8 percent of total users, and the 35-44 age group had 8.3 percent.

The rest were above 44.

That is a lot of female users. This high number of users will give anyone the feeling that it will be easy to grab the attention of their targeted audience. But the reality is much different.

You should know that Instagram had 30 million amateur content creators in 2020. Note that the number is only specifying the amateur accounts, not the professional or non-amateur content creators. If that was considered, the numbers would have been much higher than 30 million.

Nonetheless, all of these content creators will go over their capabilities to get their audience’s attention. They will put posts that are better than their competitors. And even if you do come with something unique, you will see your competitors doing better. Why? Just because they have loads of followers.

Another thing you should consider is that Instagrammers are less likely to interact with the new profiles. So, if you are new to Instagram, you will need to work really hard to grab the attention of your targeted audience.

But with our service, all of the limitations will be out of the table. Your female-centric profile will get a proper boost. And that will eventually reel in overall growth on your profile.

Buy Female Instagram Followers
Purchasing Instagram Followers

What Advantages Will You Get After Purchasing Instagram Followers?

At this point, it is clear that after you purchase our service, your profile will get the female-follower boost that it requires. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that our service can bring to the table. First of all, it amps up your follower count.

When the other Instagram users will stumble upon your profile and see that your profile already has a lot of female followers, they will trust your content more. Yes, Social proof will come into play in this case. After seeing that you already have a good amount of female audience, these users will check your content out.

If they find value in the content and see that you are consistent with the quality of the posts, they will not hesitate to follow your profile. Eventually, both your old and new posts will start to pick up engagement rates. The effort you will put into your future posts will provide fruitful results.

But that does not end there! When your posts pick up the engagement rate, the algorithm will pick them up to showcase them on the explore feed. And on exploring the feed, the users who are not in your follower list will come across your post.

This amped-up visibility and reach of the posts will make your posts get a high overall engagement rate.

Now, when these female Instagrammers from the explore feed find your posts interesting, they are sure to give your profile a visit. If they find value in all of your posts, they will interact with them and give you follow. So, your follower count will snowball as well.

Can Business Profiles Benefit from Buying Female Instagram Followers?

Both business and regular profiles will see growth after purchasing female Instagram followers from us. Wondering how a business profile benefits from higher Instagram followers? Well, loads of organizations and companies are operating on Instagram. Take a look at Garnier, for example.

Garnier Arabia has boosted their product awareness regarding a new hair product in Saudi Arabia using what Instagram has to offer. Through the ad campaign, they saw a 2.4x boost. And that allowed their new product to drive more sales in that specific region.

You could be telling the same story with your product or service. How so? The higher number of female followers will amp up the value of your profile. It will make your business seem more legitimate. And legitimacy goes a long way for a business.

Seeing how many female followers you already have, the female Instagrammers who will stumble upon your profile will trust your product sale posts more. They will see how many female Instagrammers are already interacting with your profile and posts. And they will not think twice before pressing the “buy now” button on the posts.

Female Instagram Followers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many followers should I purchase?

Answer: Let us answer this question with an example. You, as a user, come across two profiles that are about the same thing, say makeup. One has 30k followers, while the other is sitting at 2.5k. Which one would you be more inclined to give a follow?

The one with 30k followers, right? Well, for that reason, you should get as many followers as you can.

# 2. Will I benefit from purchasing female followers from services that utilize bots?

Answer: First of all, we would like to assure you that we do not use bots. Bots are nothing but computer-generated profiles. They will not interact on their own unless an actual user takes control of them.

So, you will be just making the follower count rise by opting for a service that utilizes bots. And you will not enjoy the other benefits the service can bring to the table.

# 3. Should I remove male followers from my profile?

Answer: Male followers in female-specific Instagram profiles might seem odd, but there is really no need for you to remove them. These male followers might be there for their female friends or their partners. And they might even interact on your sale posts just to purchase something nice for their partners and friends.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our happy customer’s feedback

Gloria D. Childress

@ Customer

This service stands a lot out from the other services. The followers I got were real users, not bots. And let me also mention that each of the female followers was highly active and made each of my posts get a high overall engagement rate.

So, I have no problem recommending the service to anyone looking for a boost.

Rose N. Roberts

@ Customer

My friends and I recently opened a business Instagram account to boost the sale of our beauty products. But little did we know that it would be so hard to make female Instagrammers attracted to our account. We tried out a lot of tactics and gave specific discounts for our Instagram followers, but nothing worked that well.

Well, the case for this service was totally different. Not only did the profile start to ramp up the engagement rate, most of the posts saw a high overall reach. Now, most of our products go out of stock in just a few hours. This service truly works like a charm!

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