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What is IGTV and What Makes Likes So Important In IGTV

What is IGTV and What Makes Likes So Important In IGTV?

So, IGTV was Instagram’s take on TikTok. It came out in 2018 and had the same concepts as TikTok. Otherwise known as Instagram TV, IGTV allows content creators to create long-form, high-quality, and vertical videos.

The videos can range from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, while some accounts can make one-hour-long videos.

IGTV is embedded in the main Instagram app. For that reason, Instagrammers do not need to install a separate app to watch the videos from IGTV. However, if you are a content creator, you need to install a separate app to create IGTV videos. But there will be no need to get yourself a different account.

Now, as IGTV is embedded into the main app, that would mean that the total numbers of Instagram users are the users of IGTV as well. And you might not know this, but Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users. Most of these users are on Instagram to get entertained, informed, and updated regarding the ongoing trends.

However, they will not just interact with any IGTV video. Think of yourself as a regular user. You stumbled upon a video that had an interesting thumbnail. But it did not offer a good amount of value, and you did not have a good time while watching the video. Would you press the like button? Possibly not!

Likewise, content creators would consider the like count to check how well their video is on Instagram. If a video gets tons of likes, it would mean that the content was capable of reaching the targeted audience, and it could offer a high amount of value to the viewers.

Why Should You Buy IGTV Likes?

Thanks to Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users, it is natural for anyone to think that it will be easy to make their IGTV videos get tons of reach and attention. However, things are not as simple as it looks. The Instagrammers are on the platform to have a good time, and they will not just interact with any regular post.

Most will search for videos that are high in quality and offers tons of value. And likes is one of the signals that provide this information. According to them, if a video does not have a proper amount of likes, it means that the video is not worthy of the watch. And they will not bother watching a video that has fewer likes.

Furthermore, you will be in a much tricky position if your account is new. Instagrammers have the tendency not to interact with new accounts, no matter how good contents they create. For that reason, you will find many underrated IGTV videos on the platform.

Another thing that should be considered is that Instagram sees 95 million videos and photos per day. And currently, there are more than 40 billion videos and photos available on the platform. So, it would be pretty easy for your videos to drown in the sea of other videos.

These challenges and limitations will not be an issue if you opt for our service. Our packages will offer your videos the boost that it requires to get an enhanced reach and stand out from the other available IGTV videos. Eventually, you will see it picking up a lot of attention.

Why Should You Buy IGTV Likes
How Does the IGTV Algorithm Works for Likes

How Does the IGTV Algorithm Works for Likes?

For IGTV videos, the Instagram algorithm utilizes the same mechanism as regular videos and photos to sort, rank, and categorize. Basically, the algorithm is always searching for high-quality and popular content.

When it finds such content, the algorithm will showcase it on the explore feed and to the users who might be interested in such type of content.

Now, what are the signals for the algorithm to recognize whether the content is high in quality or not? Well, it considers all of the engagement factors. That includes likes, comments, and shares. However, the like count plays a vital role because the amount of like to share or like to comment ratio is always in favor of the like count.

So, if you get a high overall like in your IGTV video, you will have more chances of getting to the explore feed.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Purchase IGTV Likes?

As we have mentioned, our service will make your videos get a proper boost and then get the right amount of attention. However, that is just the first half of the story. Our service can bring much more to the table. Allow us to give you a complete picture of what you will enjoy after getting the service.

First of all, when you purchase likes for IGTV videos, you boost the like count of the content. And as you know, likes are one of the crucial signals for the algorithm. It makes the content seem highly engaging and valuable. So, your IGTV videos will have a high chance of ending up on the explore feed after getting the likes.

If your video gets to the explore feed, it will be visible to millions and millions of Instagrammers. Remember, these users will not be from your follower list. Instead, they will be out of the list. Still, they will have a high possibility of being interested in what your video offers.

When these users stumble upon your video on the explore feed and see substantial likes, they will be more inclined to go through the entire video. If they find value in your video, these users will also like the video. They will even share the video around if it has managed to make them enjoy it.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Purchase IGTV Likes
Will My Instagram Profile Get a Huge Level of Growth After I Buy Likes for IGTV Videos

Will My Instagram Profile Get a Huge Level of Growth After I Buy Likes for IGTV Videos?

You can make your profile get immense growth after purchasing likes for IGTV videos. Wondering how? Allow us to explain. When your video reaches the explore feed, it will get tons of attention. The IGTV video will be visible to users out of your follower list.

These users will interact with your video and increase the engagement rate if they find value in it. Your video will get an enhanced reach with the engagement rate climbing up. And it will be visible on the feed of more Instagrammers. It will snowball in terms of likes and shares.

Along with that, if your video manages to provide an insane amount of value, it will attract users to your profile. The Instagrammers will get into your profile in search of more high-quality content. This will make your old posts, photos, and IGTV videos get the proper attention.

If they find out that you are consistent with your uploads and you are offering value with most of your posts, these users will not hesitate to follow you. They would want to get more content in their regular feed. And when you have a high number of followers, your future posts will not struggle one bit to get a high level of attention.

Will Business Profiles Enjoy Benefits After They Purchase IGTV Likes?

Did you know that there are more than 200 million business profiles on Instagram in 2021? Currently, the numbers are more than 200 million because Instagram is an effective tool for marketing. These business profiles have reached Instagram’s massive audience level with different tactics.

Among all of the tactics, boosting promotional videos is one of them. Take Garnier Arabia, for example. Their ads focused on brand awareness by integrating its usual campaign. And the brand has boosted its product awareness by 2.4x after the campaign.

You could be telling the same story by utilizing our service. Target the promotional IGTV videos with our service. When your promotional video gets high likes, it automatically ads legitimacy. And for business profiles, an increased amount of legitimacy can go a long way.

But that is not all! The increased likes will also make your promotional content get on the explore feed. And when any content reaches the explore feed, it will get tons of reach. The product or service you are promoting could reach millions and millions of Instagrammers.

With an enhanced amount of reach, you can make your message reach the right amount of audience. More and more people will know what you are about and what you are capable of offering. That will eventually enhance your chances of driving tons of sales.

Will Business Profiles Enjoy Benefits After They Purchase IGTV Likes
Will I Get the Same Benefits If I Purchase IGTV Likes from Bot-related Services

Will I Get the Same Benefits If I Purchase IGTV Likes from Bot-related Services?

Before anything else, we would like to assure you that we do not use bots. Our service consists fully of real profiles that have real people behind them. And we will send these real people to like your IGTV videos.

One of the benefits of having real people like your profile is that these paid likers will interact with your post, given that it is interesting.

You might argue that not all of the people we will send will find your content valuable. However, we can say for sure that most of them will find your video interesting. And if they interact with your video in other ways, such as shares, you will be getting a 2-in-1 package.

The same will not be applicable for bot-related services. Bots are nothing by computer-generated profiles. These profiles do not interact independently as they do not have an individual user behind them.

Instead, someone needs to control them to make them interact with the posts. So, you will not get the benefits that a genuine service can offer.

Will My IGTV Videos Get More Comments After I Purchase IGTV Likes?

After your purchase of the IGTV likes, you will enhance the overall reach of it. It will have a higher chance of reaching the explore feed, which will make it visible to millions and millions of Instagrammers. And when something reaches the explore feed, the chances of people engaging with it always remain high.

Users who will stumble upon your video will see how many likes it already has. If they go through the entire video and find value in the IGTV video, they will not only press like but also comment on it. That will make them more inclined to interact with it.

You can encourage the viewers to comment on your video by asking a question or opinion regarding the matter the video is about. That will surely make the viewers put some words on your video. So, yes, you can undoubtedly make your IGTV videos get tons of comments after purchasing IGTV likes.

Will My IGTV Videos Get More Comments After I Purchase IGTV Likes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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# 1. How many likes should I purchase for my IGTV videos?

Answer: The thing about likes is that the higher, the better. Consider yourself a regular user who has stumbled upon videos about the same thing. One has 100 likes, while the other has close to 5k likes. Which one would feel more inclined to interact with? The latter one, right? For that reason, you should try to get as many likes as possible.

# 2. Should I purchase likes for all of my IGTV videos?

Answer: It would help if you understood that Instagrammers value high-quality videos more than others. No matter how good the thumbnail is or how many likes a video has, if a video does not offer value, it will not get a high engagement rate.

For that reason, our recommendation would be to purchase likes for only the videos with high potential.

# 3. Will the likes I will purchase stay there forever?

Answer: The likes you will get from us will be from real profiles. As these are not bots, the chances of disappearing will be considerably low. However, if Instagram decides to delete your video or you delete the video or deactivate the account, the likes will disappear.

# 4. How to hold onto the organic growth after purchasing IGTV likes?

Answer: By now, after the purchase, your profile will get high overall traffic. However, holding onto this high traffic will need some work. For example, get tons of followers on your profile after purchasing and start offering low-quality content. The new followers will not stay there. They will unfollow you.

# 5. Do well-off Instagrammers buy IGTV likes?

Answer: The thing about boosting service is that no one will claim that they used it. It will blow their cover off. But at the starting point, many took help from services such as this. So, instead of thinking that you are doing something unethical, think of it as a helping hand. You are not doing anything wrong by opting for our service.

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Adelle A. Shackleford

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My IGTV content creation career started pretty rough. I tried many things, but none of them seemed to work. I knew that my content was high in quality as my competitors used to take ideas from my videos. Still, my videos did not get as many likes as them, maybe because my account was relatively new.

However, things took a massive turn after I purchased IGTV likes. The video I targeted generated more than 2000 organic likes. And it had tons of comments. Also, my profile gained about 1500 likes after the purchase. I am delighted with my purchase.

Karina F. Bazan

@ Customer

I knew that Instagram was very competitive. But I did not imagine the same level of competition in the IGTV sector. Although I had many followers on my profile, I got little to no engagement on the IGTV videos. That is precisely where I opted for this service. The boost that the service provided allowed me to grow substantially.

Furthermore, I was amazed by how easy it was to purchase the likes. The team has simplified the entire thing. I did not have to go through any extra hassles, nor did I face any issues while placing the order. Even the delivery process was smooth. So, I would highly recommend this service to anyone that needs a proper boost.

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