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IGTV is geared more towards younger audiences. So if your audience falls into this target group, Buy IGTV Views can take your channel to the next level.

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IGTV is the Next Youtube!

IGTV is the Next Youtube!

You probably notice that Content creators are starting to flock towards IGTV lately.

Ever wonder why?

Well, that’s because IGTV is best for seamless content creation. No one can deny that Youtube is still the king of video sharing.

But what everyone is saying- IGTV is the next iteration of YouTube. It’s a video streaming service that was created by Instagram in 2018.

The goal of IGTV is to make it easier for people to find and watch short-form video content. It’s believed that this type of content will be more popular than long-form video content in the future, and IGTV is designed to accommodate this trend.

Metaverse is smarter than you think!!!

They literally make this platform heaven for landscape video. If you’re into this, It’s time to switch your focus to something that appreciates your creativity.

Wondering Why should I buy IGTV views & likes?

Instagram already has a “built-in” audience of 1 billion.

Even if you get a fraction of that reach with your vertical content, it’s more than enough.

You know what I mean, right?

Perhaps, buying IGTV views & likes wouldn’t be wrong to get more engagement or more traffic for your business. Indeed, when the questions come to mind, why should I buy IGTV likes, there is a lot more sense.

Let’s know the secrets about what sense buy IGTV likes spreads.

  • Content visibility (accelerate your IGTV Video Growth)- More views & likes equals more exposure to new viewers.
  • More number of followers- followers will organically increase when your content is exposed to a wider audience
  • More organic likes- people often like something that they see is liked by many others.
  • Improving brand awareness- More likes & view means that people agree with and support your content giving it a sense of approval. It is 100% secure to promote your brand or business.
Wondering Why should I buy IGTV views & likes
Now the big question- How do I increase IGTV views

Now the big question- How do I increase IGTV views?

Share! Share! Share!- That’s pretty much it!

Share the IGTV content link on your Instagram stories and also on all of your social media platforms. Plus, Mention this on your Instagram lives. And Preview. Have a preview of the IGTV content on your Instagram profile. This makes it easier for followers to find the content. Here are some other tips that may help you in long run.

Use the right hashtags! Be smart with it, don’t use irrelevant or too many hashtags. Select the one that suits your content best. Try to use hashtags within 5K-50K posts. Anything above 50K, there is a chance the post could disappear from the page.

Use an intriguing thumbnail. There are many apps to create customized thumbnails. You don’t have to stick to a snippet from the video. Customized ones will make your videos look more neat and professional.

Collaborate. Collaboration with other creators really spikes up exposure for both parties.

Stay on-trend. Jump on the latest trending bandwagon instead of mankind, another ice-bucket challenge!

A little confused about what counts as a view on IGTV?

Can’t blame you- It’s quite puzzling!

When a video on IGTV is automatically played for 3 consecutive seconds, it is counted as a view. If a user sees a video and immediately scrolls down the feed, then that will not count as a view.

Here is the interesting part…….

If videos are watched without the sound for more than 3 seconds, it will still count as one view. However, multiple views from the same account will not count as more than one. Business accounts have a feature to check the peak viewing hours. You should gather a good understanding of when most of your viewers are active.

If you view your own video for longer than 3 seconds, IGTV will still count it as one view.

A little confused about what counts as a view on IGTV?
Thinking of growing an audience on this relatively new platform? Buy IGTV view & be the early adopter of the next big thing!

Thinking of growing an audience on this relatively new platform? Buy IGTV view & be the early adopter of the next big thing!


IGTV is a little different from the rest of the other video-sharing platforms.

IGTV is built for Instagram – So if you’re looking to create content that’s specifically tailored for Instagram, IGTV is a great option. It has a different audience – While YouTube is popular with everyone from kids to grandparents, IGTV is geared more toward younger audiences (ages 18-34).

So yeah, getting IGTV traction was a little more complicated. Luckily Uptopsocial makes it easier.

From established influencers to the new thriving content creator, we act like an instrument to grow their IGTV views & followers organically.

We do not promise any overnight success, but one thing we can assure you…….NO spam bot, No Fake view.

Our approach is a little different here. Finding the audience who genuinely cares about the niche of your content- so that you get better engagement & conversion.

If that sounds great to you, we are more than happy to collaborate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Can I see who viewed my IGTV?

Answer: IGTV’s policies do not allow you to see exactly which users have viewed your video. Facebook and YouTube have similar policies. 

This gives the audience a sense of privacy as they have the right not to be exposed. You can see through the total number of views and people who’ve liked the content. You can gather an idea of who has viewed the content from that insight.

# 2. Why is IGTV not showing?

Answer: You might have recently noticed that the option for IGTV is missing. In 2021 Instagram announced that it would bring new changes to the platform. 

This included them ditching the concept of IGTV! They’ve realized it has not gotten the response as anticipated, so they have merged it with the video feed, and now it’s simply “Instagram Video”. So now, IGTV is no longer a separate app itself.

# 3. Is IGTV available to everyone?

Answer: YES! IGTV is available to all Instagram users. The concept of IGTV was to be at a similar level to YouTube. Every user has their own channel and can upload videos for up to 60 minutes.

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