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Average number of comments for a post is 24.5 on Instagram where it hits the ‘like’ button 1261!!!

Average number of comments for a post is 24.5 on Instagram where it hits the ‘like’ button 1261!!!

Shocked seeing this Massive difference!! 

There is no wonder that people tend to give more likes than comments. According to a study by Socialbakers, only 20% of Instagram posts receive comments. 

Wondering why?

 One reason for this low commenting rate is that Instagram requires people to follow others before they can leave a comment. This makes it difficult for new followers to join the conversation and add their opinion. Additionally, many users post content that is not conducive to discussions, such as photos of food or flowers. 

It is that hard! 

Comment likes on Instagram are a great way to increase engagement with your content. Comment likes can be seen as an endorsement from your followers and can help boost your users’ morale. Additionally, comment likes can give you a sense of community and support, encouraging more people to engage with your content.

What does liking a comment on Instagram mean?

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram cares about engagement (In fact, they have an engagement metric). 

Comment likes are a way for users to appreciate other people’s posts. They can also help boost the visibility of a post, which can lead to more followers and Likes. The benefits of commenting and liking posts on Instagram are: 

  • It encourages users to interact with one another, strengthening relationships and building community. 
  • Positive comments and Likes help promote a post’s message, encouraging others to view it. 
  • The feedback received from commenters and likers can help improve an article or photo. 

What happens when you like a comment? 

When an audience of followers likes your comment, you will get a notification saying someone likes your comment. One important thing is that the notification will come only when you follow the person.

However, you can turn off the notifications of “liking a comment.” Follow the below steps.

  • Step 01: Go to “Settings”
  • Step 02: Select Notification Settings
  • Step 03: You will find 2 options under the “Comment Likes” feature: “from people I follow” and “Off.” Choose an option according to your preference.
What does liking a comment on Instagram mean
How do you get likes on your comments on Instagram

How do you get likes on your comments on Instagram?

The truth is……Very few people are going to read your comment. 

And that’s why getting more likes on comments can be difficult sometimes. It would be best to create an engaging comment that lets your audience or a reader enjoy it. When an audience enjoys a comment, they will definitely like your comment. 

Asking your audiences or users to engage your comments is also a great way to get some engagement. Here are some other tips that may help you. 

Comment Something Funny, Provocative, and Surprising

 A study showed that Instagram audiences and users liked a comment when the comment was surprising, provocative, and funny. These types of comments make people feel an emotion so strongly that they are forced to like it. 

Use Relevant and Eye-catchy Emoji 

An eye-catchy and relevant Emoji will surely help you get likes on your Instagram comment. Interesting and colorful emojis will always grab the attention of users and the audience. So, try to comment with relevant Emoji to get likes on your Instagram comment.

Can you see who likes an Instagram comment?

Yes, you can.

To see who liked your comment, simply TAP on the Likes. You will appear on a new page where the list of people who liked your comment will be seen.

Usually, you will be notified when someone likes your IG comment or when anyone mentions you leaving a comment on their profile picture. However, you will only receive notifications if you follow the person who likes your comment. 

Why doesn’t Instagram tell me when someone likes my comment? 

If you don’t receive a notification when someone likes your comment, panic is unnecessary. The reason is notification is OFF, and Instagram is not notifying you about the like. Another condition is that you will receive the notification if you follow the people who liked your comment. 

Happily, you can turn on the notification by following the below quick steps.

  • Step 01: Go to “Settings” 
  • Step 02: Select Notification Settings
  • Step 03: You will find 2 options under the “Comment Likes” feature: “from people I follow” and “Off.” Choose an option according to your preference.
Can you see who likes an Instagram comment
Organic comment likes are tough. Hire Uptopsocial & start calling the shot!

Organic comment likes are tough. Hire Uptopsocial & start calling the shot!

Do us a favor- Go to your IG account & see the comment Likes & post likes ratio. 

The enormous difference, right? 

Yeah, that’s why we force you to look at it differently. The thing is, you are not alone. Even most Insta Influencers face this. No likes or engagement on their comment section. If you’re feeling an extra engagement flow in your comment section, we can help you. We know all you need is an extra push on that comment box. 

When you’re seeing high levels of engagement in your comments section, there may be some ways that you can increase the activity and keep people coming back (well, hopefully). 

We will try but keep in mind one little thing……. 

People want to feel connected to the people they follow on social media, so make sure you act like a friend when commenting on their posts. 

Together we can make your comment section alive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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# 1. What are good comments for Instagram?

Answer: Praise-worthy comments are considered good comments for Instagram. Here is a list of some good comments for Instagram.

  • Excellent capture
  • The photo is one of the best captures I have seen ever
  • Your capture is one of the brightest stars in the sky
  • The photo is the crush on the city
  • Image of the day
  • The word “beauty” is worth-less without you
  • You look so trendy, stylish, and beautiful
  • What an astonishing picture!
# 2. Do Emoji really work? How do you get likes on comments on IG free?

Answer: The first trick is to comment Immediately!

It would be best to comment within 5 – 10 minutes just after sharing a post on the Instagram news feed. 

Don’t choose simple or regular words or sentences to comment on. Your word or sentence selection has to be creative and reliable at the same time. Comment along with Emoji and see the magic. Make some different and logical comments, and people or audiences will be interested in your comment.

# 3. Can you buy real Instagram comments likes?

Answer: Absolutely. But you gotta be careful of fake bots. The easy way to determine whether or not alike is legitimate is by looking at the profile of the person who liked your post. If the profile belongs to someone who does not usually engage in social media activity, the like was likely purchased rather than given voluntarily.

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