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Follower Count in Instagram Mean

What Does High Follower Count in Instagram Mean?

The social networking service Instagram has been around since 2010. It is from Meta, and ever since its release, it has been growing massively. There are more than one billion monthly active users. And a billion is a lot! Most users are on the platform to get entertained, stay up to date, connect with friends and families, and catch up with ongoing trends.

What about the other users?

They are content creators on whom the rest of the users rely on getting entertained and stay updated.

When following a content creator, Instagram users have a unique approach. They will not just follow someone starting or new to the platform. Instead, they will be more attracted to the profiles that are already doing well on the platform.

Wondering why?

Well, according to the users, the profiles that are not doing well are not just worth the time.

Now, the question is, what does the user consider while deciding whether to follow a profile or not? Well, there are a lot of factors, such as the reach of the posts, the quality of the posts, and how consistent the content creator is.

However, the follower count plays a vital role. The higher the follower count, the more valuable the profile is. And you will only get a high level of attention if your profile already has loads of followers.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

So, Instagram has over a billion active users. Theoretically, this high number of active users means that there is an audience for everyone, and one can effortlessly grasp their targeted audience.

In reality, the audiences will only divert to the profiles that are already doing, which we have already discussed.

But that is not all! The competition between content creators is pretty fierce on Instagram. The algorithm favors the ones that already have a high reach and makes their content reach a higher audience.

That leaves a gap between the profiles that are doing well and those that have just started. So, even if you manage to develop a highly unique content idea and execute it properly, you might not see it getting a high reach.

Well, did you know that if you buy Instagram followers, you can get the initial boost that your profile requires for massive growth? Yes! The higher follower count will make your profile more appealing to other users. Eventually, your profile will start to see enormous growth, and your posts will have a considerable reach.

Buy Instagram Followers
Gain After Purchasing Instagram Followers

What Benefits Will You Gain After Purchasing Instagram Followers?

As you have learned, you will be signing up for an initial boost by purchasing Instagram followers. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other benefits that this service can eventually bring to the table.

Let us start from the very beginning. So, when you purchase Instagram followers, you amp up your following count. In other words, your profile will seem more attractive to other users.

Seeing that you have tons of followers, the users who will come across your profile will check out what you share. Eventually, this will make your posts get the right amount of attention. If the users find your posts interesting, engaging, and reliable for information, they are sure to follow you.

Wondering why? Well, you have so many followers to begin with, and your content aligns with their interests. In a nutshell, you will start to bring in organic followers.

When organic growth picks up the pace, and your profile starts to get an immense level of attention, your posts will also obtain considerable reach. People will more likely interact with your posts, which will bring up the engagement rate.

If the engagement level is high for your posts, it will be picked up by the Instagram algorithm and eventually end up on the search feed of other users. That will make your profile more visible and, again, get your posts a high level of attention.

Does Social Proof Play a Role When It Comes to Getting Growth on Instagram?

At its core, social proof is a social and physical idea. It basically refers to the idea that people will tend to follow the same steps and exhibit the exact behavior of the masses.

The notion of the act is that when many people are doing the same thing, they are probably doing the right thing. The term came from the book Influence, which Robert Cialdini wrote.

In this context, social proof does play a huge role! When Instagram users stumble upon a profile with a high follower count, they will not question too much. Instead, they will check the content and follow that specific profile.

And the social proof is at play in this case. The new followers have the idea that as so many people are already following that specific profile, it surely offers a lot of value.

Well, our service will help to make your profile be a part of this social proof. It will give your profile a high amount of easy followers, which will make the users that stumble upon your profile follow you, thanks to social proof doing its work.

Comes to Getting Growth on Instagram
Go Viral After Buying Instagram Followers

Can I Go Viral After Buying Instagram Followers?

Anyone can go viral on Instagram. Yes, anyone! But there is a caveat! You will need to apply the proper self-promotion tactic and ensure that your profile has a good reach in the first place.

And our service here can check both of these factors. First, let us talk about self-promotion. So, when you purchase Instagram followers, you enhance the reach of your profile. It will be visible to a load of users on Instagram.

The users who will come across your post through the search or discover feed will usually follow your profile as you have tons of followers. Eventually, that will start the snowball effect, which will enhance the reach of your posts, make your profile grow, and increase the engagement rate of your posts.

The increase of engagement will make your posts more likely to end up on the discover feed of thousands of users who have the same interest.

Eventually, you can make one of your posts gain a hundred thousand plus likes and views. And the Instagram algorithm will make your post pop out on the discover feed of most of the user base. So, yes, you can certainly enhance the chances of going viral after purchasing Instagram followers.

Will Business Profiles Benefit from Paid Instagram Followers?

In case you did not know this yet, there are loads of brands out there that rely on Instagram to drive online sales. Take Nescafe, for example. The brand promoted its coffee through Instagram in the Philippines by running collab Ads on Instagram. Can you guess the conversion rate increase? 25%! And there was a 40 percent increase in terms of add-to-cart actions.

You can tell a similar story without relying on Instagram ads. Yes, that is certainly possible! Business profiles will get the same benefits as personal accounts when they buy Instagram followers from us.

First, once you enhance the follower count of your business profile, your profile will get a higher level of legitimacy. And making your profile seem more legit can go a long way. Users who stumble upon your profile will more likely trust you and click on your products after seeing a high follower count.

Furthermore, as a high follower count enhances the engagement rate, your promotional posts will get more visibility. Your promotional campaigns will get the right amount of attention, and your message will get a massive reach. Eventually, more and more Instagram users will be aware of your brand, and you will be capable of driving a massive amount of sales quickly.

Benefit from Paid Instagram Followers
Instagram Follower Packages That Rely on Bots

Will I Make My Profile Grow If I Purchase Instagram Follower Packages That Rely on Bots?

Not at all! Your profile will even get half the reach if you opt for Instagram follower services that utilize bots.

Want to know why? Let us first explain what bots actually are. They are computer-generated profiles that can not interact on their own. These profiles will not have any users behind them, and someone has to control these profiles to make them engage with posts and other users.

Yes, when you purchase Instagram follower packages that only have bots, you will increase the following count. But that is all that you will do! That following count boost might make your profile seem visible, but it will not make you get a high engagement rate.

Why? Because the bots will not interact with your posts, nor will they engage with comments, likes, or shares. So, you will still need to grind a lot to get a proper initial boost.

On the other hand, when you purchase Instagram profile followers from services that utilize real profiles, like us, you basically get real people following you. Yes, you can certainly argue that not all paid followers will be interested in the type of post you share.

But we can assure you that a significant chunk of the profiles we send to follow your profile will find your content interesting. That will allow you to get an authentic boost and eventually reel in a tremendous amount of organic growth.

How to Make Your Profile Get a High Level of Organic Growth After Getting the Paid Followers?

Yes, we do make things easier for you when you want to purchase Instagram followers. However, if you want to use the paid boost at its full potential, you need to keep a couple of things in mind.

First of all, consider the quality of the posts. That will play an important role. Most Instagram users are in Instagram to have a good time, get entertained, stay updated, or learn something that they are interested in

Now, if you put average quality content, your post will drown in the sea of other average content. Instead, put in the effort to make your posts unique and make them stand out. We also know that it is not that easy to put high-quality content all the time.

Well, that is where you would want to use the hashtags. They are your best friends! Select the most relevant hashtag and what the competitors are posting. Choose the posts that are doing well and take a few notes from them.

But that is not the only use of hashtags, which brings us to the second point. See how you can use hashtags to quickly find content regarding a specific niche? Well, tons of Instagram users are doing the same.

So, you should put the most relevant content on your posts. Also, do not use generic hashtags. Those are not really that good when it comes to making your posts get the right amount of attention.

Lastly, try to capture your audience with your posts. Try to put out content by understanding what they are into. Also, stay consistent with your posts and upload content at the time when most of your followers are active. That will make your posts get a high level of reach.

Growth After Getting the Paid Followers
Buying Instagram Followers

How Much of Growth Will I Get After Buying Instagram Followers?

The growth will highly depend on how well you use the paid boost. If you can make it reach its full potential, you can get hundreds of followers in just a day. Yes, you read that right! Hundreds of followers in just one day! So, what do you need to make sure to make the paid boost work at its full potential? The most important thing you need to consider is the quality of the posts.

Instagram has tons of content creators. Hundreds of profiles are trying to grab the same audience as you. To stand out from those content creators, you need to post better content than them. You can not certainly post average posts and expect your profile to do well on Instagram. Do your research, be a lot more creative, and put out quality content for your followers.

Understanding your audience will also play a crucial role. If you do not offer what they want, you can not hold onto them for a prolonged time.

If you are running a business profile and want your brand to grow on Instagram by promoting your products, you need to understand that most Instagram users will skip blatant ads. Instead of just offering your followers a traditional ad, make your promotional ads unique. Offer your users value instead of just trying to force the followers to buy your products and opt for your services.

Can I Earn Money for Having Tons of Followers on My Instagram Profile?

By gaining a considerable amount of followers, you will open the doors to earning money. Firstly, brands will contact you when your profile has a high follower count and your posts get a huge amount of reach. You can earn about $200 per post with just 100 thousand followers. And if you sign a contract with five brands, that is about $1000 for just five posts!

You can even opt for other marketing channels other than just uploading promotional posts from brands. For example, after seeing that you have tons of followers, brands will ask you to create content for a specific product, which they will post on their Instagram. Now, even though you are not uploading the post directly on your feed, you will still get paid for the content that you will make. Your presence on the content is what is going to get you paid.

There are other ways to get paid for having a high follower count. All you need to do is venture around and be open to opportunities. Over time, you can start making a living by having many followers on the social media platform. In fact, other influencers might even ask you for a collaboration. And if you are cheeky and can convince them enough, it will certainly be possible to get paid from the collaboration as well.

Followers on My Instagram Profile
Classified as an Influencer

How Many Followers Do I Need to Be Classified as an Influencer?

Instagram has a lot of influencers. And nowadays, anybody with many followers can claim they are a self-acclaimed influencer. Well, they will not be wrong because there are different classes for influencers. The classification starts with micro-influencers and ends with macro-influencers.

A micro-influencer is a profile with anywhere from 5000 to 20000 followers. On the other hand, a macro-influencer will generally have more than 100 thousand followers. Nonetheless, if you gain 5000 followers, you can claim to be an influencer.

Once you start picking up the organic growth, you will slowly but certainly reach the macro-influencer level. All you need to do is keep at it and be consistent regarding your content to your followers. To make things go faster, you should buy Instagram followers from reputed vendors, and leverage the paid followers to grow more organic followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like buying Instagram followers. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. What do high-quality Instagram followers mean?

Answer: High-quality followers are basically the profiles that will give your account a high level of credibility and engagement rate. They are not bots and will interact with your post.

That will enhance the engagement rate of your posts and make you seem more legit on Instagram. And these are followers that we will send to your profile. So, you can be assured that your account will gain both credibility and a high engagement rate.

# 2. After I get tons of followers on my Instagram, will I get noticed by brands?

Answer: Yes, your profile will get noticed by brands after you get tons of followers and can make your posts get a high engagement rate. These brands will basically reach you out for collaborating.

Once you sign a contract, you will need to post something regarding their product or service. And in return, they will offer you money. However, do not just sign deals with random brands that are most likely a scam. That will lower your legitimacy and credibility.

# 3. Should I collab with influencers after I get a lot of followers in my business Instagram profile?

Answer: Yes! One of the easiest ways to promote your product and services is through collaborating with other influencers. And your business profile will already achieve a high level of legitimacy after getting a massive follower count.

So, it will be much easier to drive a considerable number of sales if you can collaborate with the right influencer.

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Everything was terrific, from the purchasing process to the delivery process to the results. I would definitely come back again if I need another boost.

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