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Why Do Comments Matter for Instagram Live

Why Do Comments Matter for Instagram Live?

Instagram launched the ability to go live in 2016. And ever since its release, regular users, content creators, and influencers have been taking full advantage of the feature. Going live is the basic concept of offering your followers and other Instagrammers a real-time video.

In Instagram live, there are three different ways to interact. Firstly, you can send in likes (loves). Then, there are the comment and share mechanisms. But among all of these, the thing that matters the most is the number of comments. Wondering why? Ask yourself why you would go live in the first place?

The most obvious answer would be interacting with other Instagram users in real-time through videos. Apart from inviting others to your live video, you would have to rely solely on comments. That is why it is essential to get tons of comments on your Instagram live.

What Does It Mean to Have Tons of Comments on an Instagram Live Video?

Comments are the thing that makes an Instagram live worthy of watching. For example, if a content creator or influencer goes live and talks about a hot topic, they would want the viewers to interact with them through comments. If the comment section is dry, the whole thing could have been done without going live.

Now, when a live video has tons of comments, it attracts users. Again, take the example that we just used. A live video discussing a hot topic and having a lot of users commenting would make you want to take part. That will eventually make you watch the whole live session.

On the other hand, a live video with few comments will feel dry. Users will not participate in the discussion. As only a few people interact with the live video, the session will not last that long either.

What Does It Mean to Have Tons of Comments on an Instagram Live Video
Why Should You Purchase Instagram Live Videos

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Live Videos?

Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users can make you feel that it will be pretty easy to attract users to your live video. But you can forget that Instagram has 500 thousand active influencers.

Also, in 2020, Instagram had 30 million amateur content creators. Note that if that stat contained non-amateur content creators, the numbers would be more than 30 million.

You are not the only one trying to draw attention to your live video. There are tons of other users trying to do the same. For that reason, even if you go live talking about a hot topic or unique thing, you might not get the desired outcome when it comes to the engagement rate.

Instagrammers do not want to interact with these accounts. Furthermore, things will get quite challenging for you if your account is new and does not have many followers. Well, our service will eliminate all of these challenges and limitations.

It will offer you live video the boost it requires and draws tons of other users in your live session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Can I use live videos for promotion?

Answer: Of course! Many business profiles take advantage of live videos to promote their products and services. You could do the same as well. And with our service, your live promotional video could get the right boost and get immense reach. Then, it will be certainly possible to drive a lot of sales.

# 2. Will I get the same benefit by purchasing live comments from bot-related services?

Answer: First of all, we would like to clarify that we do not use bots for our services. Instead, we will send real people to comment on your live video. This will eventually result in unique and non-repetitive comments. And the comments will seem legit, which is crucial to draw attention. A service with bots cannot provide you that.

# 3. How many comments should I purchase for my Instagram live videos?

Answer: The higher the number of comments your live video has, the more lively it will seem. For that reason, we would recommend purchasing as many comments as you can. The higher you purchase, the higher the chances of the live video attracting tons of Instagrammers.

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Forrest L. Goodwill

@ Customer

As I had many followers on my Instagram profile, it seemed pretty easy for me to get a highly interactive live session. But the first few live videos I did picked up little to no attention at all.

What I needed was the boost that this service is offering. It worked like a charm, and I will not have any issues recommending it to anyone that wants to make their live videos go boom.

Ruth S. Pursel

@ Customer

I saw a lot of business profiles promoting their new products through live sessions. But those sessions were only live when the potential customers or followers interacted with the live video.

Also, I did poorly on my live session when I tried to do the same. It felt like I was all by myself. But after I purchased this package, things took a turn. Now, my live videos are highly engaging, thanks to this team.

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