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What Does It Mean to Have High Likes on Posts

What Does It Mean to Have High Likes on Posts?

So, Instagram is a social media. It has many social media aspects, such as likes, replies, comments, stories, and shares. These aspects let the users interact with each other.

And interaction is the primary goal of social media. Even though the other elements are essential for content to grow, the post likes play a much more critical role. Wondering why?

Consider a situation where you see two posts utilizing the same picture and talking about the same topic in the description. The first one has 20000 likes, while the second one has 200. Which one will you be more drawn to? The one with the 20000 likes, right? Well, that is the power of having more likes on posts.

It makes the post seem valuable and attracts more users to the content. Now, Instagram is a place where content creators compete very hard. Each content creator will fight to make their post seem more valuable.

And if you can not make your post gain a high amount of likes, your post will not only get the right amount of attention, but your profile will also seem less valuable to the other users.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Post Likes?

Instagram has been around for quite a while now. It came out in 2010. And ever since its inception, it has been gaining more and more users. There are more than 1.38 billion active monthly users.

This active number count will grow even further in the future. Such a large user base will make anyone think that it will be quite easy to get a proper hold of the desired user base.

However, the reality is very different. Yes, there are tons of active users on the platform, but you need to understand that there are many content creators on Instagram as well.

Like you, hundreds of other profiles are trying to gain the same audience. And they will do everything they can to beat you to it. Even if you do come up with a highly unique content idea, chances are your competitors will beat you to it as well.

So, you can understand how competitive the content creator side is in Instagram. Also, let us not forget that you will get little to no attention if you are new to the platform.

Instagram users are very selective. They will not generally engage with new users. Instead, they will look for the profile or accounts that are doing well and engage with them.

Well, all of these complications will be out of the equation if you opt for our service. Instead, your post will get the initial boost required to be visible to everyone on Instagram. And after the initial growth, it will continue to grow and bring you loads of benefits.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Post Likes
Purchasing Instagram Post Likes

What Will You Gain After Purchasing Instagram Post Likes?

At this point, one thing is clear your post will get an initial boost after you purchase Instagram post likes. The initial like count boost will make your post seem more valuable.

And even if your account is new on the platform, users who will stumble upon the post will see tons of other users are engaging with it, and they will do the same thing as well.

So, the initial boost is to bring you organic growth. Over time, this organic growth rate will increase substantially, and you will see your posts getting tons of organic engagement.

People will get to know about the actual value that your post can offer, and they will interact with it through comments as well. In fact, many will help spread the post around through stories and direct DMs, enhancing the reach.

When your post gets a high level of reach, the Instagram algorithm will pick it up and show it to people on their discover feed. After that happens, your post will be visible to Instagram users who are interested in the topic your post is about. Eventually, you will see the post getting many likes, comments, and engagement.

Will My Profile Get Growth After I Purchase Instagram Post Likes?

Once you opt for paid Instagram likes boost, your post will start to get tons of engagement. It might get 10000 organic likes in just one day. And that is a lot for any content. This high number of organic engagements will not just bring attention to your post but also to your profile.

Wondering how?

Well, as we have mentioned earlier, your post will get picked up by the Instagram algorithm when it starts to get a high level of reach. Basically, the algorithm is always in search of content that is high in quality.

Once it picks content, the algorithm will share it through the Discover tab throughout the platform. In other words, users who are interested in your post but are not in your follower list will be capable of seeing your post. Now, once they stumble upon your post and see its actual value, they are sure to give your profile a visit.

What will be the purpose of that profile visit?

Well, they will search for similar content on your profile. If they find what they are looking for, these users will follow you. In other words, your follower count will ramp up at high speed. And when that happens, your older posts will get a high level of attention.

After the organic reach kicks in and your profile gets high traffic, you will not even have to put in a high amount of effort to make your future posts reach tons of users. Both your old and new followers will play their part and make your content get the level of attention it deserves.

Purchase Instagram Post Likes
Benefit From Purchasing Instagram Post Likes

Will Business Profiles Benefit From Purchasing Instagram Post Likes?

If you did not know, many brands and companies are operating on Instagram. In fact, tons of the brands started on Instagram, and they flourished their growth by using Instagram as a marketing tool. A high reach is what helped them to grow on this platform.

Take Glossier, for example. This skincare and beauty brand kept Instagram as a priority from the very beginning. In fact, they were commencing their business through Instagram without having an official website when they started.

The brand created hype and gained more than 13 thousand followers. And as they could enhance their reach through the hype, their sales boosted significantly.

You could be telling the same type of story by opting for our service. Yes! You can target your promotional posts with paid likes. And after it receives the paid boost, it will start to attract organic likes and engagement. Your promotional post will be on everyone’s discover feed when the organic growth picks up.

After it reaches the discover feed, your will not only draw attention to the product you were promoting through the post, but you will bring more traffic to your profile as well. Seeing how well you are doing on the promotional post, users interested in what you offer will follow you.

Now, you might know this by now, a high number of followers increases legitimacy. And when your profile or brand gets a reasonable amount of legitimacy, users will not think twice before pressing the buy now button.

Does Social Proof Play a Role?

In a general sense, social proof is a psychological phenomenon. It is a phenomenon where people will assume that the actions of others are correct for a given situation. It is the notion that tells people when a large number of people are doing something, you should do it as well. And paid boost will make the social proof play its role.

Wondering how? Well, after you opt for our service, your post will get a significant boost in terms of the like count.

Once the like count of the post gets a boost, it will make the users who stumble upon your post feel like they should be interacting with your post as well.

Basically, when the users see that your post has a high number of likes, they will be compelled to engage with it as well.

Now, when the social proof kicks in at full effect, your profile will see immense growth. The social proof playings its role in your post will also play its part in your profile.

Users who will find value in your post will get into your account and start following you to get similar posts in the future. This will increase your follower count.

Afterward, the other users who will naturally stumble upon your post will not hesitate to give you a follow as you already have many followers. Again, social proof is doing its work here.

Does Social Proof Play a Role
Can I Go Viral After I Buy Likes for Instagram Posts

Can I Go Viral After I Buy Likes for Instagram Posts?

The chances of you going viral will significantly increase after you purchase likes for your Instagram post. As we mentioned, if you target the right post with our service, you will get more than just an initial boost. After the initial boost, your post will get more value, which will attract more users.

When the users get attracted to your post, they will undoubtedly interact with it. And each bit of interaction will play its role in making you go viral. After getting the boost, the organic likes, comments, and shares you will receive will make the Instagram algorithm pick your post up.

Now, if the algorithm picks your post, it will start showing your content to the other users of the platform through the discover feed. Users interested in the type of content you offer will be capable of easily finding your post after that. Seeing the high number of likes and engagement, these users will even interact with your post, which will further amp up the engagement rate.

Eventually, your post will be everywhere. You will be the profile that people would be talking about on Instagram. And the algorithm will continuously keep your post on the discover feed.

Which Posts Should I Target?

We are 100 percent certain that you will find the buying process hassle-free and straightforward. Even though it is easy for anyone to opt for our service, it requires a bit of work to get the most out of the money you will spend. Yes, our service will offer you the initial boost and make your content go boom on Instagram. But you need to understand that Instagram users are very selective.

These users will not just interact with any random post. Plus, you should also remember that Instagram has tons of content creators. So, all of the users have many options when it comes to getting entertained, staying updated, and catching up with ongoing trends.

For that reason, before you target your post with our service, ensure that the content is high in quality. If it does not offer any value, the initial boost will not make it go anywhere. You will not find yourself enjoying all of the benefits that we talked about. So, put in some effort and create high-quality content first.

When it comes to business profiles, if you are targeting a promotional video, make sure that your advertisement is also offering value. Instagram users will not interact with blatant ads. Instead of approaching the viewers in traditional ways, implement an interactive tactic to promote your service or product.

For example, you can start with making the viewers understand what the product or service is all about. Offer them information regarding the service or product features and make them know that their lives can get much easier after getting what you are offering. That will enable you to get organic growth and engagement.

Which Posts Should I Target
Buying Paid Instagram Post Likes

How to Enhance the Organic Growth Rate After Buying Paid Instagram Post Likes?

As you know by now, once you get our service, your post will get immense reach and reel in organic growth if it is high in quality. This organic growth and reach will make your profile get a significant level of attention.

You will start to gain loads of new followers, which will make your follower count go boom and add value to your profile.

However, in order to grab into this type of growth and make it reach a higher level, you need to work a bit hard. Consider the post that you have targeted with our service. It got so much organic attention just because it was high in quality, right? Well, if your future post is not up to the mark, they will not get that.

Instead, you might lose the new followers if you start uploading average or low-quality content after getting the boost on your profile. On the other hand, if you give a high effort to your future posts and make them stand out on Instagram, you will grow continuously.

Yes, we know that you can quickly run out of content ideas after a while. But that is where your competitors are there for. Take full advantage of the hashtag mechanism and use them to find out about your competitors.

Consider what they post and what is making them reach. However, do not just copy their content. Add your touch of uniqueness and offer your followers something better.

Will I Get the Same Benefits from a Paid Post Like Service That Utilizes Bots?

Usually, the service that will utilize bots will come cheap. The thing is, bots are basically computer-generated profiles. It takes about two minutes to create such a profile. These accounts do not interact on their own. Instead, someone has to take control over them.

Now, when you opt for a service that utilizes bots, you will surely make your post get the number of likes you just purchased. And that number of likes will surely make your post seem valuable. However, the likes you will be getting are from profiles that are deserted. Who follows a bot?

Additionally, these bots will not even engage with your post unless the person controlling them decides to. So, you will not get the real benefits of a paid boost. On the other hand, if you purchase the post likes from a service that relies on real profiles, you get all the things that the service has to offer.

For example, consider our service. We will send real profiles that have real people behind to like your post. Now, you might argue that not all of the users we will send will be interested in your post. And you will be correct. But we can assure most of the accounts will find your post interesting.

These real profiles will do more than just like your post. They will leave a comment, share the post around, and even put your post on their story if the content is high in quality and has a high potential. That will reel in more organic growth and allow your profile to get a high level of traffic.

Paid Post Like Service That Utilizes Bots
How Does Instagram Algorithm Work

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram has been around since 2010. However, the platform did not have a fully-fledged algorithm. The team introduced it in 2015. It replaced the chronological order system.

With over 400 million users at that time, chronological order did not make much sense. Nonetheless, This algorithm basically decides who sees what. And if you want to make your profile grow properly, you need to understand how it works.

At its core, the algorithm will ensure that the viewers see the most relevant post. To do that, it will take the user’s history into account. The algorithm will consider the post you interact with and show you a similar type of content on the discover feed. Now, you might ask how does the algorithm knows what posts are what?

Well, hashtags play a crucial role in this case. The algorithm will use hashtags to index, categorize, and rank the posts. And if you interact with a post with a specific hashtag, the algorithm will offer you posts that utilize the same or similar type of hashtag on your discover feed. In such a way, you will only see the content that is relevant to your interest.

Another thing about the algorithm is that it will change constantly. Why? Well, your interest regarding a single thing or topic might not last for a prolonged time. And the algorithm will take that into account. If you start engaging with a new post type, your discover feed will change accordingly.

Should You Opt for Advertising on Instagram?

So, the new algorithm did not only ensure that the users would see relevant posts on their discover feed, but it also opened doors for advertisements. However, when Instagram introduced advertisement features, it faced some backlash.

First of all, Instagram is mostly about videos and pictures. For that reason, many argued that Instagram did not have much information about its users to target them with proper ads.

The backlash also brought light to the marketing algorithm of Facebook. The Facebook business was much amped up in 2015 compared to Instagram. If you were a user of Facebook back then, Facebook Business probably knew all about your interests.

Whether you are into music, cars, or sports, Facebook Business has all of the information. So, it worked reasonably well and could target the right people with ads.

However, you need to understand that the Instagram algorithm saw a massive level of growth throughout the years. Like Facebook, it knows most about its users. And you will not have to be a professional marketer just to use it at its full potential.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that many brands saw success by opting for Instagram ads. For example, take a look at Panasonic. When the brand launched a new toaster oven in Japan, they started an Instagram campaign and took advantage of the gamma Score Tool. That allowed them to generate 2X more sales.

Likewise, if you think your business requires a substantial boost and take full advantage of the Instagram advertisement, you can opt for it after getting the initial boost from our service.

Advertising on Instagram
Use Instagram Ads Properly

How to Use Instagram Ads Properly?

If you combine our service with Instagram ads, you can surely make the sales number go crazy. However, there is a caveat. You need to implement the right tactic and use Instagram Ads properly. And these are the things that should be in your mind when you are planning to take advantage of Instagram Ads:

Understand Your Audience

Before anything else, you need to ask yourself if you know your audience well or not. It will take some time to know the type of audience that you will be serving your ad to, but eventually, you can get to know all about the behavior of your targeted audience.

For example, if you are a beauty brand and specialize in a particular type of makeup, you would want to target a female audience that is interested in your product. And in your video, you need to make the audience properly understand what your product is all about and how it is better than your competitors.

Now, if you target a male audience with your beauty product, you are less likely to get any engagement at all. The same thing applies to all of the other niches. Understand what your audience is all about. Take their interest into consideration and create an advert that will make them get value.

Get to Know About THE Metrics

Learning the metrics, such as comments, clicks, likes, and comments, is essential if you want to succeed in your promotional campaign. These metrics will not only make it easier for you to see whether you are getting a high reach through your campaign but also let you know which sales are you making through the advert.

Stay Consistent

Always remember that advertisements have a long game. In other words, building a brand value will require you to stay consistent. Yes, you can certainly target high numbers for a short time. Doing so will also help your business sustain longer in the long run when the excitement slows down.

However, if you do not stay consistent with your advertisement, you will not be capable of building a brand value. In fact, a long-term ad is what makes McDonald’s stand out from the other less influential competitors, such as Joe’s Burger Shack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Will the likes that I will purchase stay forever?

Answer: As we are going to utilize real profiles, the paid likes you will get after completing the payment will be there forever. In comparison, if you opt for a service that uses bots, the likes can disappear anytime.

Why? Well, bots do not interact with posts on their own, and they do not have any history on the site as well. And when accounts stay inactive for a prolonged time and have no history usually get banned.

# 2. Can I earn money after getting loads of likes on my post?

Answer: Yes, you can certainly earn money after getting tons of likes on your post. Firstly, the tons of likes will enhance the value of your post and make it gain a high reach.

This high reach will bring attention to your profile and make more users follow you. Once you get loads of followers and your post does exceptionally well, you will get noticed by brands and companies. They will offer you money to promote their content.

# 3. How many likes should I purchase?

Answer: Let us get back to the example we just gave in the beginning. Yes, the one where you stumble upon two posts talking about the same thing and are from different accounts.

You will be more drawn to the one that has a high like and engagement rate, right? Well, the same type of thinking goes on the mind of the other users. So, you should purchase as many likes as possible.

# 4. Should I purchase post likes for all of my posts?

Answer: You can undoubtedly purchase post likes for all of your posts. Our delivery will have the same quality for all of those requests. However, as we have discussed earlier, you should only target the posts with high potential.

Those will be capable of doing well and bringing more to the table. So, be consistent regarding the content you create and purchase post likes for all of them if you want substantial growth.

# 5. Will I stay ahead of the competition by purchasing post likes?

Answer: Yes! You increase the value of your post and draw more traffic to your profile. That will enable you to stay well ahead of the competition.

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It felt like my competitors always had the upper hand on me. I was on the verge of giving up and deleting my profile, but then I found out about this service.

And trust me, this was probably the wisest purchase decision I ever made. Nor did the post I targeted see an immense amount of reach, it made my profile grow substantially. Now, I do not have any issues trying to make my posts get a high overall engagement rate.

William L. Gaston

@ Customer

My friends and I decided to make our startup grow a proper brand value through Instagram. However, we had no idea how challenging it would be. We have tried multiple tactics, but none of them offered us a fruitful result.

Well, the case is totally different for this service. The team delivered all of the promises they made. And now, my startup is not small anymore.

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