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High Story Views on Instagram

What Does It Mean to Have High Story Views on Instagram?

Ever since Instagram came out, which is in 2010, it has been introducing new features for the users to interact with one another. That is why it has been growing its user base continuously.

Now, there are more than 1 billion monthly active users. And that is a lot! Nonetheless, among all of the interactive features that Instagram has brought to the table, stories are something every user is regularly using.

Wondering what the use of stories is? Well, the sky is the limit! You can use the stories to tell people about your day, where you have been, and what you are currently doing.

However, those are not the only application of stories. Content creators will use them to share creative posts, while brands and companies will use them to increase publicity and build brand awareness. It even helps the brands to communicate with their customers.

Nonetheless, as Instagram is a social media, it has some metrics that will help you to determine how well your content and profile are doing.

For the stories, there are views! A higher view count on stories means that your story offered a considerable amount of value to the viewers. This higher view count would also mean tons of people interact and engage with your story.

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Story Views?

The thing about Instagram is that it is very competitive. Among the 1 billion active monthly users, there are at least 25 percent content creators. These content creators are constantly pushing out content to grab their desired audience.

And they would usually put in the maximum effort to do better than their competitors. So, you can understand how competitive the content creator section is on Instagram.

Well, the 1 billion active monthly users do make it seem easier to grab the desired audience. Because, theoretically, that number of active users means that there are tons of users for a content creator. But as we have mentioned, Instagram is pretty competitive.

So, even if you do remain consistent with high-quality content, you are less likely to see a massive reach if your profile is not doing well in the first place.

Now, when it comes to doing well, you need to put in a lot of effort. Staying active 24/7 is a must. And you need to find ways to do better than your competitors and grind a lot. Even after that, many users do not get the expected growth. Well, that is where boosts such as paid Instagram views come into play.

It will help you stand out from the competitors and get the initial boost you require. Eventually, your profile will be more visible, which will make your content reach thousands and thousands of Instagram users.

Purchase Instagram Story Views
Purchasing Instagram Story Views

What Will You Gain After Purchasing Instagram Story Views?

Buying story views for Instagram is not about making a specific story or content get a massive view count boost. There is more to that! Our service can bring loads of benefits to the table.

First, let us talk about the story you will target with the paid story views. After you opt for the package, your video will gain a high view count. Now, other users will not see this view count, but that does not mean that your video will not achieve value. You need to remember that Instagram has its algorithm.

The algorithm is always in search of posts and stories that are doing well on Instagram. Seeing the number of views your story has got, the algorithm will make your story pop up on the first column of the story row for the users.

And you might already know that not all Instagram users go to the end of the row and see all of the videos that pop up on their feed. So, when your story is on the first column, it will be more visible to your followers. That will reel in organic views.

But that is not the only thing the Instagram algorithm will do. It will even add your stories on the explore tab. Now, you might be wondering that Instagram does not have stories on the explore tab.

Well, you are not that far off. Instagram does not have stories on the search or explore tab, but IGTV videos do pop up on the tab. And the algorithm will pick your story for the IGTV. That will eventually make your profile snowball.

Can I Make My Profile More Valuable After Purchasing Views for Instagram Stories?

You can definitely enhance the value of your profile by purchasing story views for Instagram. First of all, when your story gets the initial view boost, it will be highly visible to your followers. Once the organic view starts to amp up, the view count will increase massively.

After the view counts get to a respectable number, you can feature your story on IGTV. And as you know, IGTV will be visible to the Instagram users’ feed. In other words, it will be visible to the users that are not on your follower list.

If the users find value in your story and want to get more content, they will visit your profile. While being in your profile, they will look for content that is similar to your story.

And if you are consistent with your uploads, these users will find what they came looking for. Seeing that your contents are all up to the mark, they will surely start following you. In other words, your follower count will see an increase.

In case you did not know, profiles with high followers usually get more attention on Instagram. The social proof idea plays a role in this case. Basically, this follower count increase will increase the value of your profile.

Your older posts and future posts will get a high reach naturally. The same thing goes for the stories you will upload in the future.

Purchasing Views for Instagram Stories
Benefit from Paid Instagram Story Views

Can Business Profiles Benefit from Paid Instagram Story Views?

Instagram is a marketing tool for loads of brands and companies. There are users of multiple age groups and of varying interest. And there are a large number of brands that started their adventure on Instagram.

In fact, many gained huge success after promoting themselves through stories. Take Everlane, for example. They are a digital-first apparel brand that has built a strong userbase on Snapchat before coming to Instagram.

Nonetheless, Everlane utilized the full power of Instagram stories to reinforce its core value, which is transparency. They focus on sharing detailed, honest, and accurate information on their stories.

To be exact, they go deeper into the origins of each product, offering more information to the old customers and potential new customers. That allowed the brand to drive a huge number of sales and eventually gain success.

Well, you could be telling the same story as Everlane with our Instagram story view packages. After you opt for our service, you will enrich the reach of your stories. And in the stories, you can talk about your product or service to offer customers more information regarding the things you are offering, just like Everlane!

However, that is not the only way you can utilize the power of Instagram stories. You can even make the users go to your official site by embedding a link to the story. That will enable you to enhance the chances of making direct sales. 

Would It Be Possible to Go Viral After Purchasing Story Views for Instagram?

Buying Instagram story views can indeed make you go viral. How? Well, as we have already mentioned, the paid views will give your story an initial boost. This initial boost will make the story more visible to your followers and other users who are not on your follower list.

When the visibility increases, the engagement rate will also increase, which will make your story go to the explore feed of the users across Instagram.

After your story ends on the explore feed, more and more people will get to know about the content you can offer. Eventually, your story will see an amped-up organic growth.

Now, as you know by now, Instagram stories stay up for only 24 hours. So, even if your story does not go viral, it does not mean you are losing the chances of going viral altogether.

After your story goes onto the explore tab, users who will watch it will understand your actual value and potential. They will tap on your profile to check out your other content. They will follow you if they see that you are consistent with the value and offer quality content. In other words, your follower count will see a massive increase.

This follower count increase will make the reach of your future posts ramp up. And both the new followers and old followers will engage with your future content if they are of value and high quality, which will eventually make you go viral.

Go Viral After Purchasing Story Views for Instagram
Story Views

Will I Get the Same Benefits of Original Paid Story View by Getting Fake Paid Story Views?

By originally paid story views, what most refers to are the views that are from real accounts. As in profiles that real people operate. The paid views from these profiles work because real people will interact with your story instead of just increasing the view count.

The interaction will amp up the engagement rate. In fact, many of these paid view users will even share the story around with their followers.

And when the engagement rate goes up, the algorithm will pick your stories for the IGTV and show them to people on their explore feed, which, as you know, enhances the reach of your story.

On the other hand, the services that offer fake paid story views are basically using bots. These bots are nothing but computer-generated profiles and can not interact independently. Instead, the service provider will control them and just make them watch your story.

Yes, you will surely amp up the view count of your story. But the real engagement is not increasing. So, your story will not get the reach it could get compared to genuine paid views.

In fact, your story might not reach the explore feed at all! For that reason, we do not use bots to offer our service. Instead, we will send in real people to watch your story. That will provide you with all of the benefits that services such as this one can offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. What can I share in Instagram stories?

Answer: The sky is the limit! You can share anything on Instagram stories. Starting from what you are currently doing, what you plan to do, your old photos or you can even click a picture with the built-in camera mechanism and add it to your story.

On the other hand, brands and companies will utilize the story mechanism to talk about their products and services through stories.

# 2. Can I make my story last for more than 24 hours?

Answer: Stories on Instagram will stay up for 24 hours. But there is a way to make your stories stay up for more than 24 hours. Yes, we are talking about the highlight feature! Before your stories go down, you can add them to your highlight.

You can even do it after the stories go down by going through the story archive. Once you add the story to your highlight, it will remain a permanent bubble unless you decide to remove it. And people that come into your profile will be capable of seeing them even after the first 24 hours.

# 3. Can other users see how many views my Instagram stories have?

Answer: Instagram will only allow the account owner to see how many views the stories have. And the other users or views will only be capable of interacting with it by sending replies or reacting to it.

However, you can certainly show off your story’s view count by taking a screenshot of the view count. But that will not really offer you any gains. For that reason, you will not see any well-off Instagram user doing it.

# 4. How many views should I purchase?

Answer: As mentioned, Instagram does not make your view count visible to other users. So, you might think that there is no need to purchase a high number of views. Well, you would be wrong in that regard.

The more the story views, the higher its chances will be to be on the explore feed. So, we recommend you purchase as many story views as you can.

# 5. Should I purchase paid Instagram story views for all the stories I post?

Answer: You can purchase our packages for all of the stories! We will offer the same quality of service for all of them. However, we recommend targeting only the stories that have a high potential.

Why? Well, we have mentioned multiple times that Instagram users are very picky. So, if you offer them low-quality content with your story, they are less likely to engage with it. That will not bring you the growth you can achieve by targeting a high-quality story.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

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Elaine B. Adams

@ Customer

I have seen a lot of brands driving their sales by promoting their offerings through Instagram stories. But when I decided to try it for myself, it did not bring me the expected results.

I even had a considerable amount of followers on my profile. Then, I stumbled upon this service. And even though I was skeptical initially, the results did not fail to amaze me.

The story I targeted generated 20% more sales than a regular story with no boost. And as my profile got a vast growth after that paid story boost, I no longer have to struggle that much to generate high sales with my stories anymore.

Jake A. Kennedy

@ Customer

Never thought that it would be so hard to get a high engagement rate on stories. Even though my followers engage with my regular posts, they seem to literally ignore my stories. I have missed out on so many brand collaborations for that! Thankfully, I will no longer miss out on any more opportunities.

Thanks to this service, the first deal I signed up for, which required me to put a story, was a huge success. Now I know who to come to whenever I get a deal such as that. Thank you for offering such a fantastic service.

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