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Need a Korean Audience

Why Would You Need a Korean Audience?

Instagram came out in 2010, and it has been growing ever since. Now, it has roughly 1 billion monthly active users. And these statistics are from all of the countries in the world. Among these 1 billion users, there are around 13.4 million users from South Korea. That said, just like Instagram, Korean Pop culture has taken the world by storm. More and more people from all around the world know what Korean Pop culture is.

In fact, K-drama has been on the hot list for a prolonged time on Netflix, and Korean music bands have been holding a respectable position on the billboard and other hotlists for a prolonged time.

Brands and content creators have been trying to grow on Instagram by focusing on the Korean niche and seeing all the hype. However, it becomes pretty hard to create a solid brand image or make your K-pop or K-drama-based profile gain enough value without authentic Koreans being in the audience. That is why many are shooting to gain Korean followers on Instagram.

Why Should You Buy Korean Instagram Followers?

The influence of K-drama and K-Pop is undeniable. According to a survey that took place in 2021, around 39 percent of the participants knew how popular K-pop is. In fact, ask anyone that have a fair idea regarding ongoing trend if they know about BTS or not. We can guarantee that 90 percent of those people will say yes. And it is not just about K-pop; K-drama has picked up quite an amount of popularity as well.

So, all this Korean exposure would mean that it would be pretty easy for a content creator or a brand to create a solid Korean-based or Korean-influenced audience, right?

Well, the reality is much different. There are already tons of content creators and brands taking full advantage of Korean influence. And they are utilizing loads of tactics and strategies to enhance their reach. It will become challenging for an Instagram account with little to no Korean-influenced or Korean-based followers to get attention for all these competitions.

And things will get much more complicated for new accounts because all Instagram users, not only those who are Korean or into Korean-based stuff, will ignore new accounts. These challenges can become less of an issue with a proper Korean boost. In other words, you can get ahead of the competition and draw more attention to your Korean-influenced account after buying Korean Instagram Followers.

Buy Korean Instagram Followers
Korean Instagram Followers Bring to the Table

What Do Paid Korean Instagram Followers Bring to the Table?

We have already mentioned that when you buy Korean Instagram followers, you will get your profile the Korean boost it requires. But there is so much to it.

First, the Korean followers will make your profile seem authentic. How? When people get into your account and see actual Korean people interacting with your post, they will understand the true value of your profile.

Once your profile gets a higher authenticity, your Korean-influence-based posts will start to get a high level of attention. People that are into the posts you upload will naturally engage with them as your profile has the right level of legitimacy.

Your post will get a higher overall reach when the engagement rate ramps up. Eventually, this higher reach will draw more attention to your profile. Your profile will start to reel in more followers that are interested in Korean-based content. In simpler words, your follower count will rapidly increase.

The rapid increase of followers will add more value to your profile and get your posts more attention. You will get all-around growth by purchasing Korean followers.

Will Business Profiles Get Benefited After Purchasing Instagram Korean Followers?

If you do not know this yet, many Korean-based brands saw huge success operating on Instagram. Take Clinique Korea, for example. To create new product awareness among the targeted audience and to improve brand preference, the brand has set up an Instagram campaign. The brand saw a 16-point increase in overall ad recall, 23 point increase in ad recall among the targeted audience, and 3.8 point increase in product preference.

Another example would be the Mercedes Benz. In Korea, they have reached new prospective customers by running an Instagram campaign. The ad tailored various stages of the purchase journey, which lifted the purchase intent by 6.2 points. You could be telling stories such as that.

That said, the example we gave are primarily Korean-based brands. You do not have to base on Korea just to generate sales on Korean-related products and services. Purchase our packages, and you can get Korean-based followers right away. And these Korean followers will help your Korean-influence-based business to flow.

Purchasing Instagram Korean Followers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Can I go viral after purchasing Korean Instagram followers?

Answer: Yes, you will enhance your chances of going viral after purchasing Korean Instagram followers. Once you buy the packages, you will get an authentic follower base on your profile, as we have discussed.

These genuine Korean followers will bring more attention to your Korean-based profile and posts. Eventually, you will get picked up by the algorithm and be on the discover feed of tons of users.

# 2. Should I buy Korean bot followers?

Answer: Before anything else, we would like to state that we do not use bots. A lot of the services will put their VPN on north Korea and make tons of fake profiles. These followers are Korean profiles, but the thing is, these accounts will not interact with your posts, nor will they help you to ramp up the engagement rate and draw more attention to your profile.

So, we would highly recommend not to opt for bot followers even if they are free.

# 3. How many Korean followers should I buy?

Answer: The higher the number of Korean followers, the higher your profile’s authenticity level. Also, a high follower count makes the social proof come into play, which automatically makes other Instagrammers follow you. So, try to get as many followers as you can.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our happy customer’s feedback

Maryjane D. Nance

@ Customer

I am a die-hard BTS fan, and I wanted to manage a fan account. But little did I know how hard it is to make new accounts get noticed on Instagram.

I tried different tactics to gain more Korean-pop fans to follow me. But not only did all of them fail, but it brought my determination level down. Thankfully, one of my friends recommended this service at the right time.

Now, my profile is one of the biggest fan accounts for BTS. It has thousands of K-pop fan followers, and my posts get a high reach naturally. Thank you for the great service!

Eugene G. Graham

@ Customer

Seeing the craze around K-pop and K-drama, me and my friend decided to start a merch store. And we wanted to create our brand image through Instagram. Little did we know that the competition on Instagram is so tight. We were struggling a lot to drive sales. But things changed when we opted for this service.

Nor does a lot of K-pop and K-drama fans know our merch store name, but our new products get sold out within seconds. So, it goes without saying that I would definitely come back if I needed any further boost.

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