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LinkedIn Connections Mean

What Does LinkedIn Connections Mean?

LinkedIn is one of the major social platforms entirely about making professional relationships. It helps you grow your network and get recognized for all of the skills and expertise you have to bring to the table. And when it comes to getting success in your business and career, networking is the key!

That said, the concept of connection is a bit different in LinkedIn. The platform has followers and connections. With followers, people would be following you, and all of your content will be visible to their feed.

But with connections, you and your follower will be following each other. That means your content will appear on their feed, and you will see their content as well.

This building of connection will help your profile be visible to many people. That includes hiring managers and company owners. When your connections react to your posts, they will appear on the feed of their connections as well. As a result, it will be possible to promote your achievements, works, and skills widely.

How Powerful Are LinkedIn Connections?

The connection mechanism on LinkedIn is pretty unique. Basically, there are three different tiers. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – degree networks in the system. Now, how do these tiers work? Let us give you an example.

Consider a situation where you have 100 connections. Each of those users has 100 connections as well. That will make your network achieve 2nd degree, with at least 10 thousand people.

However, when each of the connections of the entire network has another 100 connections each, the network achieves a higher ranking, which is the 3rd degree. In this network, there will be 1 million people.

That said, LinkedIn has a total of 500 million worldwide. More than 200 million of the users are from the U.S.

Now, what does all of this mean? Well, if you are in a 3rd-degree network, you will be visible to only 1 million people. And your profile will be hidden from 499 other million users. In other words, you are missing out on the 99.98 percent of opportunities that might help you to grow your career.

Powerful Are LinkedIn Connections
Buy LinkedIn Connections

Will I Be More Visible with Increased LinkedIn Connections?

As we have mentioned, even if you do manage to get yourself in the 3rd-degree network, you will still be hidden from the rest of 499 million users. That means you will not be getting updates or knowing about most of the job opportunities that can help make your career grow or your business boom.

However, when you buy LinkedIn connections, it will make you more visible to most of the available users on LinkedIn. Instead of being hidden by most of the opportunities, you will open the doors and expand your reach to more people willing to offer you a higher-up position in their company.

Furthermore, buying LinkedIn connections will enable you to strengthen your influencer status. Your content will be more visible to the users, which will help you get more attention. More people will visit your profile and acknowledge all of the skills you have to offer to the table.

You will even supercharge your search. More and more opportunities will be available to you. And that can go a long way when it comes to making your career grow.

How Hard Is It to Grow Your Network Naturally on LinkedIn?

One thing that is pretty typical for all of the social networks is that naturally growing your reach and network is a tough job. You will need to do a lot of grinding, stay active throughout the whole day, and make connections by sending out texts and invitations manually.

However, things get much more complicated on LinkedIn. There is a limitation on the social network that will restrict you to sending a maximum of 100 invitations a week. That means if you want to grow your network and get 500 connections, you need to wait for at least five weeks.

That is not all! Not all of the invitations that you will send will get accepted. Some of the users might not see your profile attractive if you do not have a high number of connections.

That will make them decline your invitation. So, even if you put in the work and time for five weeks, you might just have around 100 connections at the end of that period.

Network Naturally on LinkedIn
Limitation on LinkedIn

How Will My Connection Snowball When There Is a Limitation on LinkedIn?

As we have mentioned, LinkedIn puts in a restriction when it comes to sending out invitations. The limitation is 100 invitations per week. That means even if you wanted to make your connection count stand at 1000, you would need to wait for at least ten weeks and send out 100 invites every week over those ten weeks.

But the good news is that LinkedIn does not put any restrictions on the number of invitations you receive. In other words, you can send out 100 invitations in a week but can receive an unlimited number of invitations from other users in just one day.

Well, that is how we can ensure a high number of connections in just one day. You will not have to do any work other than just accept all of the invites that our real users will send.

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