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What Are Pinterest Board Followers

What Are Pinterest Board Followers?

If you are new to Pinterest, you need a proper introduction regarding the platform and board followers. First of all, Pinterest is a social platform mainly based on pictures. However, it is not like any other social platform. It has an intelligent algorithm that learns what the users like and what they do not like.

In fact, Pinterest users do not even have to like or pin posts to get interesting posts on their feed. The algorithm will learn the user’s taste and modify the feed accordingly. Now, regular and board followers are not the same, though the purchase process is pretty much the same.

That said, Pinterest allows users to create boards for their content. Think of it as a way of addressing your audience and creating specialized content for them. Also, unlike regular followers, Pinterest board followers need to follow more than one of your boards to be counted as followers.

Why Should You Purchase Pinterest Board Followers?

Like some of the other social platforms, Pinterest allows your business to grow. These days, many startups will solely rely on Pinterest to make their numbers grow. There is even a term for this type of marketing, which goes by Pinterest Marketing.

Now, you will need to start from scratch at the very beginning. In other words, with zero followers. Yes, it is possible to increase the engagement rate and make your boards and profile grow naturally. But things are not as easy as it looks. You will need to implement different strategies to increase the follow count.

In fact, it can take months or years to get a respectable position on the search feed. And that period is applicable even if your posts and contents are high in quality and seem worthy of following.

That is precisely why you should purchase Pinterest board followers. It is a boost that will get your quality works noticed by the right audience.

Purchase Pinterest Board Followers
High Board Followers

What Does It Mean to Have High Board Followers?

Followers are not the only thing that makes a business grow. However, a high follower count can surely make your business boom paired with quality content. This high follower count will be a reference for you.

When your targeted audiences find your boards, they will see the high follower count and consider your group board worthy of giving a follow. That means you will be gaining organic growth after the paid one.

Furthermore, you will attract more targeted audiences with that high follower count when posting quality stuff. Eventually, your business will see massive growth, and you will see an enormous improvement in terms of sales.

What Makes Buying Board Followers Different Than Buying Pins?

If you are new to Pinterest, you might not know how pins actually work. Well, in a nutshell, pins are like bookmarks. No one on the internet will be capable of seeing the bookmarks that you have in your browser unless you share them. And pins work in the exact mechanism. It is totally private.

On the other hand, the board is totally public. Everyone on Pinterest will see the content on the board unless it is not private. Private boards are only accessible to the members you share the board with.

Nonetheless, buying board followers will open the door to get a massive amount of reach in a small amount of time.

Talking of which, when your targeted audience finds your board attractive, there is a high chance that they will share it with other suitable audiences as well. This sharing will further enhance your reach and allow your business to boom quickly.

However, that does not mean that buying pins will not make your business grow. With the correct technique, that can also enhance the growth of the business. We even offer Pin packages that actually work.

Board Followers Different Than Buying Pins
High Board Followers Help You Grow

How Can High Board Followers Help You Grow?

You will find the natural determination to work better when you have high board followers. Once you get several board followers, your content will see a higher reach. The actual engagement rate will increase as well. That will enhance your profile’s traffic and allow you to promote your products correctly.

However, if the board followers are all bots, the real engagement rate will not increase. That will lower the chances of an actual audience finding your content on the board. For that reason, we are strictly against using bots for our services.

Instead, we will send in real people and make them follow your board. So, instead of just making the follower count rise, we will make your engagement rate climb up.

When Users Follow My Board, Does It Mean That They Are Following My Profile As Well?

Not at all! Pinterest followers and Pinterest board followers are not the same things. When people follow your profile, it is counted as Pinterest followers. Now, these followers might or not might not follow your public boards.

And them following your profile will not make them automatically follow your boards. Instead, they would need to follow your board manually.

Likewise, users can follow your board, but these board followers will not be counted as your actual followers. If your board is public, random people can start following it. And for following your public board, users do not need to follow your actual profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

#1. Is it possible to see who looks at the Pinterest boards?

Answer: No, it is not possible to see who looks at your boards. But it is surely possible to see the followers who have saved your pins and repined them. Through that, you can view the profiles of the followers and see the other boards that they might be following.

#2. Can I monitor who unfollowed my Pinterest?

Answer: You cannot view who unfollowed your Pinterest from the app or the website. However, third-party sites are available to monitor the people who follow and unfollow your Pinterest. But do note that not all of these third-party apps or sites are reliable. Some will use your profile to sell followers, pins, and likes.

#3. What will make Pinterest ban me?

Answer: Violating community guidelines is one of the ways of getting banned. Pinterest does put a good amount of emphasis on that. Other than that, if you put links on your content that mislead the users or lead to fishy websites, you can get banned. Nonetheless, when Pinterest bans users, there is usually a solid reason for doing so.

#4. What is the difference between Pinterest board followers and Pinterest followers?

Answer: Pinterest followers and Pinterest board followers are not at all the same thing. In a nutshell, Pinterest followers will follow your actual profile. On the other hand, board followers will follow a specific board you own. Your Pinterest followers might or might not follow your board. And the same thing applies to board followers.

# 5. What other Pinterest services do you offer?

Answer: We offer the following Pinterest services. If you have any custom service requirement, you can feel free to contact us.

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Jacquelyn J. Madrigal

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Pinterest seemed way lot confusing when I first hopped on board. Maintaining a high follower count on my profile and board at the same time did not seem that easy for me. Thankfully, I found out about UpTopSocial at the right time. After that, half of my worries were totally out of the equation.

David D. Jorgenson

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I did not believe that services like UpTopSocial existed before I tried one of their Pinterest board followers packages. They pretty much treat their customers like kings. The team met each of my requirements and offered me a package that helped me gain a high level of growth.

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