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Why Do Comments Matter on SoundCloud

Why Do Comments Matter on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a platform where loads of the music artists that you know now started their music careers. It is now a go-to platform for new artists. For that reason, its user count is growing every day.

In 2021, it had 76 million registered users. Remember, you do not have to register to listen to the available songs on SoundCloud.

So, if you take the total number of users that are currently available on SoundCloud, it will certainly be more than 76 million. All of these users are always in search of new music.

However, they are very picky. They will not just listen to any song. Instead, they will try to scour out the high-quality tracks that offer proper value.

But what will these users consider when they are searching for high-quality songs. Well, they will keep a couple of things in mind. Among them, the number of comments plays a crucial role. It shows that the track has a high engagement rate, which will draw in more plays and attention.

What Does It Mean to Have a High Number of Comments on Your Track?

Comments are a way of getting feedback on your track. It is how you get to know how your track is really doing on SoundCloud. That is why many artists monitor the number of comments when they are judging how successful their track is on SoundCloud.

A high number of comments mean that the users who listened to the track really enjoyed what the songs had to offer. And that will make the users who stumble upon the track value it more. These users will think that as your track already has so many comments, it means that the song is indeed high in quality.

Likewise, for artists, a high number of comments mean that the track was capable of capturing the attention of the targeted audience. It also means that the track was successful at offering value to the users.

What Does It Mean to Have a High Number of Comments on Your Track
Why Should You Buy SoundCloud Comments

Why Should You Buy SoundCloud Comments?

SoundCloud’s 76 million registered users in 2021 can give you the idea that it will be pretty easy for an artist to make their song get a high level of attention. But the case is really not that simple. Yes, SoundCloud does have a lot of users, and it is continuously growing, but there are loads of active artists on the platform as well.

In 2020, SoundCloud had 25 million artists. Now, it has more than 25 million as music streaming services have ramped up in terms of popularity. All of these artists are always trying to push out tracks that are better than others.

They will do that by putting loads of hours and effort into the songs they produce. Also, let us not forget how much of an impact the well-off artists have on their fans on SoundCloud.

Another thing that you need to understand is that in 2020, SoundCloud had 200 million tracks. Again, the total number of songs is much higher than 200 million as SoundCloud is getting new artists pretty much every day. And your newly released song can easily get lost among all of these available tracks.

Furthermore, you will struggle a lot if you are new to SoundCloud. The relatively new accounts seem not to get any attention at all. According to the users, new artists are not worth the time.

For that reason, everyone agrees that SoundCloud is the place where a lot of artists are underrated.

But when you purchase comments, you give your track a proper boost. It will allow your song to get back on track and allow your track to get an appropriate amount of attention.

What Benefits Will You Gain After You Purchase SoundCloud Comments?

Our service can bring a lot to the table. First of all, you will ensure your track gets a proper amount of boost after the purchase. You will do that by making the engagement level climb up. Now, when the engagement level goes up, your track gains more value. It will attract users and make social proof play its role. How?

Well, when a user stumbles upon your track and sees how many comments it already has, they will think that your song is really valuable. And with this thinking, they will not hesitate one bit to give your track a play.

That will let your music get organic growth. If these users find out that your song was really worth listening to, they will also comment on the track.

With paid engagement and organic engagement, your song will be on the radar of the SoundCloud algorithm. It will pick your track up and start recommending it to the platform’s users. That will make your song gain a ton of reach and gain a higher level of visibility.

What Benefits Will You Gain After You Purchase SoundCloud Comments
Can I Make My SoundCloud Profile Grow After I Get SoundCloud Comments

Can I Make My SoundCloud Profile Grow After I Get SoundCloud Comments?

You will certainly enhance the chances of seeing massive growth on your profile after you purchase SoundCloud comments. Wondering how? Well, with the paid comments, you enrich the value of your song. You make the track seem highly valuable and make the users think it has to offer value.

Seeing that, when users play your song and see that it was actually worth the listen, they will interact with the track as well. That will make your song get picked up by the algorithm, which will enhance the visibility and reach of the music. It will be on the feed of millions and millions of users on SoundCloud.

If your track is really high in quality and unique, it will draw attention to your SoundCloud profile. The users will get into your account to see what other songs you have to offer.

If they find out that you are consistent with the overall quality of the songs, they will start to follow you. And that is how you can make your profile grow after purchasing SoundCloud comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many comments should I purchase?

Answer: Consider yourself a regular user searching for new songs to listen to. You stumble upon a lot of tracks, but some of them have 5 to 10 comments, while the other has more than 200 comments.

Which one will you be more attracted to? The one with more than 200 comments, right? For that reason, we would recommend getting as many comments as you can.

# 2. Should I purchase comments for all of my SoundCloud tracks?

Answer: If you want to make every one of your SoundCloud tracks get a proper boost, you can purchase comments for all of them. However, you should remember that SoundCloud users will value high-quality tracks more than others.

So, if you target an average song with our packages, you might not get the expected results.

# 3. Will the comments I purchased stay there forever?

Answer: We will send in real SoundCloud users to comment on your track. As opposed to bots, these profiles will not get banned by SoundCloud that easily as they are real people.

Considering that, you can expect the comments to stay there until you delete the track or SoundCloud deletes your song.

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My SoundCloud journey started off pretty rough. I have done pretty much everything to get my tracks noticed. But nothing seemed to work that well. Well, the case was totally different for this service. Right after the purchase, my song got tons of engagement.

It made me gain a lot of growth and allowed my songs to get proper attention. Thanks a lot, UpTopSocial!

Richard K. Larson

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The service managed to exceed my expectations. Starting from the purchase to delivery, the team managed to impress me with everything. And yes, UpTopSocial is not using bots!

I have gone through each of the comments and found no repetition. Also, I checked out the profiles, and all of them had proper history on SoundCloud. So, I would 100 percent recommend the packages to anyone looking to get a boost.

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