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Downloads on Your Song

What Does It Mean to Have a High Number of Downloads on Your Song?

SoundCloud came out to the world in 2008. Yes, before Spotify! And ever since it has been out, it has attracted artists, music creators, and even record labels to the service. There were a total of 25 million music creators on the platform in 2020.

However, SoundCloud did not update the number since then. But there is more than that now.

All of these music creators offered more than 250 million tracks in 2020. Again, the stats are not updated at the moment. So, there are more songs on SoundCloud at the moment. But the thing is, users will not just listen to every track they come across.

Instead, they will keep a couple of things in mind. The users will evaluate the song’s quality and worth by considering likes, plays, and, most importantly, downloads. However, the download plays a significant role among all of these. Ask yourself when would you download a song? If the song is too good, right?

Now, what would you think when you come across a song with tons of downloads? It means that the track is high in quality and it has won a place in many people’s hearts. For that reason, people evaluate the quality and worth of a song by considering the download count.

Why Should You Buy SoundCloud Downloads?

In 2019, there was 76 million registered account. You should note that users do not need to create an account to stream music on the platform. However, if you want to look at the monthly listener count, SoundCloud had 175 million monthly listeners in 2017. These include both registered and unregistered users.

Again, that stat is pretty old. And we do not really have access to something recent as SoundCloud did not update this number since 2017. But considering how popular music streaming service has become, you can certainly think that the number is more than 200 million.

All of these active users are constantly in search of new and high-quality music. And what will they consider when determining whether a track is worth listening to or not? As mentioned, download count will undoubtedly play a more significant role.

Now, the vast number of active listeners might give you the idea that it will be pretty easy to get loads of downloads on your song automatically. But you should not forget that there were 25 million music creators in 2020. Now, that number also saw a considerable increase.

These music creators are always trying to put out better music. Even if you think that you are making a track with a unique sound stage and better flowing lyrics, other creators are doing the same thing. So, the competition is pretty intense.

For that reason, making your music gain the expected value is not easy on SoundCloud. But things can get easier if you opt for our service. Your song will get the level of attention it deserves and will stand out from the competition.

Buy SoundCloud Downloads
Purchasing SoundCloud Downloads

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After Purchasing SoundCloud Downloads?

Our paid SoundCloud download service can bring a lot to the table. Firstly, as we mentioned, it will make your song get the boost it requires to get noticed. When the users stumble upon your song, they will be more inclined to play it after seeing that it has tons of downloads already.

After they play your song and find that it is totally worth listening to, they will download it for themselves. That means you will be gaining organic downloads after the paid boost. But it does not stop there. If they enjoy your track, they will like, comment, and share it. This will amp up the engagement rate.

Once the engagement rate gets high, it will start to be on everyone’s feed. SoundCloud users will know what you are capable of offering, and your songs will get the right amount of attention. Also, when one of your tracks starts to get a high amount of attention, your profile will see an increased amount of traffic.

Users will get into your profile in search of good tracks. And if they find out that you are capable of providing high-quality songs, they will give you a follow. This also means that your other songs will start to get excellent overall attention.

Now, when the follow count starts up to ramp up, you will not struggle one bit to make your future releases see a high interaction rate. Your followers will naturally play, like, comment, and download your song. In a nutshell, you will not only be boosting one track with our package; instead, you will boost your whole profile.

Will Social Proof Play Its Role After I Purchase SoundCloud Downloads?

Social proof is a social and psychological phenomenon. It refers to the idea or thinking where you will be more likely to copy the actions of other individuals by seeing that a lot of the others are doing the same thing. And yes, social proof will play a significant role in boosting your profile and enhancing growth. How?

When you purchase SoundCloud downloads, you are basically adding numbers to your download count. And when a user comes across your track and sees that it has tons of downloads, they will think that as the song already has so many downloads, it should be worth listening to.

Remember, SoundCloud users will only download a song when it is good. And that thinking will make the user listen to your music. Eventually, when they like the song, they will download it for themselves as well

On the other hand, when the users come across a track with little to no download count, the same thinking will go on in the back of their heads. And this is how social proof will play its role after you purchase SoundCloud downloads.

Purchase SoundCloud Downloads

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many downloads should I purchase?

Answer: There is no certain number. You should consider purchasing as many downloads as you can. Why? Well, the more the downloads, the more users will get attracted to the song. Users will value your track more than the others. And when you buy more downloads, you enhance the chances of enjoying all of the benefits we mentioned.

# 2. Should I buy downloads for all of my SoundCloud tracks?

Answer: You can undoubtedly purchase downloads for all of your SoundCloud tracks. There will be no one stopping you from doing so.

However, we recommend buying downloads only for the songs with high potential, as the paid downloads will enhance the track’s reach. And if users do not find value in your song, you will not gain the benefits we talked about.

# 3. Can I go viral after buying SoundCloud downloads?

Answer: Your chances of going viral will skyrocket after you purchase SoundCloud downloads. You will boost the reach of your song and make it reach millions of SoundCloud users. And the users who will like your track will even share it. That means you will get traffic from outside SoundCloud as well.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

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Mark D. Taylor

@ Customer

I did not know that it would be so hard to start my career on SoundCloud. Considering how many monthly active listeners the music streaming service has, I thought it would be pretty easy to make my tracks get the right amount of attention. But I was very wrong. SoundCloud is very competitive.

So, I am glad that I found out about this service at the right time. It helped to ramp up the traffic on my profile. Also, the song that I targeted got more than 2000 plays after the purchase. Money well spent!

Leroy J. O’Neill

@ Customer

The simplicity of the service amazed me! I faced no issues, starting from the purchase process to the delivery.

And let me not forget to add that the team delivered all of the promises they are making. All that was needed was a couple of clicks and targeting the right song. And boom! My track is now getting a ton of organic downloads.

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