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How To Buy YouTube Comment Likes?

Making your comments talk of the town isn’t that hard! We keep it simple so that you can stay relaxed.

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Buy YouTube Comment Likes

Just the number of likes on one single comment can elevate your ranking!

Like! Subscribe! Comment! Hit the bell icon!

Sounds familiar?

You Tuber never forget to use this tagline in every video even at least once. It all boils down to one thing, honey.

User engagementtttttt!

Comment likes are quite important. They add to the bigger picture of user engagement. Paying close attention to this small factor might just pay you off better!

Why do youtube comment likes matter?

YouTube Algorithm recognizes how many “reactions” there are on the content. It doesn’t differentiate between likes or dislikes; rather, it registers these as reactions from users. A comment with many likes will get that particular comment to the top of the section.

And that’s not just the machine…….. More users will see that comment first and interact with it. And this is why content creators pin the most liked comment.

This gives more visibility to the audience and a chance to join that conversation thread. Many channels will even invest in buying likes for their comments section! Also, if you want your comment to be on the top of a popular video, you can utilize this YouTube comment like service too!

How do I get more likes on my YouTube comments?

It’s the question you secretly dread to ask, right?

Yeah, we get it. Audience engagement is the most crucial factor (so far!) to getting your content to the top! The best way is to use the comments section wisely.

Top-rated comments will bring more likes and get your content ranked higher. But how the heck to get more likes on my comments? Considering, there are 1 comment for 2000 video views on YouTube on average, which means, a video with a million view will have on average 500 comments! Getting your comment on top among them all isn’t an easy task!

But, here are a few tricks to get more likes on your comments:

1. Be relatable. Stay relevant to the video’s topic and make sure the audience understands it.

2. Be original. Don’t go commenting “I’m the bald guy” on Billie Eilish’s cover songs!

3. Choose what type of comment is most suitable for the video’s content:

  • Informative
  • Sarcastic/ Jokes
  • Opinions
  • Instructions
  • Questions or polling

4. Be mindful of who the audience is. Recipe video viewers will respond better to an ingredient substitutes list than they would to sarcasm.

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Make your comment attractive!

Change the font style, make it bold, italic, strikethrough, and decorate it with symbols and emojis.

Remember, Uniqueness draws attention and curiosity.

Also, it’s time to think out of the box. Buy Youtube Comment likes & outsmart the algorithm Youtube algorithm is a thing- No one can deny that!

But what’s really interesting is The algorithm appears to be randomizing the order of comments more and more, so if you’re looking for a guaranteed number of likes from your comments, it’s not going to happen.

Buying likes may not be going to make your video go viral magically – it does help boost your popularity. Additionally, this also helps to legitimize the video content as it appears as if people are enjoying and engaging with the content.

Be careful who you buy from – some providers are clearly fraudulent and will use your money for other purposes instead of providing the likes you paid for. Do your research before making any purchases, and be sure that the company you’re working with is trustworthy.

Does YouTube pay for comments likes?

We will be very direct here; YouTube does not pay for comment likes!

However, what you do need to understand is how YouTube monetizes content. YouTube’s main goal is simply user engagement. The higher the user interaction, the higher chance that the algorithm loves it & shows it on feed more frequently.

The highest-ranked videos will show up on the first results page, so more viewers will open that video. This means more possibilities for liking, commenting and sharing, so user engagement rises.

You are actually making a loop!

The money that is paid to content creators comes from the ads that are shown on the videos. So the more people viewing the ads, the more money a video will make. YouTube will take a certain percentage, around 45%, and the rest will be for the user.

Longer videos can generate more ad revenue as there is room for embedding multiple ads. Also, non-skippable ads generate more revenue than those that are skippable.

In a nutshell……. There is a cycle of interlinked factors that get YouTube to pay for your content’s likes & comments.

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So…… How does UpTopSocial work for this?

People tend to appreciate things that they agree with the most. This is called the “Groupthink Effect.” UpTopSocial just takes advantage of it.

Not just for numbers, we actually care for engagement. That only happens when you can connect the right people with the comment. It’s human nature to appreciate what we agree on most, right?

Buy YouTube comment likes from us. We’re experts in the field and will make sure your video gets the attention it deserves. And how much does it cost to buy likes on YouTube? Just a few dollars.

But a disclaimer……

Buying likes won’t automatically improve your ranking on the platform-it surely do help, but we won’t give any fake promises. Additionally, it’s essential to understand how the algorithm works to get the best possible results.

But keep in mind, The right kind of comments will naturally raise engagement. High engagement can organically raise the ranking.

So think about why you would press thumbs up on someone else’s comment. It happens when you agree with their statement. Keep this in mind & act accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Why did my YouTube comment disappear?

Answer: This could happen for a few different reasons. 

  • First, do a double check on channel settings and make sure that it’s set to the “Not made for kids” option. YouTube has censors for kids’ content which might detect some language as inappropriate.
  • Spam comments, i.e. “subscribe to my channel” or “follow me on my youtube channel”. This spammed comment will automatically be filtered to a folder that is only visible to the channel’s owner. 
  • Browser caches or platform updates can also be why comments should not appear. Clear cache often and keep an eye for updates on YouTube.
# 2. What happens when you get likes on YouTube comments?

Answer: The more likes that fall on a comment, the YouTube algorithm will push it automatically to the top of the section. 

Interesting and top comments are more likely to engage the audience and keep the interaction moving. 

It’s also a motivating factor for the person, giving them a sense of “coolness”. The next Seth Everman!

# 3. Why do people ask for likes on comments?

Answer: Earlier, we’ve stressed quite heavily how many comment likes are essential. It’s still worth it to mention it again. 

Simply asking for likes is an organic and free method for promoting your channel. 

Each interactive click alerts the algorithm to look in the content’s direction and lift it up on the rankings for search results.

# 4. Do YouTubers get paid for comments?

Answer: Well, yes if Super Chats. We mean if they comment during the broadcast. Super Chat is a feature on YouTube that allows users to engage with their viewers more personally.

# 5. What is the most liked comment on youtube?

Answer: Seth Everman’s, a 20-year-old’s comment, which reads “I’m the bald guy,” has struck a chord with many who have seen it. Seth commented on the video of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” song to show his support for his friend who is gay. And till now, with 3.3 million likes, It’s the most liked comment in youtube.

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