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How To Buy YouTube Comments?

Wondering what the process looks like? We keep it simple so that you can stay relaxed.

Choose A Package

Start with choosing the right YouTube Comments package. Our packages are ridiculously low priced.

Give Us Your Video URL

Fill up your YouTube video URL asked in the next screen. (No worry, it will hardly take 30 secs).

Pay for the Service

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Comments on Your Videos

What Does It Mean to Have a High Number of Comments on Your Videos?

The heart of YouTube is videos. It is a place where users get entertained, educated, and stay updated with stuff happening around. However, YouTube users are very selective about what they watch. They will not start watching a video if it makes them feel they will not get enough value.

That said, when it comes to scrutinizing a video, YouTube users keep a couple of things in mind. First of all, they will check out the video’s view count. If it is within a good range, they will click the video. Then, they will check the channel subscriber count and the comment section.

Now, even though a channel might not have a high subscriber count, it could keep that specific user from not going out of the video if the comment section is full of comments. They will basically think that as the video has so many comments, it must be of value. Considering that, they will keep on watching the video.

In fact, many of the content creators will keep the comment section in mind to determine how well their content is doing. A higher number of comments would mean that the content successfully captured the right audience and started up proper conversations.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Comments?

Yes, YouTube has more than 2 billion active users. This vast user-base can make anyone believe that it will be pretty easy to capture the right audience and get immense growth on YouTube without struggle. However, among these 2 billion active users, there are more than 50 million active content creators.

These content creators are always trying to stay ahead of their competitors by offering better content than others.

In fact, even if you think that your channel is pretty unique and is capable of providing unique content to the viewers, there is a high chance that someone else is already implementing the same content idea and excelling.

So, you can understand how competitive YouTube is. But that is not the only issue. YouTube users are very selective regarding the content they view. Most will simply not waste their precious time by watching low-quality content or content that has not picked up a reasonable engagement rate.

Now, what is the best way to get an engagement rate? Get a high number of comments! But as most users do not even watch the video before it picks up the engagement rate, getting comments organically at the initial stage will be pretty challenging if your channel does not have millions of subscribers already.

Well, all of these challenges and limitations will be out of the equation if you purchase YouTube comments. It will give your video the initial boost that it requires and allow it to grow organically in a pretty short amount of time.

Buy YouTube Comments
Purchase Comments for YouTube Videos

What Will You Gain After You Purchase Comments for YouTube Videos?

So, the initial boost is not the only thing you will gain after purchasing comments for your YouTube videos. Our service will open the doors for immense overall growth. Want to know what we are talking about? Well, after you purchase the comments, your video will pick up an initial engagement rate.

This engagement rate will make the users who stumble upon your video watch it, considering that they will notice the engagement rate and think that your video really has to offer value. After they find out what your video is all about and the value that it can actually offer, they will engage with the video naturally as well.

That will enable your video to attract more viewers and get more organic comments. It will be more visible to the other YouTube users, and your video will start to get tons of views, likes, and comments.

Eventually, users will start to get into your channel to check out what other videos you have to offer. That will make your previous videos get a good amount of attention.

If they find that you are consistent with the quality of the videos, they will press subscribe. So, you will start to gain more subscribers as well. Over time, your channel will see overall growth and stand out a lot from the competitors.

Also, your future videos will not struggle to pick up attention as you have already built a proper audience after making the purchase.

Can I Go Viral after Purchasing YouTube Comments?

The thing about YouTube is that it does not have a worldwide viral section. So, for most, going viral means having tons of views while having not that many subscribers. In other words, if you have around 2000 subscribers and get more than 10000 views in your video, you have gone viral.

On the other hand, there is a trending tab on the discover feed. You can also consider yourself going viral if you can make your video end up there.

Well, no matter what you consider as viral in your books, you can undoubtedly end up achieving it after purchasing YouTube comments. The comments will amp up the engagement rate, which will make the algorithm pick your video up.

After the algorithm picks your video, it will start showing it on trending or other users’ feeds. That will allow you to get tons of views and eventually loads of subscribers.

Purchasing YouTube Comments

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many comments should I buy?

Answer: That will depend on how much boost you want and how far ahead you want your video to be from the competition. The more comments you buy, the more the initial engagement.

And the more the initial engagement, the more attractive your video will be to the YouTube users. So, we would recommend purchasing as many comments as you can.

# 2. Would I benefit from purchasing bot comments for my YouTube videos?

Answer: The thing about bots is that they will not have any site history. And they will either have a sketchy profile name or pic, which will make it evident that you have got your video boosted by bots. Also, YouTube usually bans bots pretty quickly. So, the comments you have purchased might disappear in a short time if they are from bots.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

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Willie H. Vaccaro

@ Customer

Regardless of what many believe, it is not that easy to get proper attention on YouTube, especially if your account is relatively new. But I am glad that I found out about this service pretty early on in my YouTube career.

I did not have to struggle that much to make my channel see growth. And yes, the service does what it is supposed to do. So, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

John A. Reichenbach

@ Customer

I could not believe my eyes when I saw my subscriber and video-like count going up after I purchased the service. The team really delivered all of their promises.

And I was quite amazed by the entire process. It went smoothly, and the delivery met my expectations.

I would recommend them 100 percent!

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