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Why Would You Want to Buy YouTube Dislikes?

The thing about YouTube is that it has both the like and dislike mechanism. And the main idea regarding these two is when a user likes what the video has to offer, they will press like. On the other hand, when the users don’t find any value or find the video is misleading, they will press dislike.

In a nutshell, a high number of dislikes would mean that the video is not high in quality and is not better than what the competitor has to offer. But the case is really not that simple. Many YouTube users buy likes. And after doing so, the video gets an unnatural like to dislike ratio.

You need to understand that no matter how good a video is, it will surely get some dislikes. It is a natural thing to happen on YouTube. And a proper like to dislike count can make a boosted video seem like it has gained all of the growth organically.

Another scenario where a service like this can come into play is when making your competitor’s videos gain a negative metric. Yes, you can put on your devil’s thorns and purchase dislikes for your competitors.

YouTube Disabled the Ability to See Dislike Count, So Does Buying Dislikes Still Make Sense?

Recently, YouTube has restricted the users from seeing the dislike count on YouTube. It will only be visible to the content creator. However, that does mean that services such as this are not usable. It still makes sense! How? Well, let us get back into the example that we have used earlier.

After you boost your YouTube video with paid likes, you would want to make the like and dislike ratio seem natural. Otherwise, you will blow your cover. Yes, the users will not be capable of seeing the dislike count, but if you want to partner up with brands, they would want to see your metrics.

When they see the metrics and find out that your video has an unnatural amount of like and dislike ratio, they will understand that your videos are boosted. That might make the deal blow.

Likewise, you can make your competitors see slower overall growth by purchasing dislikes for them. They will not get a better deal if the dislike count is higher than the like count. Eventually, you will push your account forward and stay well ahead of your competitors.

Buying Dislikes Still Make Sense
Dislikes Affect the Channel Or Video

Do Dislikes Affect the Channel Or Video?

The theory of the dislike mechanism might make it sound like it will harm your channel or video. But in reality, it is nothing but a number. It will not have a negative effect on your views or ranking. Instead, you could use this service to boost your video and channel. Wondering how?

YouTube’s algorithm is pretty complex. But at its core, it is always on the hunt for high-quality and highly engaging videos. So, what are the engagement indicators? Likes, comments, shares, and most importantly, dislikes. Yes, dislikes also enhance the engagement rate of the videos.

That means if buying likes seems unethical to you and you do not want to boost a video by buying them, you could just purchase dislikes for your videos. It will make the algorithm pick your video up and make it visible to millions and millions of users.

Talking of which, YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users. Even though that number might give you the feeling that it will be easy to make your videos get the right attention, the reality is very different. Without a proper boost, it can become impossible to make your account grow.

Now, as our service here will amp up the engagement rate of your video, it will get the boost it needs. You will start to see your video getting a high number of organic likes, comments, and shares. Eventually, you will even see your subscriber count going crazy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How many dislikes should I purchase?

Answer: When it comes to dislikes, there is really no current amount. You need to consider that users will not be capable of seeing the dislike count. Instead, the count will only be visible to you. However, if you want to make your like to dislike ratio right and boost the engagement level of your video, you should purchase as many as you can.

# 2. Will the dislikes make my video get a lower ranking?

Answer: As we have mentioned, the dislikes will not translate into your video getting a low ranking. Instead, it will just boost your videos engagement rate. How? Any activity from the user with a channel or a video is considered engagement. And dislikes fall under that criteria.

# 3. Can I target my competitor’s video with your service?

Answer: Yes, you can target any video available on YouTube with our package. We will not ask why you are purchasing the dislikes. Instead, we will mind our business and deliver your order in time.

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Wallace D. Olea

@ Customer

I was wondering if anyone ever buys dislikes to boost their videos. Well, I found out that one of my friends utilizes this strategy to make their boosted video seem like it has grown naturally.

Even though it sounded crazy, it actually makes sense. Ever since then, I have relied on this service. And I can say that they are the best in class!

Todd A. Long

@ Customer

The fact that they are offering such an uncommon service at reasonable pricing amazed me. Also, the team works their level best to make the whole purchase process feel smooth. I faced no issues while trying to get my desired amount of dislikes. Keep up the good work!

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