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 YouTube Shares So Important

What Makes YouTube Shares So Important?

YouTube has many interactive mechanisms that enable users to interact and engage with the creators. In addition, there are likes, comments, subscribers, and most importantly, sharing system present on the platform.

Sometimes, an adequate number of likes, subscribers, and comments is not enough to build the audience you want to. The pesky YouTube algorithm will simply not let you excel that quickly. You would also need to get your videos highly visible on other sites.

That said, YouTube is not a social media. It does not have a sharing mechanism like Facebook or Instagram (story).

Instead, the sharing mechanism will allow users to get links to a specific video, making sharing the content on other social platforms easier. Users can also directly share to other social media through the share button.

Once a video gets shared on another platform, it will get more visibility. So even if the YouTube algorithm does not recommend your videos to a high number of YouTube viewers, users from other social media will be capable of quickly accessing your video.

It allows a video to get a massive reach and ensures you capture a broad audience.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Shares?

You would not be wrong to think that YouTube has a massive user base. It certainly does have a vast number of active users. There are more than 2 billion active users on the platform.

And it will indeed cross 3 billion pretty soon. This massive user base can give anyone the idea that it will be pretty easy to grasp the targeted audience. However, things are not that simple.

First of all, you need to understand that among these 2 billion active users, there are more than 50 million content creators.

Many of these content creators have been on YouTube for so long that they have a firm grasp of their targeted audience. And these content creators will always try to upload better content than their competitors, which makes the competition exceptionally stiff.

Another thing is that the YouTube algorithm is quite well-known for shadowing underrated content. If content does not get a high level of engagement, views, likes, and comments, it will usually not recommend those videos to other users.

For that reason, you might come out with top-notch content and still not see it getting a good amount of engagement or views.

Well, it is a well-known fact that shares can enhance the reach of videos. It will make your content get higher visibility, which will draw in organic views and ramp up the engagement.

However, YouTube users will not generally engage with content that does not have high engagement in the first place. So, buying YouTube shares makes the most sense.

Buy YouTube Shares
Purchase YouTube Shares

What Will You Gain After You Purchase YouTube Shares?

When you purchase shares for your YouTube videos, it will gain an initial boost. The paid shares will make your content visible on other social media, which will make your video reel in organic growth.

More and more people will be aware of the content, and they will indeed engage with it if they find that your content is offering value.

Once the organic views and engagement rate climbs up, you will see your video getting a high view count. Users who find your video interesting will even comment, like, and share the video naturally. So, you will be getting organic exposure, and a high overall engagement rate after you purchase YouTube Shares.

But the benefits do not stop there. Once the engagement rate climbs up, the YouTube algorithm will finally pick your content and start recommending it to users interested in the topic of your video. When that happens, your video will get an intense level of visibility on YouTube and gain high overall traffic.

However, the traffic will not be limited to your video only. Users who will stumble upon your video and find it offering good value will check your channel in search of similar content. That will make your channel gain high traffic as well. Your previous videos will get the right level of attention as well.

Will My Channel See a Growth after I Purchase YouTube Video Shares?

Once you purchase YouTube video shares, it will ensure that your video spreads on other platforms. The paid shares will be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Users of that platform will come across these shares and click on them to see what the video is actually about. This will make your video gain organic engagement.

After the organic engagement ramps up, the YouTube algorithm will start recommending your video to the users who might be interested in your content. These users will be outside of your subscriber list.

And when these users will get into your video and find value in it, they will surely check out your channel. That will make your previous videos get the proper attention.

When these users find that you are consistent with your videos’ quality and stick with offering the proper amount of value with the videos you upload, they will press the subscribe button.

In fact, if the users find your content highly interesting, they will not hesitate to use the bell icon, allowing them to receive a notification every time you upload something.

These new subscribers will add value to your profile. And once you get more subscribers in this process, your new uploads are pretty much sure to get at least 1000 views in the first few hours.

So, you will not only be getting growth on the targeted videos with our service; you will also see overall growth in your channel.

Growth after I Purchase YouTube Video Shares
Purchase Video Shares from Services That Utilizes Bots

Will I Get the Same Benefits If I Purchase Video Shares from Services That Utilizes Bots?

Bots are nothing but computer-generated profiles. These profiles do not interact independently, nor will these accounts have a profile on other social media. Even if they have an account on other social media, they will not have the proper number of followers or friends because who would want to connect with a bot anyway?

So, when you are purchasing shares from a service from a bot account, your videos will be shared somewhere deserted. For that reason, the services that utilize bots will offer YouTube shares at a much lower price.

Yes, you will surely make your video’s share count rise by opting for these accounts, but you need to understand the sharing mechanism of the platform.

The thing about YouTube shares is that people will not see how many shares a video has. In fact, you cannot see the share count directly. You need to go through the analytics to figure out the share count.

In other words, if you plan to make your video’s share count rise, it will not bring any growth to your video, nor will you see any development on your profile. You will be just wasting your money.

Considering that, we use nothing but real profiles to offer our service. These profiles have real users behind them who have individual profiles on other social media. We will send these real users to share your video, which will let you enjoy all of the benefits that we talked about earlier.

How Does YouTube Algorithm Work?

So, we have mentioned the YouTube algorithm multiple times in our previous discussions. Now, you might be wondering how it actually works. Well, the algorithm has been around since 2008.

The first iteration could only rank the videos based on their popularity. But over time, the algorithm saw multiple upgrades, and it does more than just rank the videos.

Basically, the YouTube algorithm is always on the hunt for quality videos. The videos that are getting a high number of views and engagement from the subscribers are the ones the algorithm will pick first.

Then, it will start recommending those videos to the other users who are not subscribed to the respected channels that the videos are from.

For the recommendation process, the algorithm will consider the history and interest of the user. The algorithm can ensure that users only get the videos they might be interested in by considering these two.

That said, aside from recommending users videos they might be interested in, it does a couple of more things. For example, it will monitor the quality of the videos. The videos that it categorizes as borderline will get demoted on YouTube.

Those videos will not see a high amount of reach. Also, the borderline will not get picked up by the algorithm for the recommendation process.

YouTube Algorithm Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. How can I see how many shares my video shares?

Answer: As we have mentioned, unlike Facebook posts, you cannot directly see how many shares your video has. You should head over to “Engagement reports.”

That will offer you detailed information regarding the number of views and shares your video got. The section will even offer you graphs, making it easier to analyze how well your videos and accounts are doing on YouTube.

# 2. Can I go viral on YouTube after buying YouTube shares?

Answer: Yes, you will surely enhance your chances of going viral on YouTube after getting paid shares. This is because the paid shares will give your content high exposure on different social media. And when the users of those social media come across your video and find value in it, they engage with it.

That engagement rate will make the algorithm recommend your video to the other users of YouTube. Soon enough, you will see your video getting tons of views in a short amount of time.

# 3. What does it mean to go viral on YouTube?

Answer: YouTube does not have a worldwide trending section. Instead, the trending section on the discover tab is country or region-specific. And for many content creators, getting their videos on that section is similar to going viral. However, the community did make their own definition for viral.

According to that, if you get a significant number of views compared to your subscriber count, you have gone viral. For example, if you have 1000 subscribers and your video gets at least 5000 or higher views, it has gone viral.

# 4. Can I purchase YouTube shares for all my videos?

Answer: You can surely target all of your YouTube videos with our service. There will be no one stopping you from doing that. However, we would only recommend targeting the videos with high potential.

Users on YouTube only value high-quality content. So, if you want to make your video get a high reach and enjoy all of the benefits we talked about, you should only target high-quality content.

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Georgia T. Bahena

@ Customer

I recently created my channel on YouTube. And I know what type of content people are currently interested in and tried to upload only high-quality videos. But no matter how much effort I gave in my videos, I did not see proper results.

Luckily, I found about this service that UpTop Social is offering. It made my videos get the attention they deserved.

Also, my channel got more than 15000 new subscribers after that.

Manuel A. Abe

@ Customer

Content creators on YouTube are very competitive. They will come up with unique content ideas with all of the videos. That makes them firmly grab onto their audience and new accounts to struggle. Well, I had one of those new and neglected channels. But the bright side is that I did not have to struggle that much.

I opted for this service earlier on, and it made my first few videos get more than ten thousand views and 2 thousand plus likes and comments. Since then, all my new uploads automatically get views and a high engagement rate. So, I would definitely recommend the service to anyone that wants a proper boost.

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