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What Does a High Subscriber Mean in YouTube?

Before Netflix, Facebook Videos, TikTok, and Instagram, the only place to watch videos for many was YouTube. Yes, it is that old. It first saw the light of the world in 2005.

And in this period, YouTube did not only gain tons of users, which stands at 2 billion active users, but it also gained a massive number of content creators. If you want a number in that case, it is more than 50 million!

Now, even though it is not social media, it does have some metrics. Views, subscribers, likes, comments, and sharing mechanisms are present. However, the metric that matters the most for a channel is the subscriber count.

At its core, it is a way of making your audience stay up to date with the content you post. And whenever YouTube users get value from videos from a particular creator, they would subscribe to the channel.

But many users will take it into consideration before watching the content. The basic idea, in this case, is that if a channel has a high number of subscribers, the channel offers quality content. And the contents are all reliable or entertaining. Well, getting entertained, educated, and staying up to date is what YouTube accounts are there for in the first place.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Yes, YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users. This massive user base can give anyone the idea that it will be pretty easy for anyone to create a channel, talk about a couple of things in their videos, and get a proper grasp of the targeted audience.

However, you need to understand three things. First of all, YouTube has more than 50 million content creators.

Even if you come up with a unique way of creating content, there is a chance that other creators are doing the same thing and have already gained their desired audience.

Secondly, YouTube users are very selective when it comes to content. In fact, YouTube has made it easier to get a proper idea of the video before watching it. There is hover to play mechanism, which eliminates the power of click baits.

Also, users usually will not play a video with little to no views if it is not coming from a channel they are subscribed to.

Finally, the YouTube users will not generally interact or engage with content from new channels. Instead, they will be more attracted to the videos from well-off creators.

So, you can understand that regardless of having a considerable amount of active user base, it can be pretty challenging for an account to do well on YouTube. Well, that is where our service can play its role.

Once you purchase the packages, your channel will get the proper boost. It will then attract more users, and both your videos and account will start to see steady organic growth.

Buy YouTube Subscribers
Purchase YouTube Subscribers

What Will You Gain After You Purchase YouTube Subscribers?

As you know by now, your channel will get a proper boost after you purchase YouTube subscribers. However, that is the first few parts of the entire story. There is so much to it. Let us explain.

First of all, your profile will get the boost that we have been talking about. The paid subscribers will add a good amount of value to your channel. YouTube users who will stumble upon it will think that your content must provide value since you have many subscribers.

That will make them check out your videos, which will make your videos get the proper attention.

It works the other way around as well. After your video ends up on the users’ feed and they click on it, they will see how many subscribers you have.

Regardless of other similar content being on the autoplay suggestion, they will continue to watch your video as your channel has a good amount of subscribers. After watching that specific video, they will hop into your profile and see what else you have to offer.

In both cases, after the user sees your other videos and finds value in them, they will surely subscribe to your channel. In short, you can enhance the overall growth of your channel just by opting for our service.

What Is YouTube Algorithm?

So, YouTube launched the ranking, recommendation, and popularity indexing system back in 2008. This system is basically the algorithm of YouTube. At its earlier stage, it used to rank the videos based on the engagement rate and its popularity.

Then, in 2012, the algorithm saw an upgrade. It incorporated watch time and offered more ways to get personalized videos pop on the feed.

In 2006, the system started to measure watch time. Basically, it noted down the time that the users spent watching and enjoying the videos that were on the platform. Then in 2017, the system started to raise up the authoritative content for information and news.

That upgrade was mainly for the channels that offered informative or educational content to their audience. It also began evaluating the content with the power of the machine learning mechanism.

The system saw another massive upgrade in 2019 when the algorithm started to demote the borderline contents. Those content saw a 70 percent drop in total watch time on YouTube.

Finally, the algorithm is currently working to reduce borderline recommendations to below 1 percent and amp up the watch time of authoritative news and informative content.

YouTube Algorithm
YouTube Algorithm Work When It Comes to Recommending Videos

How Does YouTube Algorithm Work When It Comes to Recommending Videos?

The YouTube algorithm has seen massive upgrades ever since it was introduced. Now, when it comes to recommending videos, it considers a couple of things. First of all, it will evaluate the video’s total watch time.

When a video gets a high watch time from the subscribers, it means that the video has to offer value. So, the algorithm will start to recommend that specific video to the non-subscribers.

Secondly, it will try to predict what a user would like to watch next after watching a particular video. Something a follow-up of the previous video will usually be on the first column of the autoplay.

Finally, it will take the user’s interest and watch history to recommend videos. Considering those two factors, it will suggest that the user watch videos from both the channels they are subscribed to and are not subscribed to.

The algorithm will prioritize the watch history the most when it comes to personalized recommendations. It is pretty natural for someone to be interested in one thing and then be interested in a new thing.

And if the interest diverts to another thing or topic, the user would want to get more videos related to it. That is where the algorithm will do its work.

Can I Go Viral on YouTube after Purchasing YouTube Subscribers?

Viral has a different definition on YouTube. Want to know why? Well, YouTube is not social media. It is more of a platform that offers users entertainment and information through videos.

The definition of viral that the community has come up with is that when a video gets a significant number of views compared to the channel’s subscriber count, it has gone viral.

Let us give you an example to clarify the idea further. Consider a channel that has only 1000 subscribers. It will go viral if it gets about 5000 views in one of its videos. However, you should also consider that YouTube has its own explore tab. And in that tab, you will find something called “trending.” For many, getting the video on this specific section is what viral means.

No matter what the definition of viral is to you, you can be assured that our service can make you go viral. How? Well, after you get the initial boost of subscriber count on your channel, your channel starts to reel in organic growth.

This organic growth will make your channel get a high level of attention. In fact, you can get 1000 subscribers in just a week!

Now, all the new and old subscribers will make your videos get a high watch time and engagement rate. Your videos will have a much wider reach afterward. Then, it will eventually end up on the trending section of the discover feed, or your videos can get more than five times of views compared to your subscriber count.

Purchasing YouTube Subscribers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Will I get the same level of growth if I purchase paid bot subscribers?

Answer: The thing about bot subscribers is that they are not real profiles. Instead, they are created mostly by a single person. For that reason, they will come cheap. However, you should also consider that bots do not interact independently.

They would need someone to control them, which will not make your videos get a high engagement rate. And if you do not get a high watch time, you will not see an overall growth on your channel.

# 2. How many subscribers should I purchase for my YouTube channel?

Answer: Ask yourself how much of a boost you want. If you purchase a large number of real subscribers, you will get a solid overall boost.

Your channel will stand out a lot from the competition, and your videos will start to get a massive level of engagement pretty quickly. Considering all of these, we recommend purchasing as many subscribers as possible.

# 3. Will the paid subscribers be there permanently?

Answer: Unlike bot subscribers, real paid subscribers will be there permanently unless they decide to deactivate their profile. On the other hand, YouTube is pretty strict when it comes to bot profiles.

If it seems that the account does not have any interaction rate for a prolonged amount of time, YouTube might ban it. So, you might log into your account one day and see that all of your paid bot subscribers are gone.

# 4. How does the trending section of the discover tab work?

Answer: The trending tab is mostly country-based. And the algorithm will pick up the recently uploaded videos that are gaining a lot of watch time and views rapidly for this tab. As it targets the specific country that users are based on, the native content creators will get the most value out of the trending tab.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our happy customer’s feedback

Dorothy T. Smith

@ Customer

No matter what people say, YouTube content creators are very competitive. They will always find a way to make their content better than their last one and better than what the competitors offer.

Considering that, it is pretty hard for a new account to get a standing point. I am glad that I found out about this service at a much earlier position. So, I did not have to struggle that much to get proper attention on my channel.

Furthermore, I was pretty amazed by how friendly the team was. One of my orders took a bit more time to get delivered, and the team offered me free subscribers, as compensation for that. Overall, I do not see any reason not to recommend the service to anyone.

Lester S. Sanders

@ Customer

I came to YouTube with big dreams – wanted to be a content creator just like PewDiePie.

However, seeing how hard it is to start your content career on YouTube, I almost scrapped the entire idea.

Then, one of my friends recommended this service. And I am forever thankful to him. Even though my account does not have the same level of reach and subscribers as PewDiePie, I do think I am off to a good start.

Also, considering how good my experience was with this service and the team, I definitely see myself coming back if I need a further boost in the future.

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