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What Is YouTube WatchTime?

YouTube offers different types of analytics to content creators. Among all of them, YouTubers mostly care about likes, comments, and watch time. Because these three offers all of the engagement information that you would ever want to know. But among these three, the watch time matters the most.

Before we explain why watch time hours matter so much, we want to ensure that you know what it is. So, in a general sense, watch time refers to the total number of minutes your viewers have watched your videos. For example, if your channel has 2 hours of video and gets watched fully 40 times by your subscribers and others, you will have 80 hours of watch time.

In other words, watch time is not referring to the total hours of videos your channel has. Instead, it will refer to the amount of time in aggregate that the viewers spent watching your content.

Why Does WatchTime Matter?

We have already mentioned that YouTube watch time is pretty important data. Let us get into explaining why watch time is so important. First, to become a part of the YouTube Partner Program, you will need more than 4000 watch hours in 1 year. Without completing this criterion, you can not get into the program.

Secondly, the number of watch times tells you whether your content is offering the proper amount of value or not. When a viewer has tapped or clicked on the video, YouTube counts it as a view.

And even if a viewer plays your video twice, YouTube will not count it as two views. The view count is unique, and one viewer can only increase the view count to one. For that reason, you can not tell whether your viewers are prioritizing your videos or not through the view count. However, YouTube watch hours can give you that information. That is why YouTube content creators value the watch time from the analytics the most.

Why Does WatchTime Matter
What Does It Mean to Have a High Watch Hour on YouTube

What Does It Mean to Have a High Watch Hour on YouTube?

Having a high watch time on YouTube tells you two things. First of all, as a content creator, if you have a view duration that is 70 to 80 percent of the total video length, you are doing exceptionally well. Anything higher than 80 percent will tell you that your video was high in quality and you have managed to capture your audience’s attention properly.

Secondly, a high watch time will tell you that your videos are doing reasonably well on YouTube. You are succeeding in offering your viewers the value that they have been looking for, or they have enjoyed their time while watching your videos.

That is why most YouTube content creators will target a high watch time. And to do so, they will make their YouTube video highly engaging and high in quality. In fact, for some videos, you will notice the content creator trying to grab attention not only at the very beginning of the video but throughout the entire content.

Is It Hard to Gain Watch Time Organically?

The fact that there were more than 2 billion monthly active users in 2021 can give you the feeling that it will be pretty easy for you to get a high watch time. But the case is not that simple. Even though YouTube has so many users, all YouTube users are highly picky regarding what they will watch. These users will not just interact with any video. Instead, they will look for videos that have a high number of viewers.

Additionally, these users will also look for videos that are from well-off content creators. And there are more than 51 million channels on YouTube. Among these channels, many are already doing pretty well. They have got tons of videos and have a proper grasp of their audience. So, it will be pretty easy for your channel not to receive the right amount of attention.

Now, you might think you could easily divert attention to your videos by offering highly unique and high-quality content. Well, you should know that in 2020, YouTube got 500 hours of videos each minute. So, you can guess how easy it will be for your videos to drown in the sea of other average content.

Another thing that you should consider is that YouTube users tend not to interact or engage with new accounts. According to them, the new channels do not have to offer any value. For that reason, it becomes pretty hard for the new accounts to accomplish the watch time criteria of the YouTube Partnership Program.

Is It Hard to Gain Watch Time Organically
How Does YouTube Algorithm Handle Watch Time

How Does YouTube Algorithm Handle Watch Time?

In 2018, the chief product officer mentioned that 70 percent of the watch on YouTube is from the videos that the YouTube algorithm recommends. So, you can understand that the algorithm plays a crucial role in enhancing your watch time. However, our main concern is how the algorithm will handle your videos when you start to get a high watch time. Ask yourself what happens when you get a high watch time. It means your videos get a proper amount of view time, right?

And when your videos get a high view time, it gets a fair amount of engagement rate as well.

Now, when your video gets a high engagement rate, it will get picked up by the algorithm. Then, the algorithm will start to recommend the video to other users who might be interested in your content. That will allow your content to get a further engagement rate. Eventually, your video can become a hot topic.

Why Should You Buy YouTube WatchTime Hours?

As you know by now, getting a high number of watch time is not easy. A YouTuber has to face many challenges just to get 4000 watch hours in 12 months. However, all of the challenges and limitations will not be an issue at all if you purchase YouTube watch time hours from UpTopSocial.

If you are new to YouTube, the purchase will boost your watch hours and get you close to the 4000 hours requirement. You can even purchase 4000 hours at one go and accomplish the requirement of the YouTube Partnership Program in a short amount of time.

But that is not all. A higher watch time means that your videos will get high engagement. And when your videos get a high level of engagement, the algorithm picks it up.

As you know, when the algorithm picks your video up, it will start suggesting your videos to the users who might be interested in what your content is about.

Note that all of these users will be outside of your subscriber count. And when they find out that your video offers value and is high in quality, they will start to engage with it as well. Eventually, your video will get tons of reach.

But that is not all! When those users see that your video is unique and interesting, they will even hop into your channel. Why? To check whether your other videos are at the same level or not. And that will bring attention to your recently uploaded videos. You can start to get high overall traffic on your channel.

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Can I Go Viral After Purchasing YouTube Watch Time?

Even though YouTube does not have a dedicated viral tab, it does have a ‘Trending tab. However, the trending tab is region-specific. In other words, you’ll only be capable of seeing the viral videos in your region. So YouTubers have come up with their own definition of going viral. According to that, when your video gets thousands and thousands of shares on social media and spreads quickly on YouTube, you have gone viral.

Well, no matter which definition of viral you are shooting for, you will increase your chances with the purchase. The paid watch time will increase the engagement rate of your videos.

Again, when your videos get a high engagement rate, they will get picked up by the algorithm. The algorithm will then start to suggest your videos to the users who might have the same interest niche as your video. In other words, you can enhance the reach of your videos.

Your videos will be visible to millions and millions of YouTube users when they have an increased reach. And the users who will stumble upon your video will be more likely to interact with it, seeing that it has so much engagement already.

Eventually, if those users find your video interesting and worthy, they will share it. That will let your videos spread out on YouTube and reach outside of YouTube. And at that point, you can say that you have gone viral!

How Much Watch Time Should I Purchase?

The thing about watch time is that the higher it is, the better. However, you should first consider your criteria. For example, if you are getting the watch time to be eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program, you will need to consider how much watch time your channel already has. Then, consider the right package.

Suppose you have 500 hours of watch time already, and you are short of 3500 hours. If your main goal is to become eligible for the partnership program, you should purchase at least 3500 hours of watch time. On the other hand, if you are getting watch time to enhance the value of your profile, get as much as you can.

Let us give you another example to make things clear. A channel with 5000 hours of watch time and 20 videos will be more valuable than a channel with 2000 hours of watch time with 70 videos. The watch time tells all about whether the content available on the channel is truly valuable or not.

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Can I Make Money for Having a High Watch Time on YouTube?

YouTube has its own monetization system to allow its users to make money. However, one of the criteria to enable monetization on YouTube is to get 4000 hours of watch time in 1 year. So, one of the ways to make money by having a high watch time on YouTube would be to enable monetization.

However, that is not the only way to take advantage of a high watch hour on your YouTube channel. If your YouTube game is strong, you can enhance the overall value of your channel by purchasing watch hours.

And you might not know this, but there are loads of people making a good amount of money by selling highly valuable YouTube channels.

Yes, one of the critical criteria that buyers will look for in a YouTube account is watch time. A higher watch time, combined with monetization enabled, will make a YouTube account much more valuable. So, if you can implement the right tactic, you can get a huge profit after purchasing watch time for your YouTube channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

# 1. Is watch time the same as views?

Answer: Not at all! Views and watch time are totally different things! The first difference is that view is unique for a single user. In other words, one user can increase the view count of a profile by one only.

On the other hand, a user can watch a particular video multiple times, and each view will increase the watch time. In that case, the user will increase the watch time by the times they viewed the video multiplied by the length.

# 2. Does YouTube remove watch hours?

Answer: YouTube will not remove your watch hours if you have all of the videos on your channel that were contributing to the total watch hours. In other words, if you delete a video from your channel, the number of watch hours the video contributed will be deleted as well.

# 3. Do well-off YouTubers buy watch hours?

Answer: We have already mentioned that one of the challenges that new YouTubers have to face is to accomplish the 4000 watch hour criteria for the Partnership Program.

And as a shortcut, many of the well-off YouTubers bought watch hours. But the thing is, they will not tell you if you ask them. Nonetheless, you are doing nothing wrong by purchasing watch hours. It is nothing but a boost for your YouTube channel.

# 4. Will the watch hours of my YouTube channel be visible to my viewers?

Answer: No! YouTube will share the watch hour of your channel with you only. So, only you will be capable of seeing the total number of watch time. However, you can surely disclose your total watch hours in your videos just to show off how good you are doing on YouTube.

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