The growth rate of TikTok is genuinely impressive. It is basically the cool kid of the block that is highly popular in the social media playground. And as the platform has a large chunk of millennials and Gen Z, brands and users trying to get fame on a social platform targets TikTok the most.


However, without gaining many followers, it becomes a bit hard to get your presence acknowledged by the users. And gaining loads of followers is not an easy task. But many users are following the proven strategies to grow your TikTok followings and getting a massive amount of success.


Want to know all about the strategies that these users are following? We got you covered! In fact, we will make it possible for you to skyrocket your following number overnight! All you need to do is continue reading.



How to Quickly Grow Your TikTok Followers


Achieving TikTok fame is not an easy feat. Some of the famous users had to put a lot of effort and time into the platform to reach the position they have now and make money out of it. But you do not need to work that hard! You just need to work smart! And these proven strategies can help you to ramp up your following count and your profile:




1. Identify Your Audience


The first thing you need to do is make sure that you know which audience you should be targeting. You need to get a fair idea regarding the users your content will be for. And there are a couple of ways of going about this on TikTok.


First of all, consider looking at the influencers and your competitors. This will give you a fair idea regarding the user base and allow you to target the right set of audiences. Take note of the videos that they are posting and use those content to come up with unique ideas.


Next, consider the type of content that you have been posting on other feeds. Yes, the type of content that you will be posting on TikTok will be very different. But this consideration can help you pinpoint some of the common types of video ideas that will allow you to perform well.


Finally, take the time to review and understand your customer’s persona. Remind yourself about your likes and dislikes and what your followers would really want to see on the platform.


No matter what you do, do not get bummed up after failing to get a huge amount of attention on the first couple of videos that you post. TikTok is a place where content creators need to learn from trial and error. You might need to try out millions of different video ideas just to land on the type that your followers actually want.





Trends are one of the biggest things on this platform. If you have been pursued to TikTok, there is a high chance that a trend has pursued you. You have most likely followed similar outlines or videos that use the same sound clip. Ever wondered why this is the case?


Well, when a type of video is trending, it is bound to get a lot of attention. For that reason, it is pretty much essential to pay proper attention to the trends. Leverage from the ones that go with your type of content.


On that note, in order to get a proper idea regarding trends, you should head over to the discover page. There, you will get to know about the hashtags and videos that are making a lot of progress. And there is literally no one stopping you from integrating the same sound effect or hashtag on your content.


However, you should also consider that trends on TikTok flow like water. They come and go in a blink of an eye. So, if you find one that you can take full advantage of, you should not wait. Hop aboard and try to make your content reach as many users as possible.




3. Educate Your Audience


One of the best content that any brand or influencer can throw out on the platform is the one that is both entertaining and educational. By finding the right balance between these two factors, you can get many users engaged with your account and the videos you share.


When you offer educational videos that are entertaining at the same time, you will show your value to your followers. And that will eventually lead to a high amount of growth. If you are promoting any product or service, talk about what can make the users get the most out of the things you are offering.


Make it seem like what you are offering can make lives easier. Eventually, your videos will see a lot of shares, and users can even repost your content on other platforms, which will lead to twice or thrice the amount of reach.




4. Cross-Promote Your TikTok Content


TikTok does not exist inside a vacuum. And marketing does not exist in just TikTok only. A robust and well-thought-out marketing strategy would be to include other TikTok content on other platforms. Spread the word around that you are on TikTok. That will let the followers you have on other platforms easily find you on TikTok and gain more video views.


Most of your followers on other social media might not even know that you are operating on TikTok. Also, different platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, has their own version of short video formats. You can take full advantage of that by posting your TikTok-branded content on those.


Now, some platforms might have a couple of restrictions when it comes to promoting or repurposing content from other platforms. For example, YouTube shorts will allow you to upload TikTok videos, but you will not be monetized. But you can easily avoid that by removing the TikTok watermark.


Instead of putting the watermark on your reposted content, put your TikTok profile on the description. It will allow you to bring traffic to your profile from the other platforms.




5. Use the Right Hashtags


Use the Right Hashtags


No matter what you think, hashtags are one of the most powerful marketing tools. And just like any other social platform, TikTok has an algorithm that primarily relies on hashtags to sort, index, and offer you content to the right audience and feature you on the For You page. For that reason, it is pretty much essential to use the right set of hashtags.


One of the things that new TikTok users are going to do is just add all of the generic and trending hashtags with their videos. Even though it is one of the easiest things to do, it will not bring any traffic to your content or your profile. Instead, all you will be doing is spamming.


Instead, you should do your research and find the most relevant hashtags. By doing so, you can ensure that your videos have the right amount of reach and land on your targeted audience’s feed. When it comes to the number of hashtags that you should be using, it is anywhere from three to five. That range works the best.


Nonetheless, whatever you do, do not just use generic trending hashtags on your videos. That will make your content drown in a sea of content. You should try to target the less popular but highly-relevant hashtags. Those will lower the overall competition and allow you to get a high reach if your content is high in quality.




6. Create and Participate in TikTok Challenges


Challenges on TikTok is pretty famous. Whether it is about dancing, dares, or adding information to a specific topic, loads of users take part in these challenges. There is a high chance that you have come across a lot of these challenges while scrolling down the app.


First, we would recommend taking part in the challenges your TikTok followers are participating in. That will show your followers that you are up to date and ready to have some fun on the platform.


Afterward, try to create challenges on your own. It can be anything! Dancing challenges, dares, or anything else! When you nail the art of TikTok challenges, you will be sure to see a huge amount of growth and get a lot of attention on your profile.




7. Post Your Videos at the Right Time


It is pretty essential to figure out the right time to post if you want to get high overall traffic on your videos. And it is not that hard to find this timing out. All you need to do is use the creator tools or business tools that TikTok offers. Take a look at your analytics and note down the information that is on the Follower Activity.


On that note, on the Followers Activity tab, you can get to know all about the times and days your followers were most active. Take that timing and days in mind and try to post your content at those timings. Eventually, your videos will see a massive amount of reach and an amped-up engagement rate.


Furthermore, post content at different times of the day and note down the timings. By doing so, you can test out different times and pinpoint at what time your audience is most active.




8. Share User-Generated Content


When you start creating more challenges and users begin to take part in those challenges, you will get yourself a decent collection of user-generated content. These UGC are simply videos that are from other users. And TikTok offers the ability to share these hyper-relevant videos.


You should take proper advantage of these videos. Share them on your profile. That will not only give the users putting in the time to create videos for your challenges some credit but also get an immense amount of growth. You will also enhance the engagement rate by sharing these user-generated videos.




9. Engage with Other Creators


Engage with Other Creators


Even though TikTok is a video platform, it is still considered to be a social platform. Because of that, you need to put in the time to engage with other users. There are loads of built-in features that can help to make this engagement easier. You will find Stich and Duet, which will let you start collaborating with other users.


However, do not just pick any video or user that is trendy at that moment. You will be spamming by doing that. Instead, pick relevant, fun, educational, or entertaining content. That will add value to your profile and allow you to get a reasonable amount of followers in a short amount of time.




10. Collab with influencers


One of the most efficient tactics on Instagram is influencer marketing. And but this tactic does not end on that platform. It extends over TikTok as well. With the growth of TikTok, there has been a swarm of new verified influencers. These influencers have loads of followers and usually get tons of reach with the content they post.


When you collab with such an influencer, you will be extending your reach as well. Making your message reach tons of users on TikTok is going to be a breeze. And if you are promoting a service or content, you will see a massive amount of growth as well.




11. Use CTAs on the End of Your Content


Another great way of getting loads of followers on TikTok is to use CTAs. When you end your videos with CTAs to your profile, viewers will have the urge to see similar content that you have to offer. And using CTAs is not that hard. You can just insert a simple text sticker and draw the attention of the viewer to your profile.


However, when you follow this tactic on each of the videos you post, you can put a bad taste in the mouth of your existing followers. So, do not just put a call-to-action on every content that you post. Instead, occasionally put on CTAs, which your existing followers will not mind at all!




Final Words


Making your TikTok profile grow is not all about working hard. It is about following the right tactics. And after going through this in-depth guide, you now know all about the effective strategies to grow your TikTok followers. So, instead of waiting around, follow them and see your TikTok account boom instantly!

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