Did you know that every content is tested for the ‘For You’ page?

Yes, that’s true!

Tiktok is smarter than you think! They are so good at curating your personalized For You feed. And the result? It becomes the platform for teens to grandma (and everyone in between).

In fact, TikTok is the most engaging social media platform, with users spending 10.85 minutes per session on average. Getting your videos on their For You page can help you increase your views and grow followers.

Why will you miss that huge opportunity?

And that’s why this article is all about FYP feed, How to be on ‘for you page’ on TikTok & the best practices for getting your videos on it. But First, what the heck is For You Page on TikTok?

When you open the TikTok app, you see the posts without searching, right?

That’s because of your FYP.

It’s a page curated to your specific interests! Let us explain it….

The posts on the “For You Page” are placed by TikTok, displaying those posts based on your interest and search. The TikTok specialized algorithm, after analyzing your search interest, sends related videos on the home screen for you to enjoy.

Ever wonder why videos from others showing on your feed even though you don’t follow them? But because the TikTok algorithm thinks it goes well with your interest.

What are the benefits for TikTokers to stand on the ‘For You’ page?

FYP is the first stairway to get viral fame on Tiktok. And that’s why It means a lot for the influencers, businesses, and owners. Here are some of the benefits of featuring your videos on the FYP page you may not know about.

Boost your confidence

Once you have created a video with great effort, the next thing that everyone waits for is appreciation from followers.

Am I right?

Your video on the “for you page” means that according to TikTok, you have created quality content that recognizes you as the top quality creator. What else do you need to gain your confidence?

Helps in monetization


TikTok has not set a threshold of followers for monetization. But you have more than 10K followers on your bucket; you could easily get monetization.

Here is the deal……

When your videos stand on the “for you page,” it attracts many users to come on your page and follow your profile, which will help you to monetize your account.

Free marketing

People use different marketing tactics to bring traffic to their accounts, but you can get a lucky chance to attract thousands of users without any effort or expenses by standing on the “for you page.”


Companies prefer the creators who create high-quality content that quickly gets users’ attention on TikTok organically.

When your videos display on the “for you page,” then you have the chance to show your products or creativity to millions of people.

So companies prefer to make sponsorship deals with creators whose videos are on the “for you page.”

Help in driving traffic to other platforms

When you have your videos on the “FYP,” you can bring millions of people to your TikTok profile, and then from TikTok, you can bring them to your Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube platforms.

Understanding TikTok Algorithm & Recommendation system

TikTok algorithm is a complex system that filters contents and suggests them on users’ For You page that TikTok believes is of the highest interest. If you want your videos to be on the For You page, you must understand how the TikTok algorithm works.

How does TikTok decide what goes on the for you page?

According to TikTok, their algorithm recommends videos depending on several factors. It includes the user’s interest and what the user does not like to see.

In the case of your audience, the interest will be similar to what you are uploading. But that doesn’t mean your videos will be on their For You page.

Some factors that the TikTok algorithm considers before recommending content on the For You page are:

User interactions: The more interactions your videos have, the more they appear to other users’ For You page.

Like every other social media platform, TikTok also allows people to like videos, comment on them, and share them on other platforms. Getting these more and more means your video is interesting. Thus, TikTok will recommend the video to others.

Key Takeaway: Making interesting videos that have the potential of getting more interactions will perform better to be on the For You page.

Video information: What information you add to the video is also crucial. Captions, hashtags, and sounds are some examples of video information.

When you use an attractive caption, it will engage more people. Strategically, choosing hashtags helps reach more people on every social media platform, and that’s not different in TikTok.

Besides, the sound you are using is also crucial. Audios that are good to listen to and trending have more potential to take your videos to the For You page.

Key Takeaway: Besides the video, you also need to work on the video information for your content to perform better on TikTok.

Device settings: You may not have guessed this, but TikTok also analyzes users’ device settings to recommend videos on For You Pages.

Device setting primarily includes location and language preferences. As a content creator, you need to target people of a specific location and understand their language preferences.

Key Takeaway: Choosing a specific niche and making relevant videos in languages your audience understands is an effective way to get on the For You page.

Watch Time: For how long viewers are watching your videos has a major effect on TikTok recommendation. If you have a one-minute-long video and your followers see only a few seconds and skip, TikTok will think the video is not engaging.

In contrast, if most viewers watch the full video or at least 50% of it, that means the video is excellent. TikTok will further recommend the videos to others.

Key Takeaway: Making exciting videos that can attract and hook people longer is helpful to be on the For You page.

There are so many things about the TikTok algorithm. But these are enough to understand how to get on the For You page on TikTok.

How to Be on the For You Page on TikTok?

There is no exact recipe to ensure your success on TikTok because algorithms are constantly changing. However, several things could help you a lot to hit the TikTok “for you page”. Here is How to get on the FYP in 2022.

#1 Understand your Audience

This is the secret sauce of getting fame on Tiktok.

Once you understand the audience, you can develop a better video content strategy to reach them.

The shortcut way?

Go to TikTok analytics to see the details of your audience, such as their location or gender. This will give you a clear idea what’s your audience will love.

#2 Short videos work best!

The fact is……

Most people watch only a few seconds of the videos and then scroll down to the next. If people want to watch long videos, they will go to YouTube.

From our experiences, we have seen videos that are around 15 seconds perform best. Even if people watch it for 10 seconds, TikTok will consider the video exciting and recommend it to others. However, there are some exceptions too.

If you are making educational videos or tutorials, you may need to make longer videos. Keep in mind that videos more than 1 minute in a time frame are less likely to do well.

Pro Tip: You can run a test on your audience and upload videos of different lengths. Then observe videos with which length is performing better.

#3 Make sure your Video Quality is top-notch

Visuals are always important in videos.

You don’t need an expensive phone to shoot awesome visuals. All you need is a little bit of creativity.

Besides the camera, focus on framing.

If you set the phone too close or too far, that might not make a good video. Try to use shooting from different angles too. Edit videos depending on your video type (But don’t edit too much).

Pro Tip: If you do not have anyone to shoot you, use a tripod. Mobile tripods cost only a few bucks but provide excellent value for shooting videos.

#4 Use Popular Hashtags

Using #hashtags has been a popular method to reach a larger audience quickly in every social media platform for quite some time now.

And it works on TikTok too!

Remember that using any random hashtags may not give you the result you want. It would be best if you found popular and relevant hashtags to the video you are making.

Interesting Facts: #foryou #foryoupage and #fyp are three of the most popular hashtags content creators use to get on the For You page on TikTok. Each of these tags has more than 1 trillion TikTok posts and views!

#5 Go with the trends

Keep your eye open to know what’s been trending on TikTok.

You may try the same videos if your niche is dancing. It’s best to upload several videos on the same topic. Make one following what everyone is doing and add your creativity to other videos.

Was in fyp but not anymore?

If you’re someone who was in that position & thinking How to get back on the FYP on TikTok, then making videos on a trending topic is the quickest trick.

Things to Avoid: Avoid copying any videos just because they are performing well. Make sure it’s relevant to your niche, and you can achieve it well.

#6 Add Trending Audios to your clip

When you like a video, you may have noticed that another video with the same audio will soon come into your feed.

This is how the TikTok algorithm works.

Trending sounds on TikTok get massive interactions. If you make a video with popular and trending audio, there is a high chance that it will be on the For You page.

Pro Tip: You also can use your voice as the audio or use text-to-speech software to make interesting sounds. If it’s good enough, you may start the trend, and everyone else will make videos with your audio.

#7 Grab user’s attention with engaging captions

Many TikTok content creators ignore this.

But TikTok clearly mentioned that their algorithm also checks the video’s captions to suggest the video on the For You page.

Do not type “hi” “hello” in the captions. Write something attractive and engaging. An engaging caption indirectly invites your viewers to comment on your videos. Getting comments means higher interaction, which helps to be on the For You page.

Fun Fact: Writing long attractive captions also helps you to increase the watch time for your videos. The time the viewer takes to read the caption is considered watch time by TikTok.

#8 Be Active & Bring more spark with creativity

Creativity is welcomed everywhere.

If you are serious about your TikTok videos, you must be active and creative on the platform. Making videos once a month may not be a good idea.

Regularly watch other creators’ videos and upload yours. The more videos you upload, the more chances you will be on the For You page. Not every video gets success on TikTok. You can increase the opportunity by increasing the number of uploads.

Reminder: Do not lose the quality by making too much content. 2-6 videos per day are good enough.

#9 Engage with Others

Only being active and uploading videos is not enough to be on the For You page. You also need to engage with other creators and followers regularly.

If you reply more to comment on your videos, the interactions will increase. Some people may visit your account and watch your videos when you comment on popular videos. Both ways, you get benefits on TikTok.

Pro Tip: You also can engage with your followers by making reply videos to their comments.

#10 Test Different Times for Posting

Your target audience may not always be active on TikTok. Uploading videos when they are active is an excellent way to get on the For You page.

Upload videos on the different day types and see when they are getting the most views and likes. Then try to upload more videos at that particular time.

General Fact: TikTok users are most active in the morning and in the evening. They mainly check the For You page after waking up and before sleeping.

#11 Pay attention to your engagement rate

TikTok algorithm also considers the engagement rate on your profile while ranking your videos on the “For You” page.

You can apply different tactics like adding videos, fun, and things that require comments or likes. You can post the questioning videos, go live, and use other recommended tactics that improve your engagement rate.

#12 Collaborate with Creators community

Two are better than one.

You can collaborate with other creators on TikTok to develop collaborative strategies for finding followers and targeting the new audience. You can refer to each other and can arrange combined sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “For you page” on TikTok based on?

“For you page” on TikTok is based on several factors; some of the major factors include the hashtags, captions, video length, and sounds. Some other factors such as language, location, and device settings could also affect the ranking of your videos for the “for you page.”

Can a user reset “for you page” on TikTok?

If you do not like the videos on the “for you page, ” resetting the page is better. No issue because you can effectively reset “for you page” on TikTok. Unfortunately, there is no button for resetting the “for you page,” but fewer steps could help you to reset.

Why is your “for you page” messed up?

There may be other reasons, but mostly it happens due to cache. You can get rid of the mess “ fyp” by clearing the cache on your TikTok app. It is pretty easy and could be done in a few steps.

Visit the profile, go to settings, click on clear cache, and wait to complete the process. Once the cache removal process is complete, you will see that “for you page” is working fine. Sometimes, you need repetition two or three times due to issues or loads.

Final Thoughts

Before wrapping up this How to get on the “For you page” on TikTok Hacks, we want to remind you something again..

Trending sounds, hashtags, and the right time posting videos bring excellent results. But all of these are fruitful when you have good quality content to show your audience.

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