TikTok is one of the most well-loved apps amongst teenagers. The app even made its way to our older generation’s phones during quarantine. The videos on TikTok are pretty entertaining and also very short. So, people can get a quick dose of fun in their busy schedules today.

Because the app has grown so much, almost everyone is trying to become TikTok famous. To become viral or get a lot of views on your videos, you first need a well-engaged set of followers. But how to gain TikTok followers most effectively?

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, TikTok’s algorithm is a bit different. So, getting followers can be a little bit difficult on the app. But worry not, we’ve got some options that you can try to gain followers efficiently!

Tips on Gaining More Followers

If you want more followers on your account, the first thing that you need to do is make great content. If your content is different and fun, you will automatically attract more viewers.

Here are a few things you could try to gain more followers on TikTok.

Make a Viral Video

The easiest way to get a lot of followers on TikTok overnight is to make a viral video. There are many ways in which you can make your content go viral.

If you have a massive audience on TikTok, and if you make a video that is fun to watch for most of the audience on the app, your video will easily grab a lot of attention. You can make a video go viral in both a positive and a negative way. Try adding a fun element in your video that no one has ever used in their content before. You could also try and use different kinds of props in the backgrounds of your videos to attract user attention.

Nowadays, ASMR videos and any satisfying videos such as playing with slime or soap cutting grab the attention of most viewers. You could also try and branch out into the world of mukbangs. Here, you eat exciting, different, and delicious food for your audience to see.

Follow The Trends

The most popular kind of videos on TikTok is the challenges or trends. It doesn’t take much time to become a trend on the app. Try and participate in these challenges. But keep in mind that just participating in a trend or challenge will not be enough. You have to make the video different so that it can attract attention.

You have to get on the trend train but create content with your own twists. You can add comedy bits to basic trends to make them more entertaining.

For example, if you’re participating in the “I could take your mind if I wanted to” trend, where attractive girls flaunt their beauty, you can add a comedy video at the end of the TikTokto make it go viral.

Post at the Right Time

Timing is critical if you want your video to go viral! If you’ve used Instagram, you might already be familiar with this concept. You need to post your content at a time when the majority of your viewers will be present on the app. Remember, though, you will not get a lot of views on your video if you post it on a Thursday night. Most people go out on weekends and are probably not on their phones. Also, don’t post during school hours.

Because most TikTok users are teenagers, there’s a high possibility that most of your audience will be busy with school activities if you post during school hours.

Figuring out the correct time at which you should post can be a bit difficult. You might be making content that is suitable for people who live in a completely different time zone. You need to post videos at different times and determine which timing gives you the most views. There are analyzing apps available in the app store that help you figure out this time even better.

Try and put yourself in the audience’s shoes. When would you check your phone? When do you like to browse through TikTok the most? Try and post at those times. When your videos get a lot of views instantly, the possibility of the video becoming viral increases.

People are more attracted to fresh content. The content you have posted might be of high quality, but when a user sees that the video was posted a long time ago, they’ll probably think that most people have seen it by now. It will prevent them from sharing the video further.

That is why you must try and post when the video is most likely to get the most views.

Be Yourself

No matter what you do, never copy someone else’s content. If you come across a video that has gotten a lot of views on TikTok, you can take ideas from the video but not copy it completely.

Not only does copying waste your time, but it also creates a negative impression about your account. People have already seen that viral video; why will they want to see it again on your account? So, try and be yourself. There’s no harm in taking a few ideas from a viral video. But always try and put your own twist into the video. Try and make it your own. Adding a different bit to a concept will make the content stand out more.

Viewers are attracted to authenticity. When they see something different, their curiosity is intrigued. There will be more interest to see and learn about your profile. It’s a great way to attract more followers to your account.

Good Bio

If you have made TikTok content that is attracting a lot of viewers, The first thing a user will do is view your profile. Now at this point, you need to remember that the first impression holds a lot of value. When viewers enter your profile, they should get a general idea about your vibe. They need to know what kind of videos you post and your style. Try adding a TikTok bio that is trendy, fun, short, but descriptive. Don’t try to do much as this will bore the viewer.

Adding a funny quote to your TikTok bio can be a good idea. Just try not to put anything problematic in the bio. Keep it short and straightforward.

Use Stitch

Stitch is a new concept that TikTok launched in 2020. Here you can use the first bits of another video on your content. Try and add a viral video part to your content.

You can extend the story of the initial video, add to it, or share content similar to it. People who have already watched that previous viral video would love to see what twist you put to it; it’s a great way to leech off of another person’s views.

Get on the ‘For You’ Page

Another great way to expose your videos to a larger number of viewers is to get on the for you page. Doing this can take a lot of work. You never know how or when you might end up on a for you page. The algorithm is a bit complicated. But generally, you can end up on the for you page by making a very trendy and viral video. That is why you need to use hashtags under your video in trend. TikTok might recognize the hashtag and place you on the for you page.

You could also try to make content that is catered to a specific type of audience. For example, people who watch a lot of unboxing videos get a lot of new unboxing video recommendations on their for your page. So, you can try and reach out to these sorts of specifically dedicated viewers.

Some forms of content that have loyal and dedicated viewers are sports content, ASMR, mukbangs, makeup, dance videos, hack videos, DIY videos, and storytime videos. There are a lot of other rages as well; we just named a few.

If you make videos for a specific audience, your videos will reach the viewers more efficiently. Always remember to add hashtags underneath your videos. Add a few hashtags related to the content you are making first, then add a few random ones that might be trending. Adding #fypage underneath a video sometimes works for getting a video on the for you page.

Post Your Pets

There’s no doubt that people love animals. No matter what kind of content a person is into, they can never deny animal content.

If you have a pet in your house, make sure to create cute videos of them! People love watching cute animals on the internet. Cats, dogs, and birds have an extensive following on TikTok. Uncommon pets such as tarantulas, spiders, snakes, reptiles, or bugs, can also write a lot of attention. People love to see how these animals and bugs are taken care of because these are not common pets.

Try and post about their maintenance, food habits, and general activities. If your pet is uncommon, people will be intrigued to learn more about it.

Is Buying Followers a Good Idea?

We’ll be straight up with you; The answer can be Yes, or No! Buying followers is not always a good idea for TikTok.

We will explain, why?

When you buy followers on TikTok, you mostly buy bots that will follow you. You are only purchasing the number of followers; you are not buying engagement. So, if you buy a lot of followers, you will get to flaunt the number of followers you have, but your videos won’t get any reach. It is elementary to figure out when people have bought followers. You will see that they have 25k plus followers on TikTok, but their videos only have about 100 or 200 views. It becomes straightforward to understand that the followers they have bought are bots.

Also, the bots that follow you have peculiar names. Their usernames usually consist of a few random letters and numbers. So, if a brand decides to work with you, they can easily go to your follower list and figure out that you have bought followers. It can put out a negative impression on your content.

The solution to this problem?

Buy your TikTok followers from a trusted source who don’t just use random bots; instead, can provide you with real followers. The followers will have real engagement, like, view your videos, like your content, and comment on them. Some will even share your content and likes other people’s comments underneath your videos.

While we, UpTopSocial.com is one such provider, you can also try SociaKingo.com for real followers and TikTok growth.

Final Verdict

To answer the question “how to gain TikTok followers,” we would say that the easiest method is to make a viral video. Because TikTok has a lot of trends and challenges, creating a viral video is not that hard. You must keep up with the trends and figure out what people like. Once you get to know your audience, making content that satisfies them will become very easy.

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