Soundcloud has a plethora of musicians.

That’s true!!!

Getting the attention you need can be like hell!

It can get pretty intense fighting for attention.

But there is a juicy part:

You can quickly beef up your Soundcloud profile with real followers by applying proper tips.

But the question is how?????

How to get followers on SoundCloud?

Here is the answer. Firstly, you need to add quality music and spruce up your bio with an engaging introduction to greet followers to your page. Secondly, you can listen to follow-minded creators and give them honest feedback. Besides, positive criticism and suggestions based on every track and profile could help you get more followers.

Still, confused?

Let me show you a step-by-step guide to getting discovered and attracting tons of followers (Organically).

8 Step-by-Step Guide to growing your follower like crazy: How to get followers on SoundCloud

We’re talking about real followers.

Here are some of the most significant steps to get more followers on Soundcloud.

Step 1- Hook people in with Breathtaking Soundtracks

It’s nothing but a quality music track.

Still the magical rule!

No doubt how many followers and traffic you have attracted to your profile, but you will lose all if you do not have quality music.

No one wants to dig into an endless pile of worthless content!!!

So make sure the music tracks you are uploading should be of the highest quality and makes some money. A mix of music is always an excellent strategy to keep balanced traffic on your SoundCloud.

Step 2- Jazz up a professional Profile…(So that you don’t fall into the pile)

Your profile represents a lot.

A professional bio looks fantastic and increases your trust among the visitors. To develop a professional profile, you need to do the following things:

● Add a professional profile picture
● Include an attractive banner and
● Add the necessary but detailed information about your project to the proper places in your SoundCloud pages.
● Ensure that you have added all the relevant links and check them to avoid cluttering.
● Avoid adding unnecessary information or your detailed intro
● Focus on the information you may think your listener wants to read on your page.
● Name the tracks in a friendly way to access and play the music tracks.

Step 3- Share your profile on Social media platforms (Coolest way to best foot forward)

You may have planned strategies to draw traffic on your SoundCloud profile, but never ignore the importance of side alternatives.

Here is why:

Nowadays, social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others have become powerful platforms to get traffic on your websites.
Is it hard to get noticed on SoundCloud? Well, pretty much!

Believe me or not…Many professionals and businesses are driving a lot of visitors from these social media platforms.

So once you have created a professional profile on SoundCloud, make your pages on other social media platforms and share your profile to notify the people.

Let me tell you one more secret:

Try sharing your profile links and track links on social media platforms, on your pages, or send direct messages to your friends. By far, this is one of the quickest and simple methods to get more followers on SoundCloud.

Step 4- Add Descriptive Tags

A proven way to hit the target audience.

You bet it is!

So when you are adding new music tracks, do not forget to add tags on the music. Hashtags always support hitting the target audience. For example, many of the followers on SoundCloud users search the tracks by tags.

Step 5- Find the best Musicians/ fans.

Well, Soundcloud is like the other social media platforms.

And that’s its uniqueness.

Add the music, follow the others on Soundcloud, listen to their tracks, comment on them, and chat with them to get more followers on SoundCloud.
Who knows, you may find the best supportive people as musicians or fans who can help you immensely!!!

If you follow someone, they will also follow you back. Your interest in their music will also convince them to listen to your music.

Step 6- Add embedded SoundCloud Music players (to solidify you as an artist)

Add soundtracks in those places where people listen more.

As simple as it sounds!

The first and the most important place to share your music tracks are on your profile. So get your personalized domain with .com or .net to show you are a professional.

The following ways to help you get more followers on SoundCloud are to post your songs on social media platforms and other people’s websites.

Pro Tips: Create backlinks to your tracks and attract people to your website by creating backlinks of your website tracks with popular websites of music.

Step 7- Be strong in Email Game

When you release new music on your SoundCloud profile, the best way to get more play, traffic, views, and followers are to send emails to people.

Why email newsletters?

……Reach an already engaged audience.

You can get email data, send your profile link, and request a subscription through emails.

If you are not skillful in email sending, you can hire a professional who uses an email marketing strategy to ask people for subscriptions and fan following.

Step 8- Last but not least, hire professional services.

There is nothing wrong with taking the assistance of a professional who will run a campaign to get quality traffic and followers on your website. This is because they know how this industry works in the modern era & to rank your Soundcloud profile.

What should I consider while hiring professional services for SoundCloud?

Hiring professional services to run a campaign for your SoundCloud profile to get more followers is the best way. But you should hire professionals who are trusted and committed. So before hiring, check their reviews, and it is better to get a referral from your friends.


How long does it take to get 100 followers on SoundCloud?

Getting 100 followers could be a great start, especially for those who want to promote their channel. You may need to wait for a couple of months to get 100 followers. Sometimes, a newbie account will take one or two years to reach that 100 mark.

How do you get 1000 followers on SoundCloud?

Following are some of the top ideas to get quality Soundcloud followers.

  • Use a free site like
  • Never pay for likes or followers
  • Be featured on the blog
  • Think big by thinking small
  • Use the law of sharing on social site
  • Like, Comment, and repost fellow peoples’ music
  • Add others to your profile

Could I get more and more followers on Soundcloud for free? How to build SoundCloud followers?

Yes, getting more followers on SoundCloud for free may be time-consuming. But it is a pure and original way to boost your profile.

You can get free followers on Soundcloud by sharing your profile and music tracks links on social media platforms, sending emails, and creating backlinks.

Is it worth buying followers on SoundCloud?

No doubt, it is the fastest way to get more followers on SoundCloud. But, keep in mind fake followers could harm your profile. So ensure you have bought the real followers from a trusted seller. It will help you to monetize your SoundCloud profile and get instant followers.

So how to get more listeners and followers on SoundCloud?

If you need quick success on your SoundCloud to monetize your profile, one of the fastest ways is to buy followers.

In a nutshell…

SoundCloud profile promotion may be an easy way for you, but getting productive followers is a big challenge.

There are many easy, authentic, and fast Soundcloud followers hacks to get followers on your SoundCloud profile.

But you need careful selection; always try to choose the trusted seller who can provide you with genuine followers. Getting real followers can help you monetize and bring more traffic to your SoundCloud profile.

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