Before we get stuck into the details, it’s important to put yourself in the TikTok mindset. Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has exploded in popularity and skyrocketed to becoming hands-down one of the trendiest social media platforms. TikTok’sreach and appeal among teenagers are unsurpassed. Gen Z-ers love TikTok, but they’re not the only ones who do.

TikTok has more than 800 million monthly active users all over the world. This clearly indicates that there are more than enough people to form a huge following for yourself on the platform. Some people are making a lot of money out of this platform, too.

Well, unless you’re a celebrity, collecting followers on any social media platform isn’t an easy feat. But, if you’ve read this far, you’re most likely a newbie looking to grow your TikTok following, right? Though you may buy TikTok followers using various social media platforms, organically obtaining them has its own set of benefits. You can attract a like-minded audience that enjoys and supports your content.

It’s really easy to get followers on TikTok when you know what you’re doing. Perhaps you’ve watched some tutorials on YouTube or read some other blogs giving you more information on how to get more followers. But a lot of this advice is just surface deep, with people copying tips from each other and giving you fake information that doesn’t really work. But don’t worry! Today, we are going to provide you with several tips on increasing your follower count on TikTok. So let’s get this party started, shall we?

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Even though you’ve heard the term “target audience” multiple times, you’re making a tremendous error if you ignore it. Content has no limits and so does the audience. But it is also true that what some individuals like may not be appealing to everyone else. That is why it is critical to identify your target audience on TikTok.

People who will actually interact with your content and improve engagement on TikTok make up your target audience. Once you’ve identified them, make an effort to attract your target audience to your profile. Create content based on their passions. If your target audience is between the ages of 13 and 25, you can make entertaining and educating content with a general premise.

Don’t just go out and strive to gain followers solely for the purpose of gaining followers. Rather, your goal should be to attract the right followers. Millions of followers won’t help you if they aren’t interested in moving deeper into your marketing funnel. This means that you’ll need to attract followers that will:

Connect and engage with your TikTok content

Be interested in any product or service you offer

Buy your product because they love your content

You need followers that will regularly engage with your content. The more engagement you receive, the more likely you will be to appear on the “For You” page. Appearing on the For You page will help boost your content visibility. The more TikTok users that see your videos, the more followers you get.

2. Create Original Content and Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative!

It’s obvious that you need to create excellent content, but what exactly does that implicate?

On TikTok, however, the content itself must connect with an audience that values authenticity and approachability. It must react to TikTok’sown tools, features, and soundscapes. Repurposing your content from other platforms would be worthless on this site because Gen Z viewers prefer raw content. Put your time and effort into creating something unique and interesting with the types of content TikTok audiences currently enjoy, such as funny memes, comedy skits, challenges, and more. The are more likely to like and view these type of content.

3. Embrace Who You Are

Even if you want to become popular on TikTok, your content shouldn’t be solely based on what other people find attractive or humorous. It should be honest and authentic. What do you consider to be cute or amusing? Even if you haven’t seen other TikToks with that style of humor, share it with the world.

If you want to go deep on Tiktok, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions, even if they aren’t widely popular. Some people will agree with you, or at the very least, admire your fortitude in defying the odds.

Make sure that all of your content reflects your true personality so that users can form a connection with you. Users will eventually follow you because they are interested in learning more about you.

Take inspiration from other TikTokers, but remain loyal to yourself and convey your distinct individuality. This applies to both brands and individuals.

4. Hit TikTok Trends at The Right Time

It’s good to be unique and creative, but if you’re looking to get more followers, you should jump on trends.

By allowing users to combine sound samples and music with their own original video content, TikTok has established its own kind of video entertainment. Viral trends emerge overnight! That’s why you’ll frequently see different versions of the same video, each with a distinct take on the music or subject.

Go to your app’s explore area to see what trending hashtags and sound clips are to get ideas for what you may utilize on your feed. You’ll undoubtedly see more TikTok followers on your profile if you want to jump on a trend and have something innovative and fun to provide to stand out from the crowd.

5. Be Strategic and Use Relevant Hashtags

Keep this as your TikTok mantra, “Do not forget to use hashtags, ever!”

On the major social media sites Twitter and Instagram, as well as TikTok, hashtags play an essential role in increasing visibility. Hashtags improve the likelihood of being noticed by people. When you utilize a combination of branded hashtags, trending hashtags, business-specific hashtags, and generic hashtags on TikTok, it may help build your TikTok audience.

You’re probably wondering how to use hashtags. Let us walk you through the process:

To begin, look for a hashtag that is relevant to your topic. Using a hashtag does not imply that you should use any hashtag. Always choose one that is appropriate to your video’s or brand’s content. If you use an arbitrary hashtag, you will draw an arbitrary audience who will be of no service to you.

Create a hashtag that is unique to you. This is a common way of doing things on Tiktok that will enable your brand to stand out. Create your own hashtag that your followers can use in their videos to help you spread the message.

In the caption of your post, use relevant hashtags.

“Strategically”is the keyword in this tip. Most people try to end their caption with a hashtag soup in the hopes that the more hashtags they incorporate, the more discoverable it will be. However, TikTok’s algorithm works against videos in this way. The best course of action is to use them sparingly. Include a mix of well-known hashtags and less-well-known hashtags.

6. Post at the Peak Hours

TikTok, like all other social media platforms, has its best time for posting too. Therefore, it’s critical to figure out the best time to post on TikTok so that your videos get the most views. You can collect this data by looking at your analytics in your business or creator tools.

Scroll down the Followers tab to find Follower activity. You’ll be able to see which days and hours your followers are most active in this section. To get the best results, try uploading your posts right before the most popular hours of the day. Your postings will have a better chance of reaching a new audience at that time, resulting in greater traffic to your profile.

Note that TikTok displays all analytics in UTC time. That means you’ll have to do a timezone conversion to find out when your audience is most active in the location that they’re in.

Apart from knowing when your audience is most active, it would be best if you also were a little brave to try out different sorts of content and track how well they work. Your “ideal content” could be the content that your audience enjoys the best. You can also republish your most fabulous material to reach a larger audience.

7. Provide Value to Your Followers

While there is no framework for developing compelling content on TikTok, asking yourself, “What value are these content delivering to my audience?” is one of the questions that will help you take your videos to the next level. People watch videos to learn something, whether they recognize it or not. That something could be as simple as the comedy in each video. Alternatively, perhaps your audience is looking to learn something new. Identifying the value your videos bring will assist you in determining the type of content you provide.

8. Engage with TikTok Content You Like

It’s easy to forget that TikTok is a social media platform. Anyone who has lost a couple of hours scrolling through their feed knows how addicting it is, but it’s not exactly built for conversations like Facebook or Instagram. As a result, the only way to truly engage is to like and comment on other videos. Simply getting on TikTok and engaging with content that complements your business is one way to expand your audience.

Follow influencers who would be good partners for your brand and engage in their videos, or look for other brands in your field that you’d like to support.

9. Cross-Promote Your Videos

Marketing cannot survive by TikTok alone. Or something like that. TikTok doesn’t exist in a vacuum. TikTok isn’t a stand-alone app. Other social media channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest or Reddit, must be included in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. You should be present anywhere your target audience spends time online.

Cross-promote your TikTok videos by sharing them on other social media platforms with your online presence. You’ll see that many Reels users publish their TikTok material on the site if you look at Instagram Reels (Instagram’s version of TikTok). While you can easily post your TikTok videos with the TikTok watermark (which is great for sending your Instagram followers to your TikTok profile and growing your TikTok followers), you can also remove the TikTok watermarks to make the material look more local to the platform you’re sharing it on.

Further, you can cross-promote your videos in the comments, making a few people uncomfortable, and we understand. But, as the saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”Sometimes, you just have to be direct about what you want. And when it comes to TikTok, this entails requesting people to watch specific videos. To help gain attention to your own videos, one alternative is to put a link in the comments of other people’s videos.

10. Explore Tiktok’sPaid Options

Our last tip is simply to test outputting some of your marketing ad budgets behind promoting your TikTok videos. This is the best method to take when you’re just getting started because it gives you a foundation to measure what works and what doesn’t in your upcoming content. Also, because TikTok Ads are still in their infancy, there’s still a chance to be seen by the perfect audiences because competition is still minimal!

You may target certain demographics and geographies with TikTok Ads to ensure that your content reaches the most relevant people, which could result in a lot of new followers.

Your TikTok Ads options are as follows:

In-Feed ads: TikTok content that appears on a user’s feed, between organic posts.

TopView: When the app first opens, it showcases the profile, which attracts a wider audience since it is one of the first things users view.

Brand Takeover: Similar toTopView, these are full-screen advertisements that appear when a user first opens Tik Tok.

Brand Hashtag Challenges: On the Discovery page, a personalized hashtag challenge is posted, allowing for maximum reach and engagement.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to create content that fits in with the TikTok audience and the overall creative vibe. Ads that are clearly sales-driven or use old-fashioned marketing approaches should be strongly disregarded.

Final Thoughts!

There you have it! 10 awesome tips to help you get more followers on TikTok. Excited to start implementing some of these strategies? The biggest thing about gaining followers on TikTok is to just keep posting content. As they say, “If you build it, they will come.”If you continue to post, eventually, you’ll improve your quality, get into a rhythm, and figure out what value your audience can get from your content. TikTok can be a powerful tool for increasing brand exposure and revenue, so don’t just sleep on this platform.

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