Twelve hours of music are uploaded to SoundCloud every minute!

That’s insaneeee!!!!!

And what does this mean to you?

Well….this music streaming platform can be a big break for your music career (especially if you’ve just landed in this industry).

But the very first thing you need to make money on this platform is – to have lots of plays and views!!!

Wondering How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud?

Stay tuned till the end to know how you can effectively implement the strategies and get more plays on SoundCloud.

So How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud?

Do you know artists like Post Malone, Kehlani, and Kygo started their journey through SoundCloud?

And they have got millions of plays within a short period.

Are you wondering if you can do it too?

The answer is yes!

Let me say this straight………

If you have the talent (& gut to show it), nothing could stop you from achieving your dream.

But here is the fact…..

Only uploading the track doesn’t end your job. It’s not that easy, dude.

You need to promote the music and follow different strategies to get plays. Here are the details of the top 10 proven strategies to follow to get more plays on SoundCloud:

1. High-quality content is simply the king!

You bet it is!

Do not just record a track and upload. Take your time and craft the music to make it worth listening to.

After you finish recording great music, do a little bit more editing.

Share it with your close friends and ask for their opinions. And then, if you feel you need to change anything, do it. That can help you produce a great piece of content.

And also, try to study your audience. Try to understand what they want to listen to. And then, mix your creativity with the idea to produce a track that everyone will love.

A gentle Reminder: Quality beats quantity. So, focus on your quality instead of packing up your playlists with tons of music. When you have the quality, no one can beat you.

2. Make the album name as attractive as possible (because…. music is an art!)

Album art is the representation of your music and you.

No wonder album art plays a more significant role in getting plays than you realize. Whenever you share your music somewhere, the visuals will be there.

……If people like the art, you are more likely to get a click.

No brainer!

Choose an artwork that is fascinating and illustrates your content well. Before people listen to your music, they notice your artwork. So, never ignore this strategy.

Pro Tip: Investing money on SoundCloud Album Art is worth it. If you can not create an attractive design by yourself, consider hiring a good designer with a little amount of money. Just give it a try…..You’ll thank me later.

3. Use social media to your advantage

You must have seen this coming.

Am I right?

Promotion may seem costly, but you can do it on social media sites free of cost. First, you must have some friends who check your music whenever you upload them. The best way to tell them is to direct messages or post on your social media accounts.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., are some of the most popular platforms where you can promote your music. Write something engaging that attracts people, and then add a link to your SoundCloud at the end of the post.

Do not only post on your timeline; you can find many Facebook groups where people gather with similar interests. Find groups related to SoundCloud and your genre of music, and promote your music to get more plays.

Caution: Do not spam the link everywhere on social media. You’ll not get many clicks if you share it in the wrong place. Additionally, you may get blocked by the platform (especially Facebook) temporarily for spamming.

4. Collaborate with other creators

Over 10 million creators upload content on SoundCloud with 1.2 million features on the playlist.

Engaging, communicating, and collaborating with other artists is the fabulous(& quickest hack) to bring you more plays.

Explore the playlists and find music similar to yours.

Comment on their contents and appreciate them. Try to collaborate with others. So, their fans will come to you and get more plays.

You also can do live streaming on social media sites. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are great platforms for doing streams. You can gain more followers in this way who will likely visit and listen to your music on SoundCloud.

Pro Tip: Try to collaborate with artists who have a good number of followers. It will enable you to reach a larger audience as they also promote the content to their followers)

5. Take the benefit hashtags(it’s super powerful)

How can you ensure that your music appears in the search results of the listeners?

The answer is the proper usage of tags.

Similar to social media platforms, SoundCloud also has tagging systems. If you are uploading hip-hop music, use similar tags. Many artists think the more tags they use, the better the result is.

But as we told you earlier, quality beats quantity.

So, focus on using relevant tags rather than going for a mass amount. It will connect you to listeners who are actually interested in the type of music you have uploaded. You will get more plays on SoundCloud in this method.

Suggestion: You also can tag other artists in the music description. It is an excellent way for cross-promotion and letting them know what you are up to. This is another collaborative approach.

6. Engage with fans and build community

If you are looking for a long-term opportunity, you need to engage with fans and build community.

Probably you don’t know- SoundCloud has different groups based on genres and locations. Find a few where people may like your music. Then, join those groups and submit your content.

Cooler than ever!

Another great feature of SoundCloud is it allows listeners to make comments on a specific point of time in your music. It gives you a better understanding of what your audience likes more.

Reply to all the comments and improve your content based on the feedback.

Doesn’t that feel great when you get replies from your favorite artists? So, do the same with your fans, and they will come back to you. This is a great strategy to get more plays on SoundCloud.

Pro Tip: Do not limit your community building on SoundCloud only. Create groups or pages on other platforms. Engage with fans and try to get more followers. The promotion strategy is explained in no. 3 works best when you have a mass following on social media platforms.

7. Tell Unique Story on Waveform

Waveform allows your listeners to comment on your content.

The good thing is, you also can add your own comment in the waveform.

Try to tell some unique stories behind your Music (Who doesn’t love a good behind the story scene)

Some of you may say that the description is there to tell stories, but there is a limitation of 4000 characters. If you want to tell more, the waveform is the answer.

Not to mention, listeners do not check the description properly (well, most of them). Instead, they read comments to know about others’ opinions. Therefore, the waveform can be a better way to convey the message to your audience.

Hacks for Waveform: Try to ask questions on the waveform. It’s an incredible hack to get a higher number of comments. And the more comments you get, the more your chance of being on the discover page.

8. Pay attention to Optimize Your Track for Discover Page

Is getting more and more comments the only way to get featured on the discover tab?

No, there are many ways to optimize your audio track for the page. The Discover page is one of the most efficient ways to get more plays on SoundCloud.

So, how do you reach the Discover page?

You need to use the correct genre tag, use relevant music tags, name your track appropriately, write an engaging description, and try to get more likes and comments.

These are all parts of the metadata. A clean, concise, and appropriate metadata is a great way to get more plays. Properly utilizing the metadata can also make your track discoverable for other search engines like Google.

Reminder: Make sure you correctly change the genre tag when you are uploading the track. That’s because usually electronic is the default tag, and that might not be the right genre for your music.

9. Link to Your SoundCloud

Is posting about your tracks all you can do on social media platforms?

No, you can connect your SoundCloud to your accounts too.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all have options to add links to other sites on your profile. Enter your SoundCloud profile link there to get more visits and plays.

You also can link your social media accounts on SoundCloud. It enables you to post about your new music on other sites automatically.

Keep in mind: Instagram doesn’t allow you to share links on posts. So, add the link to your profile and ask others to listen to your music following the link on your Insta Bio.

10. Do Giveaways

SoundCloud allows you to offer your fans free download options. You can create a special free download link to share with some specific fans.

Choose some of your best tracks on SoundCloud and arrange different contests or activities. Ask people to follow your profile and tell them a few of them will get free music.

Also, keep some of your music available for free download for all.

As a new artist, you need to offer something that makes others fall in love with your content. Free download options can be a great way for that.

Pro Tip: Host remix contests to engage with your audience better. It may also help your music go viral and give you more plays on SoundCloud.

Why am I not getting plays on SoundCloud?

The probable reasons are that you haven’t optimized the content well or have not done any promotional activities.

First, optimize your track with proper title description and tags.

And then, share the link with your friends, and create posts on social media platforms to let others know about your music.

However, as we have already explained, you must upload contents that are good quality and worth listening to. And then follow the strategies explained above to get plays.

How do I get a premiere on SoundCloud?

You need to pass SoundCloud Premier qualifications to get premier on SoundCloud. It will allow you to monetize your tracks and earn from them. Following are the eligibility requirements for getting a premier on SoundCloud:

● You must be an independent creator with owning the rights to all of your music.
● Zero copyright strikes at your music
● Make sure you have at least 500 eligible audio streams in your pocket in the previous month.
● You’re a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber.
● Monetizable streams must come from one of SoundCloud’s eligible countries(you can find the list on SoundCloud’s help section).

You may also ask if you can monetize if you are a DJ.

Well, SoundCloud has no monetization for DJ, remixes, or covers. The platform support an independent creator, actually.

How much does SoundCloud pay for 1000 streams?

The payment on SoundCloud varies depending on several factors. SoundCloud hasn’t made the criteria public. However, the expected payment for 1,000 streams on SoundCloud ranges between $2.50 to $4.00.

The Takeaway…….

You are one step away from living your dream life.

Use the strategies explained above to get more plays on SoundCloud. But remember creating original content is a must. Focus on good music, get monetized, and build up your career.

Good luck ya’ll!

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