While SoundCloud has clearly been a powerhouse for musicians trying to spread their music and promote their brand, the site’s ease of use has swiftly overcrowded it with artists jostling for listeners and attention. Due to the increased difficulty, a solid, practical approach is required for establishing a critical mass of followers on the platform.

If you are on Soundcloud, you may wonder how you can get more people following you or get more people listening to the songs you have uploaded there. If so, you are in luck! You know why! Because we’ve jotted down some of the best suggestions out there to show you how to get more SoundCloud plays and followers, as well as looking at what could be a better aim than this for your SoundCloud campaigns.

Have a read-on, and if you find this helpful please share it with your fellow musicians.

A brief note: SoundCloud has made changes within the last few years where the home page is no longer your stream. This implies that your fans will not always be able to find your music when it is released.

So let’s start with…..

Step 1: Have a professional profile

Isn’t it simple?

Create an excellent representative profile image, and a stunning banner, and make sure your SoundCloud page has enough precise information about you and your music project in the appropriate areas.

Make sure all of the important links are in their proper placements, that they operate, and that your website isn’t cluttered. There’s no need to know about that fantastic event your band had 20 years ago, or why you changed the background sound on track 3 to a synth bass.

Only include facts that a prospective listener would be interested in reading. Finally, make a suitable name for your tracks.

Step 2: Make great music

It’s a controversial, reasonable, and universally true statement. While it may be possible to promote crap music, it will never pass the ultimate test – the audience’s honest opinion.

No matter how much marketing or PR you put into it, no one will want to listen to it if your music is ordinary, and you won’t receive many listens and make much money.

The golden rule of music promotion and marketing is to remember that your music is marketing. You don’t just market your music; it’s intimately related to the act of marketing it.

People won’t purchase an air conditioner or a vacuum cleaner if they don’t require them. Similarly, no one will listen to your music unless they enjoy it. It’s especially true for music on SoundCloud, where the entry barrier is quite low, allowing even the worst songs to be uploaded, giving listeners more to sift through.

It’s been observed throughout the time that musicians and producers (particularly those aspiring to a profession in music) tend to overestimate the demand for and quality of their work. This is a common blunder made by new musicians. With time, you’ll be able to look listen to your previous music and hear how much you’ve improved.

But this raises the question of whether or not you should post your music if you’re not quite there yet. This is debatable and depends on the quality of your song. On platforms like SoundCloud, though, the stakes are substantially smaller, and eliminating a track that you don’t like is as simple as clicking a button.

Furthermore, if you ask for it, you’re more likely to get useful feedback from listeners, who will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. So, while the online promotion is crucial, receiving important feedback and keeping it in mind as you approach the recording studio will prove to be a more effective use of time.

So, how can one improve their music? This is a whole different subject, and there are various courses and classes available. However, here are a few helpful tips:

● Get constructive feedback from listeners and other artists.
● Make sure your primary musical concepts are sound; else, mixing, producing, and mastering won’t matter.
● Hold your patience and keep working on your tracks.

Step 3: Promote and improve your stats

We’ve already discussed how important it is for your music to be heard.

It’ll help you gain new SoundCloud followers and friends if you share it on other social media sites. If you do some research and find out which social media platform your ideal audience uses, jump on board and start a conversation there. However, in case you’re not sure where to begin, we recommend joining Facebook and Twitter. It’s free, simple, and something that many of your followers are probably utilizing right now. Go ahead and use another platform if you think it works better for you. Eventually, it’ll serve you, your first listeners, for as long as you need it.

Step 4: Drive traffic to your profile

Music has the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. And you shouldn’t do that with your music because you don’t want to talk to yourself or about yourself all the time.

If you want more views on SoundCloud, here are two broad places you can get those from:

● People who already actively use SoundCloud, and
● People outside of SoundCloud who like music.

For this part, let’s focus on how you can get people interacting with you from within SoundCloud.

A lot of the people who use SoundCloud are musicians themselves, or people within the music industry. While it also gets users who are music fans, this isn’t the best way to target them.

Bearing in mind, you’re going to be talking to mainly other music industry people on SoundCloud, one way to get them to come along and listen to your music is by visiting their profile first. When you’re there, listen to their songs and comment on them if you like them. This will help get you on their radar, and a percentage of people will go on to visit your page back and check it out. Avoid generic “great”, “awesome”, “I like this” type comments. This will get you nowhere. Leave something of substance.

Yes, you should share your music from time to time, but not always. Make sure you alternate between your music and other subjects.

You can discover that your ideal audience has a particular interest in or shares a lot of information about certain topics. Join in on those conversations to gain natural attention. Don’t start a debate with which you don’t agree.

Step 5: Make Your Music More Visible

Now that the “Discover” tab exists on Soundcloud, the aim is to get your music featured on this new avenue of discovery.

Metadata is the most effective way to accomplish this. Tell Soundcloud about your music so that it has the best chance of succeeding on the platform.

There are a few key methods for doing so:

● Correct Genre tags
● Relevant track tags
● Name your track appropriately
● Use the description to your advantage.
● Obtain additional engagements (likes, comments, etc.)

You must be wondering why I bolded “Correct Genre tags,” and the reason is that it’s probably one of the most critical elements in SoundCloud’s decision to put your music.

Beyond that, the more metadata SoundCloud has, the more opportunities it can offer that track on the site, not only through “Discover,” but also through the “Charts” function, especially when the track gains more plays.

Relevant metadata extends outside the platform to other services such as Google, ensuring that your music appears in search results as well.


Because Google reads text rather than your mind, knowing who you are and what your music is named will improve your chances of being found. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Last but definitely not the least: Leverage existing audience

While the statement may be perplexing, it is actually true.

Many individuals will almost certainly be better at marketing and promoting music than you. So you don’t have to recreate the wheel; instead, you should take advantage of it. Many professionals devote their careers to discovering and sharing music with fans, and you should do the same.

You should locate SoundCloud channels that will rebroadcast your music to a larger audience than you could ever reach on your own.

This will manifest itself in the form of –

● Promotional channels
● Repost channels
● Artists with a larger fan base
● Labels or collectives, and
● Playlist

Don’t ignore any offside audiences as well. Just because some SoundCloud channels have a smaller following than others doesn’t mean a YouTube channel or blog can’t bring you a lot of plays.


So there you go, how to get more SoundCloud followers and plays. With the above steps, you’ll notice results in no time. And keep in mind that the more you give, the more you will receive.

Imagine the effects if you combine these processes with a solid social media strategy. As you can see, we also didn’t discuss buying plays or likes, utilizing bots, or doing follow for following. The reason for this is that it is ineffective in the long run. It may increase the number of people who listen to your music, but those people will not buy your next record. As a result, having real followers/likes and plays is preferable. You want those folks to listen to and love your music. That’s why you want to have those super-fans!

So continue to make fantastic music and share it with the world!

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