The musician who wants to take their career to the next big move– while staying independent – Soundcloud is by far the best platform (till now).


With roughly 20 million active music creators, this music streaming platform promotes making a living from your passion for music.

The only problem?

Standing out from tons of thriving artisans is a massive challenge.

Don’t expect that you will get millions of views overnight just after uploading your music on SoundCloud. So, How to Get Views on SoundCloud?
You need a versatile and cross-platform strategy that will help you get views on it.

Today, I’m going to go even deeper into my secret rock-solid tips and tricks to increase the number of your plays, followers, views, and streams like crazy.

But first…Why do SoundCloud views matter?

Only launched in 2007, Berlin-based music sharing website SoundCloud is listed as one of the largest music distribution platforms in the world.

Ever wonder how it smashes a hit so quickly?

Most DIY musicians prefer it over other platforms due to its easy uploading system and free music access mechanism.

When it comes to the music genre of rap and electronic music, many artists gained attention and popularity on SoundCloud.

Here is some jaw-dropping stats about this audio distribution platform.

● SoundCloud has a total of 175 million users
● Monthly users are approximately 76 million
● 20 million active musicians are uploading music every minute for 12 hours and making a lot of money
● 180 million tracks are available on the platform
● Roughly 1.2 million musicians performed on playlists

From the above astonishing figure, one thing is pretty straightforward: SoundCloud has established a community with a broad audience.

In a nutshell…if you want to make a distinct brand value, you have to have a different marketing strategy to improve views on this platform.

How to Get Views on SoundCloud: 20 Ridiculously Effective Tip Worth Trying in 2022

Getting success is not easy.

Hard work, right plan dedication is mandatory.

But above all…the tracks need to be outstanding. So here are20 tips that will surely help you get views on SoundCloud.

Tips 01: Create Remarkable Music( It’s a must)

Audiences don’t like rubbish music.

…even if you promote it, the music will not gain popularity in the long run.
No matter how many marketing policies you follow, nobody will listen to average music.
People always prefer listening to good music, and that’s why there is no other alternative to you except to create great music.

The Golden rule of music promotion is – your music is the biggest marketing tool.

Music is inheritably linked with promotion.

Since uploading music on SoundCloud is incredibly effortless, much under-par music is available. The audience will not listen if the music doesn’t touch their heart.
To create great music, the below pointers will be helpful:

● Production, mixing, and mastering will be smooth with basic musical ideas
● Don’t forget to get and follow the feedback of audiences, and other musicians
● Take time and continue creating a large volume of great music

Tips 02: Engage & Support Active Audiences

Sounds confusing?

Let me explain…

People with excellent marketing skills are available in every social sharing platform, and SoundCloud is also no exception. Everyone loves to hear and share great music. In this case, you need to use those people for your benefit.

Find out channels with a large number of followers and views. The channel could be

● Promotional channels
● Other musicians with high views
● Repost channels

It would be best not to ignore offsite listeners.

They might not have an extensive follower list, but that doesn’t mean they will be unable to send followers to your channel.

Make sure to get the best out of the below:

● YouTube channels
● Radio stations
● Spotify playlists
● Vloggers
● Hype Machine
● Blogs

You need to ensure that you find channels that suit your music genre. Also, listen to their music/uploads or share.

Tips 03: Email is the Secret (an oldie but a goodie strategy)

Everyone keeps saying- Email marketing is dead.


For creating a network, Email is the best option than other methods.

Artists, avid music fans, promo channels, everyone uses Email, and you can get connected with them via Email, regardless of their social media platform.

While sending an email, consider the below options.

● A valid mail ID and recipients check quite often
● Clear and simple writing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are also excellent options for creating the network; Email works effectively. To track email opens, we recommend you use extensions.

Prepare a list using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets with the details of the relevant people. Consider maintaining the below tips while sending an email.

● Don’t write unnecessary sentences. Get to the point and be precise. A recipient might have less time to read emails.
● Send a downloadable SoundCloud link so that the recipient can listen to your music easily.
● Treat the recipient as a human. Send an email once and avoid putting anyone on the CC.
● Not everyone has time to reply to your message. So if you don’t get a reply from someone, follow up once a week or two.

Tip 04: Use Metadata

SoundCloud features the “Discover” tab and the responsibility to make your music available for listeners. Metadata is an effective way to do it. Follow the below points after uploading your music which will help SoundCloud understand your music genre.

● Correct tags of your genre
● Tagging relevant tracks
● Give an appropriate name of your track
● Give an eye-catchy description

Giving the correct tag is more crucial than you think.


…because your track will be placed according to it.

Use the “Charts” feature along with the “Discover” option. It works best when you get more followers and views of your track.

More importantly, when you use relevant Metadata, Google will show your track in search results. Isn’t it amazing?

If you are wondering, how does it happen?

Here the factor is:

Google understands texts; if Google finds that people listen to and share your music a lot, the chances of showing up in the search result increase.

Tip 05: Say Big No to Short-cuts

You heard the advice a million times…“You will not get long-term benefits if you attempt short-cuts.”

Buying plays is a method that people attempt. This way, you can get thousands of extra plays.

The truth is, you are damaging your career by following this way. Your account may shut down if SoundCloud understands that you are buying plays. Fans and audiences will lose their trust in you.

Don’t assume that SoundCloud cannot find this illegal method- Actually, this platform is more intelligent than you think.

Keep in mind; you accepted SoundCloud’s “Terms of Use” when creating an account and according to the “terms and conditions,” buying plays is illegal.

Another thing to consider…

Fake stats may help you gain immediate success. However, organic growth will stop one day as a result. In fact, the long-lasting result is not confirmed.

Tip 06: Sync Up Your Social Media

Your music will indeed perform better on SoundCloud with a synchronized social media strategy. In addition, creating a large audience on multiple platforms will help you benefit from the spillover effect.

● Upload your track on SoundCloud
● Release it on your YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
● Interact your fans a lot on different platforms

Every new follower of one platform will more likely follow you on other platforms.


Get exposed to new users by uploading your track on YouTube. However, don’t think you will need to upload a music video. If you share a track with still images, it would be better than sharing nothing. Here, the most important thing is keeping yourself active on YouTube.


Be unique, approachable, and engaging on Twitter to create a 2-way communication between your fans. Twitter is one of the best ways to increase the views of SoundCloud rappers.

While establishing a connection between your Twitter and SoundCloud account, make sure to embed 30-seconds of your new music.


Want to put a face to your name?

Use Instagram.

Yeah, nothing compares with Instagram when it comes to establishing a brand. You can share your new track on Instagram Lives and Stories. This will help you get some new views.

Tip 07: Analyze Your Demographics

Like all other major DSPs, in-depth first-party data on their performance on the platform, this data will help you make your next marketing strategy for increasing views.

SoundCloud analytics share detailed data on the performance of your music. By analyzing the data, you can understand your followers and viewers better. According to the data, optimize your general marketing campaign and advertising.

Tip 08: Let the Bloggers Access Your Tunes Easily
Controlling your digital PR is so effortless with SoundCloud. Share your tunes with journalists and bloggers. Also, control whether they will be able to stream only or download.

Tip 09: Privately Share Your Work-in-Progress

When working on a new track, use “Private Sharing Feature” with your fans. Thus, you can share exclusive content to receive feedback from your friends, colleagues, and bandmates without releasing it to the whole world.

Tip 10: Share Free Tracks
You can offer free downloads of your music to your fans on SoundCloud. Select some of your best tracks and allow your fans to download them. Your music may go viral if you do so.

Tip 11: Always Remain Engaged
One of the exceptional features of SoundCloud is that it enables your audience to comment on specific music or tunes.

Always check your follower’s or viewers’ comments. Reply to them politely. Also, it would be best if you left comments on other musicians’ tunes.

Tip 12: Join “Groups”

SoundCloud has a plethora of groups based on location and music genre. Select a few groups that suit your music genre. Then, join them and submit your tune. This will help you build a community that can bring sales and increases your presence.

Tip 13: Follow Actively Engaged Person

In many ways, SoundCloud is a social platform. Several content creators, bookers, critics, listeners, etc., are there on this platform. You can be a part of this social media creator and listener.

However, following people that follow you is not always necessary. At the same time, we advise you to follow people actively engaged in SoundCloud with your genre.
They can probably share your music with their family and friends in the end.

Tip 14: Use All SoundCloud Features

The Premium SoundCloud account is full of additional features. With multiple additional features, you can customize your player to boost up the views of your playlists and tracks.

These features offer benefits, especially when posting your tracks on blogs or websites. Thus, your tracks will receive visual background as well as waveform sits.

Moreover, you can turn on the auto-play feature as soon as your track ends. So, take the benefits of every feature that SoundCloud offers.

Tip 15: Create a Podcast

Here, you need to choose a popular topic carefully. Identify a familiar niche. The niche can be wellness tips, politics, interesting stories, celebrity news, and many more.

Then follow the below points meticulously.

● Make sure to use the right recording components and microphones. This way, the chance of going viral will be lower.
● Develop interesting—funny conversation to improve the popularity of the podcast. Make sure to ask varying questions to inspire lively debate.
● Invite a guest who has a large fan following. The appearance of the guests will influence their fans to enjoy the podcast.

Tip 16: Upload Songs of 3-5 Minutes Long

Generally, listeners don’t like long songs. So, 3-5-minute-long songs are the best option to upload. In contrast, it is not necessary to follow the rule. However, this guideline would help determine how long your uploaded song would be.

Tip 17: Alter Your Song as per the Music Trend or Song Popularity

Be realistic; all your uploaded tracks will not gain popularity. However, some particular tracks will be popular, and your followers will like or share them more. Continue creating those tracks.

Analyze your data using tools such as YouTube Analytics or Soundcloud Pro to identify the popular tracks. The more mass appealing track will be more likely to go viral.

Tip 18: Use Original, Memorable Avatar

Choose a unique, recognizable, and original avatar in your SoundCloud profile. You must avoid using the stock image or other things. The avatar should be a picture of your identity. You will be able to stand out among other musicians on SoundCloud.

Tip 19: Share Behind the Story of Making the Music

Sharing stories behind your music will help you create connections with your fans. The more you engage with your audience and fans, the more your viewers will enjoy your track.

Tip 20: Share the URL of Your SoundCloud Profile Wherever Possible

Share your SoundCloud profile on different social media. Post your content and encourage people to like them. If you have a portfolio website, show the URL on the Home Page. Adding a social media profile will surely be a good idea.

● Your post may have wording like “Hey! I am organizing podcasts on different music genres. Don’t miss my show on SoundCloud!”
● You can add a SoundCloud Profile in your email signature.

How to Know If It Is Working?

SoundCloud has its own set of data for the user that gives a clear picture of the performance of the music. However, tackling multiple platforms and mediums is necessary to have a complete view.

SoundCharts does the same.

It gathers data from different music platforms, both local and global. You will get an artist’s career with a 360° view, real-time insight, and many more.


How can I promote my song on SoundCloud for free?

Well, you can do it using different methods. The most effective way is shared below.

● Use give-away free periods, which will encourage viewers to download the music.
● You can privately share your tunes with particular fans or followers
● Email your music to journalists or bloggers for review

Does SoundCloud PRO unlimited promote your music?

With SoundCloud Pro unlimited, the below features are available.

● Unlimited uploads of your music
● Access to full data
● Additional tools to improve your viewers

Another worth-mentioning feature is, for SoundCloud Pro users, sign up is possible in the distribution and marketing engine Repost by SoundCloud that takes the responsibility to share your iTunes to Apple Music, Spotify, or Instagram without additional cost.

Is promoting SoundCloud real?

Generally, buying promotions for SoundCloud is illegal. Also, there are so-called websites that sell advertising for SoundCloud, and the truth is, they are all fake. Many pages will offer you to buy likes and reposts at an attractive price. Don’t get into those traps since you will not bring long-term results.

How do I make my song viral?

In fact, without creating great music, becoming viral is quite impossible. But, on the other hand, when you develop exceptional tunes and share-worthy content, it will automatically market your songs. So, the first and foremost tip is, be 100% authentic and tell your stories differently.

The Takeaway…

With hard work, collaborating, sharing, and engaging, the process of how to get views on SoundCloud will never be a difficult one.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of SoundCloud. But more importantly, they are not only effective for SoundCloud, but also you can follow them to improve the view of your music, stories, posts, or services.

Best of Luck!

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