Being a musician is easy if you have a love for music in your heart and your favorite instrument on hand (in my case, it’s the Ukulele!).

But here is the real kicker:

How will people across the world listen to you?

Well, here comes SoundCloud-one of the most popular platforms to play and promote and become the star of your dreams.

Have you ever wondered how to make money on SoundCloud? Let me disclose every nook and corner here for you.

How to Make Money on SoundCloud with Premier?

Right now, big bootie mix 20 SoundCloud is on the top. You will find over a million plays and 40K+ likes.

So they are not that worried about SoundCloud’s premier monetization.

Wondering why?

There are a few routes for an emerging artist to venture into.

We all know, Soundcloud is a social media platform initially designed for musicians to upload their music so listeners could check them out.

But not only musicians use Soundcloud.

Many comedians, podcasters, radio shows, and other content creators are starting to flock over to the site. It is effortless to share their content with thousands or even millions worldwide.
The other side of the coin is:

SoundCloud offers several membership options, the most popular being their $16 per month SoundCloud Premier monetization tier that comes with 55% net revenue share and features unlimited uploading privileges.

Buy Premier Subscription

Founder Alex Ljung has been quoted in an article by The Verge as saying, “what we want to do is be the artist’s friend on Soundcloud .”

And guess what?

They also have shorter-term subscriptions available such as three months at $3/mo or six months at 2$ or more than just one year ($5).

But these don’t come close when compared to Spotify’s 50% NSS bonus rate, which can go up until infinity.

Works Great….. if You are in Selected Countries

There are only nine countries that can monetize the content of this app. Furthermore, these numbers seem a bit generous to me, and it’s unclear where exactly all those revenue streams come from!

SoundCloud is an excellent platform (if you consider SoundCloud money per stream) for artists who want to make their music without relying on other sources. Still, it can sometimes be difficult if you’re unsure how much money your work will generate.

Need to Have an Eye on Listeners

The SoundCloud Premier Payment system bases revenue on advertising and subscriptions. However, there are currently no concrete numbers available about what “per 1000 listener streams ” means, making it hard to decide whether or not the platform works in favor of those using it.

Get it?

With SoundCloud’s financial incentives, it is no wonder that many users are attracted to the platform. They have reported different numbers from 1 cent per 1000 streams up until 3 dollars for a track played ten times on Spotify!

This high payout can help indie musicians get the exposure they might not otherwise receive while still making some profit themselves in between album releases or tours – something we all want, right?

How to Make Money from Your Music on SoundCloud without Premier?

SoundCloud is the perfect platform for artists and producers to share their music with others.

With 3 SUPER simple steps, you can start monetizing your SoundCloud in a snap!

Listing products on Sellfy will allow listeners access through links that go directly back into purchases from your account on this website.

Adding links or mentions of any sort helps promote what’s available by giving them another opportunity to browse online, looking at the content they might enjoy listening to. It could mean more sales opportunities down the line as well.

Create your account on the Sellfy store

You can set up a listing in just minutes, and with Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools, you’ll be ready to take on the world!

Step 1:

If you want to sell your products online, go ahead and create a store on Sellfy. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! You can get started with nothing more than an email address and password; there are four different subscription plans available, including the free trial if needed.

Step 2:

Now you can start selling your digital products. First, go to Products and select “Digital Products .” You will see an option for adding new items.

Step 3:

You can upload your product right now and start marketing it. You just need to put some information about the song, album, or sample for people interested to know what they will be getting themselves into when listening/downloading from you!

On your SoundCloud profile, you can add links to drive traffic and sales of items at through three different locations:

● The track description field that’s visible when listeners are searching for new music
● A buy-link between songs on an artist or producer’s bio page allows users to want more information about this particular piece before purchasing it outright.
● Add directly into one’s personal narrative by writing “Shop Here ” under certain circumstances, such as being mentioned during another person’s song/performance.

Add a track description field

To upload a new track, just paste the web address in the “Description” window when uploading. You can also add links to any of your previously uploaded products by opening them and clicking “Edit .”

The buy link allows your listeners to purchase individual tracks directly from your music catalog. It’s placed under each track, and when clicked, takes them through Sellfy, where they can make their purchase easily without ever having left the site they were listening on!

The best way to make your track sale-ready is by using buy links. Then, when uploading a new song, go under “Metadata” and add it to make it easy for shoppers, and you’re already there!

What does this mean to you?

Adding this information ensures that potential customers will drop money on what they like without searching too much and going through a lot of trouble.

The easiest way to add a buy link is by opening the track and clicking “Edit.” You can then update your metadata so that people who find their favorite song on Soundclick will be able to purchase it through their website!

Wanna know the hacks of how you can get more followers on your social media?

Try linking up all of the information that would be most interesting for people interested in following you, like where and what type of music they enjoy listening to. The link might just end up being with conversion rates!

Currently, Linktree has become a big hype to showcase and promote your talents. Why don’t you link your SoundCloud with Linktree to see the magic?

For more than 90k fans on SoundCloud and 10,000 Instagram followers to boot, Swambeats is an artist they can’t live without. He’s got everything from merchandising his tour dates through sell-able products like drum kits or samples in the form of sound design for creative professionals who need it all set up quickly!

Promote Your Channel Now

SoundCloud has been an excellent platform for artists to share their music and promote sales. Data shows that listeners on Soundcloud are 62% more likely to rely on buying music than those who listen elsewhere, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore other marketing tactics! When it comes to boosting music sales, this platform is still a treasure trove.

You can use social media and Sellfy’s marketing tools to promote your channel.

The SoundCloud service has over 175 million monthly visitors and is one of America’s most extensive music streaming services. However, it should not be an exclusive outlet for your work- you can promote it on Instagram or Youtube as well!

The use of multiple social media platforms simultaneously will help you to reach wider audiences and gain more visibility. And obviously, it will help you to earn more money through your music.

Sellfy is the tool that will help you optimize the sales and marketing process, so it’s easier for customers looking at products like yours!

The secret sauce for earning more $$$$$ in Soundcloud

Sellfy stores are customizable so that you can make yours one of a kind. Design the website to match your brand or persona.

Simply make it YOURs!

It’s excellent for new artists or bands to start their label with powerful features like social accounts that AI powers!

How to Boost your Music and Brand with SoundCloud?

Building your domain is an effective way to boost the exposure and popularity of music besides Spotify or SoundCloud.

The simple truth is… We live in a digital era & w with one’s online presence in hand, they could reach thousands with just a few clicks!

Artists, podcasters, and composers should consider other platforms like Buzzsprout to promote their skills.

As an artist, It allows you to upload content easily. And guess what, a $20 Amazon Gift Card is waiting if you sign up for their paid plans!

Youtube is the go-to for all your online entertainment needs.

With 1 billion monthly users, you’re sure to find something in this platform that equally interests and excites you!

Finally, you can promote yourself and your brand by building a website with your chosen domain name. That’s really easy, isn’t it?

They will get acquainted with more information about what it is that makes up this awesome person called “You ” ( and “Your Music,” of course).

By the way… Where are SoundCloud monetized tracks available to stream?

Right now, only nine countries in North America and the European Union enjoy the privilege of SoundCloud monetization. The countries include:

● US
● UK
● Canada
● Australia
● France
● Germany
● Ireland
● The Netherlands, and
● New Zealand

If you are currently in any of those nine countries, promoting and earning from your talent is easy. Otherwise, you may have to wait until other countries get approved for monetization.

How many views on SoundCloud do you need to make money?


SoundCloud has opened up its premier membership to all independent creators. Now, you need at least 5,000 plays in the past month.

That’s a fact!

If you are an indie artist looking for more exposure and feedback on your work, these are the must SoundCloud monetization requirements!

But it will probably depend entirely upon their artistic merit rather than how much money was made from them to determine whether those particular uploads can become exclusive here at Remix Music Lovers TV!

Keep in mind:

You should note that the only type of post allowed on this channel is original content. It’s unclear if any other types, like podcasts or remixes, for instance, with DJ sets, also qualify as well since they are monetized through SoundCloud Premier.

How to monetize a track on SoundCloud?

By adding links to your profile, you take the opportunity to showcase yourself and grow a fanbase and make money while doing it!

How cool is that?

This has been steadily gaining momentum as an effective way for artists of all levels or qualities. Even those just starting out-to monetize their sound through selling tracks directly from where they are uploading them to create additional revenue streams. It helps them produce tracks without having any upfront costs associated with studio time, etc.

But here’s something exciting…

Artists like Coal Harrison have been using SoundCloud to share their music and promote kits and remixes for sale on the platform.

Kount’s approach follows a long tradition in which artists monetize without sharing profit with SoundCloud. This option works better than the Premier plan available from another source and more conveniently since you don’t need an account at all!

How much does SoundCloud pay you per song?

SoundCloud has been a destination for emerging artists to share their work.

Here is why:

According to SoundCloud pay per stream 2021, on average, it pays out from $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream. It means, for every 1000 plays, you’d receive between $2.5 to $4.

For example, if an artist uploads ten songs and makes $1,000 from those songs on SoundCloud, they will receive 45% of that money and disburse the rest to the artist, which is 550 dollars. This revenue number is more than what Spotify offers its users.

Is SoundCloud Good for New Musicians?

Let’s be honest here……

SoundCloud should not be a musician’s only income source.

Wondering why?

This would only make sense if they had several hundred thousand streams per month and could deduct hosting costs accordingly.

Otherwise, you’re better off with another platform that provides more financial benefits, such as YouTube or Spotify.

Final Words

SoundCloud is a popular streaming platform that offers many benefits to artists, but it’s not the highest-paying music service out there.

This doesn’t mean you stop considering Soundcloud altogether!

In fact, with such an enormous audience and huge potential reach of your content on this site, even if only 1000 people stream or download, it can still yield good money-making opportunities for you as an artist. So know how to start making money on SoundCloud & seize the opportunity.

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