Have you ever wondered how those famous TikTok celebrities run their careers on the platform? Well, if you have, you certainly wouldn’t be the first person to do so.

TikTok is an enticing media platform, but how do people earn money on it? It is a question that baffles most beginner content creators looking to make a buck.

Luckily, TikTok does pay its creators in different ways, some conveniently easy, others not so straightforward. Wondering how to make money on TikTok? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we have detailed some ways for you to do just that!

Why Try Making Money from TikTok?

Nowadays, wherever you look, you will see the influence of TikTok creators. People who put their heart and soul into entertaining millions of their followers worldwide.

Most of them started as small-time content creators who wanted to share their humor, passion, creativity, etc., with the rest of the world. Finally, however, they have reached a point where they can make a living off their career on the platform.

Making money on TikTok with your videos is so enticing because the platform is really entertaining for the creator and the audience.

Creating content on TikTok is fun in many ways, with the main reason being that the process of making videos is intriguing. You have a 30 second to a 3-minute window of an opportunity where you can share whatever you want with your followers. But, TikTok doesn’t just let you make a video; it also allows you to add various songs, sound effects, visual effects, captions, etc., to make them even more attractive and entertaining.

If you were to compare the platform with something like YouTube, TikTok always comes out on top as the website with the most accessibility.

To make videos on YouTube, you need to have a specific set of equipment like a dedicated video camera, lighting systems, microphones, paid editing software, etc.

On the other hand, you only need your phone to make videos on TikTok. Of course, you can always use the resources mentioned earlier to enhance your content further, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need them to make quality content.

So, because of these reasons, TikTok is a great platform that enables you to earn your work’s expected value and entertain people in the process.

Methods of Making Money

Now that we know why making money on TikTok is so lucrative, we can move on to the actual methods and ways you can earn a buck for your videos.


The simplest way of making money on TikTok is to receive donations from your followers. Even though this isn’t a new concept, the way it works on TikTok is unique in its execution.

This feature is lucrative as it allows your followers to donate money to you directly. Whether you’re a beginner creator or a seasoned veteran, donations can come in handy when no other option is available.

To implement this feature in your videos, you need to enable the Coins system on your profile. When you activate this system, users can go into your profile and buy a virtual currency called Coins.

In general, a hundred coins will set earn you about 1.39 dollars. After buying these coins, a follower can send you these coins to thank you for the content they enjoy.

Now, what can you do with these coins when you eventually receive them from your loyal follower base?

You can take these coins and turn them into another virtual currency called Diamonds and convert them into cash via the payment management service PayPal.

Using this donation method, your followers can easily gift you for your work without relying on any external donation method.

It also cuts out any middlemen that could take a cut from the donation, making the process seamless and easy.

Selling Merchandise

If you are on the internet and watch any content creator, you will find that most of them have their own merchandising brands that they frequently promote.

Also, if you have a somewhat decent following on TikTok, you can promote and sell your own merch as well. Clothing apparel sells the best since people desire designer clothing more than anything.

It even helps to hire promoters and brands to help push your merchandising brand further.

Managing Creator Campaigns

This method is one of the more oddball methods of earning money on TikTok, as not everyone can do it.

Managing campaigns that other creators run on the platform can also help you make money. You could be the social media manager or the intern to someone’s influencer campaign and earn money that way.

On influencer campaigns like the ones on TikTok, your job can be to make the agreements, ensure both parties are satisfied, oversee all the deliverables, etc.

All of these jobs can be potential money makers if you decide to charge your employer a fee.

If you are wondering if there is any automated system for this process, you will be delighted to know that TikTok already has a built-in influencer program that helps brands find potential partners. With these systems, you could act as a mediator between two partners to broker a deal for a fee.

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Ads on TikTok

On other social media websites, you’ll see something called paid ads. What this means is that brands will pay social media websites to run their ads on the web pages.

With this method, you could easily earn a few extra bucks by running paid ads on your TikTok profile.

Lucky for you, TikTok already has a program for paid ads called the TikTok Ad Platform. You can register for the process by simply looking up “TikTok Ads”and following the instructions that it entails.

How much you get paid by running ads on your TikTok page is entirely dependent on the brand and the cut that TikTok takes.

Managerial Jobs

Being a content creator on TikTok is not the only way to earn money. Like most other social media sites, you could manage someone else’s TikTok page in exchange for a fixed payment.

The most popular creators on TikTok have millions upon millions of followers on their pages, so it becomes an arduous process to maintain everything. That is where you come in with your managerial offering.

You can start by contacting them with your offer and see if they reply to you with an answer. After both parties have negotiated the terms of the job, you can get started on the page and earn money.

Being the manager of someone else’s TikTok page doesn’t just mean you get to post their videos whenever they tell you to.

In most cases, your employer will require you to write out captions for their videos, edit them, or even handle business negotiations like sponsorship deals. So, another way of making money on TikTok is by managing someone else’s page.

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Consulting Services

Now, this method only applies to people who are already moderately successful with their career on TikTok.

You will eventually reach a point where you know what makes a hit video in your career. Also, you know how you can attract a wide range of people with a video on the platform.

If you reach this stage of success and knowledge, you can start consulting people on how they can be successful like you.

This method is an excellent way of putting the knowledge you have gained over your career to good use.

Just like you, many creators on TikTok start off with zero followers and views on their videos, but as they see the content of famous creators, they want to taste that success as well.

Luckily for them and you, they are willing to take any advice they can that will help them gain popularity. Here is where you come in with your consultation services.

You can promote yourself by making a brand related to your consultation services and start getting offers from struggling creators.

Of course, you can’t start your brand of consultation services without proper expertise. You need to know what you are doing when it comes to the specifics of TikTok.

A beginner content creator can’t consult anyone on anything because people will dismiss their advice as rookie mistakes.

Hence, a professional TikToker is the only one who can provide such services. They will have the necessary expertise and knowledge to advise someone how they can gain a million views.

Another bonus point is that you can earn money from their success as well. When the creator you have advised gains their desired views or followers, you can charge them a fee as you were their consultant and partially responsible for their success.

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Creating Accounts to Sell Them

One such unorthodox way you could make money is by making accounts to sell them.

You might not know, but there is a huge market for buying and selling TikTok pages with a large following. The more followers and views a TikTok account has, the more valuable it is.

In terms of making money on the platform, this is becoming an increasingly lucrative way of earning money. More and more brands are investing in accounts with a large following.

Brands are vying for ownership of popular TikTok pages because they are great advertising spaces.

When using an account that is used, you can access an already large follower base without having to work for it.

Moreover, brands provide a handsome sum of money for accounts with a specific niche. Having a niche can undoubtedly raise the chances of a brand offering to buy your account since they can focus their product marketing on a specific set of people.

So, if you are someone who loves to make content on TikTok, you can make videos with your favorite topics, gain new followers and views every day and maintain a stable career.

Once you are done with your profile, you can sell it to the brands looking for that niche account for a hefty sum.

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Running a Talent Agency

If you’ve got enough knowledge and resources, you could run your own talent agency where you manage multiple TikTok users.

It is a lot like managing actual celebrities in acting agencies. This service is game-changing for successful peoplewho don’t have the time to deal with the specifics of a career.

Suppose a TikTok creator makes a video and becomes famous overnight. They won’t be able to handle all the new traffic of people visiting their profiles.

Here is where you come in with your newly established talent agency!

You can find partnerships with brands that match the image of their profiles. Moreover, you could also manage their agreements and negotiate business deals on their behalf.

In terms of advertising, you could provide advice regarding maximizing their advertising deals and negotiating more benefits out of them.

With a talent agency, you could come up with newer ways of making money on the platform.

Selling Your Own Products

Not many people can make quality products that they can sell on TikTok. Hence you don’t see them that often on the platform.

However, don’t let that discourage you from advertising products. If you can get really creative with your marketing, you could reach a wide range of people, even outside of your initial following.

To sell your products, you will need to open a TikTok business account so that people can recognize that you are a legitimate seller.

Next, you should invest some time making your page look as attractive as possible. Try to display your products with enticing captions, great photos, and reasonable pricing.

Apart from opening a business account, you can advertise your products on the TikTok’sshopping tab. It is essentially a collaboration between TikTok and Shopify’s online shopping services.

With the shopping tab, you can open your own Shopify shopping page and promote your products without needing anything else.

You could even pay a fee that makes Shopify promote your products in various places.

Subscription Services

On the internet, you’ll find websites that let you follow a creator and their works in exchange for a monetary fee. This system is called the subscription system, and it is game-changing for overall convenience.

You could do the same on TikTok by providing people multiple tiers of subscriptions featuring lucrative rewards.

Initially, it is hard attracting new followers with this system, but you can still reel them in with low subscription tiers. You can get them to subscribe for a low rate and then advertise the higher ones so that they consider purchasing those tiers.

As for rewards, you could provide them with sneak peeks to new content, behind the scene footage, unique gifts, etc. All you need to do is ensure that you attract them with a stellar representation of yourself.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to deal with all these specifics, you could open a page on Patreon where you can avail these services effortlessly.

So, to reinstate the point, subscriptions work excellently for a content creator on TikTok because they allow you to focus on your career growth. At the same time, the revenue accumulates automatically.

Subscription-based TikTokersdon’t have to depend on other brands or influencers to make money off of their content. It is an entirely independent method of earning a buck for all your hard work.

Crowdfunding Influencer Projects

When you are on TikTok for a long time, you will see various influencers advertising their crowdfunded projects, asking for money.

In general, crowdfunding is an excellent way of earning money as it allows you to give back to your follower community and make a few bucks in the process.

This method is much deserved for content creators who work hard for their loyal follower base.You can use many services to raise funds for your project on TikTok.

Let’s discuss some of these services in summary:

  • Kickstarter

This is the most used crowdfunding website around the world and should be your first option

  • Indiegogo

If you are an absolute beginner that doesn’t know where to start, you could use this website as it allows for a more flexible budget for projects

  • Fundable

This is an excellent website if you are running a startup on TikTok and need money to fund your project.

  • Mightycause

If it is your first time running a crowdfunded project, you can try this since it is really beginner-friendly and helpful for first-timers.

  • Crowdcube

This option is great because it allows you to hire suitable companies to maintain your crowdfunding project while you work on the project itself.

What Should I Be Worried About?

Even though we’ve discussed all these methods of making money, you might be thinking, “Is there a catch?

Here’s where we prove you wrong while providing you with the correct knowledge on the things you should keep in mind.

Predatory Companies

On TikTok, you will find many companies that will scam you out of a deal or agreement at any given point.

They will contact you in hopes of getting a deal out of you and then run off with the money they have siphoned away in the name of “fees.”

Often, these brands operate on an appealing front, but all of it is just a disguise from their true colors. Shady business tactics, illicit behavior, extorting money – you name it, they will do it.

They will not stop at anything to steal your resources from you. Hence, you should always check each individual aspect of a business deal before even thinking of accepting it.

Secure Methods of Payment

On TikTok, you won’t find any direct way of paying someone, so a third-party service needs to accommodate all of the transactions.

When you are negotiating a business deal, you should discuss how you are going to get paid upfront.

As the internet is vulnerable to hacker attacks more than ever, there is no telling when someone will hack your account and steal all your money.

To deal with these problems, you can adopt a few measures like two-factor authentication, security questions, well-known banks, financial services, etc.

In a business agreement, you could ask them to provide you with a money receipt so that you don’t have to fall prey to a scam. These receipts are also a great way of getting verified on TikTok. In addition, you would access a wide range of previously unavailable features by getting verified.


People are scared to death when they hear the word “Taxation” somewhere. It is a topic that is almost universally dreaded.

If you think you will have to pay any taxes on your TikTok page, rest assured that TikTok does not solicit that kind of matter from your page.

The most you need to worry about is the cut TikTok takes when you use their promotional services and donation systems.

They also do not charge you any fee if you are on the TikTokcreator’s fund.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter what kind of TikTok user you are, as the thought of making money off of your content is enticingly lucrative.

It is an excellent way of getting your hard work’s value paid back and an even greater way of selling what you are best at.

With all that being said, beginner content creators still ponder upon the question of how to make money on TikTok.

As discussed in our guide, there are multiple ways of earning money on TikTok, some regular and others unorthodox.

Whatever method you end up adopting from our guide, we hope it will help you earn a hefty sum on the platform of TikTok.

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