Are you trying to figure out a way to go viral on TikTok? That’s understandable! TikTok is now one of the most popular apps amongst teenagers and adults. The short videos are so much fun to watch. With people stuck at home during quarantine, the app has gained a lot of viewers.

With more people in the app now, it’s not just a platform where teenagers post silly dances. Now, you can find a lot of varieties of accounts for interests of all kinds. If you want more views and wonder how to make your TikTok go viral, you have come to the right place.

There’s no way of assuring that a video will go viral. It entirely depends on the quality of the content, the time you posted, and the uniqueness. But, there are a few tactics that you can follow to give your TikTok a little bit of a nudge.

Tips on How to Make Your TikTok Go Viral

As we mentioned before, there’s no set guideline that you can follow to make your TikTok go viral. But, you can make a few adjustments to TikTok to attract more viewers.


With TikTok rapidly growing, more and more people are downloading the app. That means that you have a lot more competitors as a TikToker now. If you are following a trend, someone else is also following the same trend by now.

Trends and challenges have a lot of variations. How will you stand out amongst the crowd? We recommend that you follow trends, but with your twist. If you are making a TikTok about some challenges, you should add your uniqueness to that video. Creativity is well appreciated in the app.

If you have made a video similar to what many other TikTokers have made, your viewers will have no reason to watch your TikTok. But, when you make the video a little bit different, viewers are more enticed and curious to watch TikTok.

Have a Great Intro

Big dog videos are pretty short. You have very little time to grab viewers’ attention. If a viewer stumbled upon your video, you need to grab the attention within the first few seconds. You need to have a very intriguing and banging intro to do this. If the user is not curious about the ending of your video in the first few seconds of the TikTok starting, there’s a high possibility that the viewer will skip the video entirely.

You can add a very catchy or trendy song, some unique prop, or eye-catching visual effects to grab the viewer’s attention from he very beginning. Make sure that the users understand what the video will be about. Making viewers wait and holding suspense is not a concept that will work on this app.

Use Trendy Music

Lots of musicians now make music only for TikTok. Short and informative TikToks are pretty trendy on the app. Also, you will rarely find a TikTok that doesn’t have music in the background. Singers and music technicians have figured out that the app has a lot of potential fortunes. That is why you will see that many singers gain recognition from this platform. A great way to make your TikTok go viral is by using these trendy songs.

You can find trendy music that you can automatically add to the background from TikTok music suggestion. If you are looking for something unique, you can try and scroll to your ‘For You’ page to find out what music is trending right now.

Catchy music has been used in the entertainment industry to attract viewer attention for a very long time. It’s a technique that has worked for months.

Using Audio Voice

If you are on TikTok, you might already be very familiar with the concept of automated voices. While this is an easy way to add audio voice to TikTok, adding your actual voice in the background is better.

The app algorithm analyzes keywords and information about the video to choose the right audience. When you add a voiceover to your video, you give the app more information about your TikTok. This way, the app will take your video to your appropriate audience using the keywords in the voiceover.

It is a fantastic way to find the right audience for your TikTok and gain growth.

Add Good Content

Yes, dancing videos on TikTok go viral a lot quicker. These videos are pretty popular amongst teenagers. And because teenagers are the vast majority of TikToks users, these videos seem to gain popularity quickly. But, even teenagers might get bored of watching dancing videos on and on on the app. You can make a TikTok that tells a story to stand out in the crowd.

Yes, you can participate in these trendy dancing videos and challenges, but add your twist by adding a small story. Also, if you’re not comfortable dancing or taking part in TikTok challenges, you can make simple storytelling videos. It can be anything from fun facts, history, current affairs, conspiracy theories, pop culture news, to even regular storytime content.

The advantage of adding stories in your TikTok is that it’s always unique. When you tell a story of your own, you are making content that is one of a kind. Because a viewer will only find content like that in your account, the possibility of growth in views increases.

Call for Engagement

When TikTok sees that a video has a lot of likes, comments, and shares, it will generally push the content to more viewers. So, if you can get your viewers to engage in your content, there’s a higher possibility of your video growing faster.

You might have seen that most videos with millions of likes and views have the statement “like for part two” or “comment down below” in the end. TikTok users add these statements at the end of the video for grabbing and calling for viewer engagement.

If you are making a storyline video, try splitting the story into two or three parts. At the end of the video, ask your audience if they want to hear part two of the story. If your content is interesting enough, viewers will surely like and comment underneath the video. When TikTok recognizes this commenting and liking spree, it will push your video to more audiences.

Click Baits

No, No matter what social media platform you are on, you always need to give your audience a reason to click on your video or content. A great way to do this is by adding clickbait to the video. The secret to adding click baits in content is that less is more.

For example, if you’re making a storytime TikTok, you can add a fun prop behind in your background. It can be anything from an eye-catching showpiece, your pets, a unique collection of art, or anything attention-grabbing. You can also try and dress up, do your makeup well, or add fun details to your outlook to grab attention. What this will do is, when people are clicking on your TikTok to hear the story, the clickbait or fun prop that you have added to the video will catch their eye.

Because you’re talking about the story in TikTok and not talking about the clickbait prop in the video, users will most likely comment underneath your content to learn more about it.

They might ask you where you got your art collection from and how you did your makeup; they can ask you to post more of your pets or comment on your background props. With increased comments, TikTok will understand that this video has potential and push it towards more audiences.

Leave Room for Comments

If you answer all the questions of a storytime or a TikTok in the video, users will have no reason to comment on your content.

This concept is a bit clickbait-y as well. For example, you are showing your viewers a recipe for cookies. Please include all of the ingredients you will need in the video, talk about them in-depth, but leave out a small detail, such as the number of ingredients required. When users try to follow your recipe, they will be confused about how much of an ingredient they need to use. That will push them to comment underneath the video about the amount.

With more comments underneath your video, your video will now grow faster.

Controversial Content

Now, this is a path that you should choose very carefully. A great way to grab user attention quickly is by making a video on a controversial topic. It can be anything from current affairs to recent controversies in pop culture or the entertainment industry. If you talk about a topic that is controversial or quite in trend at the moment, users will be more curious about your content.

Keep in mind, that when making videos about controversial topics, you should always be sure that you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Stay away from hate speech and insults. If you get banned once on TikTok, it’s the end of your career. Audiences in TikTok can help you grow overnight and, at the same time, take everything away from you in seconds. You have to be very careful about the content you put out on the internet.

Leave Parts That Need to Be Rewatched

If you are making a room/house tour type of video, or even a storytelling type video, you can skip through some parts of the video very quickly.

If you are making a house decor door-type video, you can move the camera very fast over a unique piece of furniture that you have. The furniture needs to be very eye-catching. So, when you move quickly over the furniture, your viewers will have to rewatch that specific part of the video to get a better look at the object.

User is might even comment underneath your video to show the furniture in detail in another video. Not only does this give you another content idea to post, but it also increases your reach.

Use Unique Hashtags

There are a lot of basic hashtags that you can use underneath your TikTok video. Hashtags such as, ‘#ForYouPage’, for you, trendy, are prevalent. To make your video stand out more, you can try and add unique hashtags. Add a tag that describes the content that you have put out. But, because these generic hashtags work like magic to make your videos go viral, you can also add them underneath the main hashtags.

What Happens If Your TikTok Goes Viral?

When you post a video on TikTok that goes viral, you grab more viewer attention. That allows you to gain more followers on TikTok. Once you have more followers, the content that you post will be viewed by more people. It increases your overall number of views, making your account look more professional.

Making viral videos on TikTok gives you the opportunity to gain authentic and organic followers. The followers you gain by making a viral video will most often interact with your TikTok. This way, the videos you make in the future have a higher possibility of gaining better reach.

Final Verdict

If you’re wondering how to make your TikTok go viral, there are a lot of techniques that you can follow. The opportunities are endless, from making controversial videos to adding click baits on your TikTok. But keep in mind that there is no set guideline that you can follow to make your TikTok viral.

Making TikTok go viral will depend on a lot of things. It depends on the type of content you are putting out, the time you are posting, and the quality of content. We’ve given you a few tips that you can follow to help boost your content on the platform. So, use these techniques and watch your videos grow instantaneously!

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