Twicsy Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Twicsy Reviews: Scam or Legit?

It’s difficult to imagine a world without Instagram in 2022.

From real-life small business owners to top brands- Everyone is using this platform to market their stuff in the digital age.

The problem?

The average engagement on Instagram is getting lower and lower every single day. That’s obviously not good news for marketers. To cope with this situation, influencers and brands are taking help from various social media marketing services.

Twicsy is such an SMM promotional agency.

Now Let us take a guess….. You probably have seen Twicsy Reviews, which creates quite a buzz in Instagram marketing and started wondering if it is legit or a scam. Or perhaps you are looking for some other alternatives to take your Instagram marketing game to the next level?

Whatever the reason is, you’ve hit the right spot. This article is all about this agency – The Good, bad, and Ugly parts.

Twicsy Reviews

So what is Twicsy? Is it Scam or Legit?

Twicsy is a social media marketing brand that works especially with Insta promotional marketing. Currently, they are offering three Instagram bundles-

Buy Instagram Likes: An IG likes bundle ranging from 50 to 10000 from real users (as per their claim). A package designed to help influencers in “IG Listing” & “Explore page”.

Buy Instagram followers: Starting from 500 followers and this IG follower package has a wide range of variety. As they say – Twicsy helps Insta profile to gain more visibility, recognition, and exposure quickly.

Buy Instagram views: A service designed for Brands, small businesses, and individuals to give Safe and Proven Views to make their videos go viral.

The main question is – Are they scam or safe?

Twicsy claims that they provide high-quality IG engagements (Like, followers, views) from Real Users, Real Accounts. These may not be 100% organic, but with an above 4.5 rating in Trustpilot reviews, it looks legit, not a scam.

Let’s see how they actually work: Choose the package> Fill in the info> See the growth.

Yes, we gotta admit that they made the process user-friendly and super easy. As a relatively new company, they are doing ok.

Things Reviewers Like About This Site

Specialized in Instagram campaigns: This is something Instagram marketers really appreciate. The team seems dedicated to giving their whole effort on this specific platform which makes them experts in creating any marketing strategy for Instagram.

Refund policy: This is obviously a well-thought feature of Twicsy. To satisfy their customer, they offer a complete refund on any order that didn’t complete correctly.

Cheap rate: Considering the bundle size, the bundle price is pretty reasonable. The price range is between 2$ to 200$, depending on the size and number of the package.

Things that disappoint Reviewers a little bit

Slow response of support staff: Some users claim to wait hours to get any response from the support system.

Only limited to Instagram marketing: Influencer marketers usually are present on all platforms. As Twiscsy is currently offering services only for IG, marketers must go to other social media agencies for help.

Not a Multi-Language site: In an increasingly connected world, users come from all over the world. And having only an English language site makes it a little difficult to communicate.

Let’s see some Alternatives to Twicsy

Yes, Twicsy has some awesome features. But like Every service provider, they got some limitations too.

If you are looking for an alternative, Social Kingo is worth mentioning.

What’s so unique about them?

This UK-based Company comes with a vast range of social media marketing and promotion services. What we adore about this site is- Not only Instagram; they are helping every social media platform. From aspiring celebrities to small businesses, they have a long list of loyal customers.

Another promising SMM agency that will grab your attention is UpTopSocial; yes, that’s us!

A relatively new website makes a name in this industry with some awesome works. When it comes to service, they are also quite versatile. Their services include….

1. Facebook

2. TikTok

3. Instagram

4. YouTube

5. LinkedIn

6. Reddit

7. Quora

8. Pinterest

9. Soundcloud

10. Twitter

11. Spotify

Now let’s compare these three service providers head-to-head

Features Twicsy Social Kingo UpTopSocial
30 Days Refill Guarantee No Yes Yes
Live Chat No Yes Yes
WhatsApp Support No Yes Yes
Multilingual site NO Yes Currently No
Versatile service No (only limited in Instagram) Yes Yes
Affordable Price Yes Yes Yes
Privacy ok Best Good

Related FAQ

Is Twicsy a reliable site? Are Twicsy followers active?

Yes, they are safe. But users are complaining that followers are not active.

Are Twicsy and Buzzoid the same?

Twicsy is an extension of Buzzoid, which is currently working in IG promotion only.

Is Twicsy provides real followers?

No, it has been seen that Twicsy followers are not 100% real.

How quickly does Twicsy work?

They promise delivery in 24 hours or less (though some users do not agree with this claim).

What are Twicsy premium followers?

It is one of their special offers with 100% high-quality accounts, claimed to be active on Instagram, and has a profile pic, bio, posts, and followers.

Final Verdict

Twicsy made a name in the Instagram promotional service industry. Yes, there are some flaws and scope to improve their service- but they are doing ok and definitely not a scam.

Customers have a mixed reaction to the support system of Twicsy reviews Trustpilot. If you are looking for some other alternative- UpTopSocial & Social Kingo seems like a great deal.

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