Many know TikTok as an app that just makes Gen Zs lip-sync with songs. But it is more than that! Yes, the app is mainly about videos, but the videos are not always people dancing with each other. Instead, the users are making and posting how-tos, life hacks, sports highlights, gym videos, and many more.

That said, TikTok is pretty new compared to the other social platforms. But it is booming! And this growth makes it a perfect place to sell products and services. However, you can not just implement any strategy and expect to drive sales like crazy.

Instead, you should know how to sell products and services on TikTok if you want to get a huge success. Thankfully, our team knows the ins and outs of this platform.


Do You Need an Account to Sell on TikTok?

Absolutely! You can not just expect to have a presence on a social platform without being present on it. So, it is pretty much essential to create an account. Also, you will not have to go through any hassle when it comes to creating an account. You just need to go to the official website or download the app.

However, you should not settle down to the regular account if you want to drive sales on this platform. Instead, you should switch to Pro. TikTok has an option to let you operate two different types of Pro accounts on the platform. One is named Creator, while the other is Business.

When you open an account, it will be Personal by default. To switch to Pro, you need to go through the account setting, manage my account, and select the option in red. After clicking the button, you will be asked to choose a category. Select the one that goes the most with the service or products you are offering.

So, what are the advantages that you will get after switching to Pro? Well, it has a lot to offer to the table. Let us give you a rundown of the main highlights:


Audience and Performance Data

This option will allow you to get insights regarding what your audience actually prefers when it comes to content.


1. Content Guide

You will receive guidance regarding all the things of the videos that you should create to be appealing to the audience.


2. Video Showcase

It is basically a carousel of all of the popular content from content creators and businesses.


3. Commercial Music Library

Just like the name suggests, you will find a broad library of royalty-free and pre-cleared sounds that you can use for commercial purposes.


4. Web Business Suite

This option will enable you to download the analytics data, get content creation tips from the Creative Hub, and get access to insights from TikTok for Business.

You are getting all of these for free! So, you should not really settle down to the regular profile when you get access to all of the things that the Pro account has to offer.


What Should You Do After Creating a TikTok Pro Profile?

Creating a Pro profile is basically half of the story. After completing the profile, you should make it look appealing to the crowd. And the first step for this would be to describe your brand in the bio. The TikTok bio is the first thing users will notice when they land on your profile. So, it needs to convey the right message.

Offer a good first impression by filling up the bio with accurate info regarding your brand. Describe what your brand does and what are the things it has to offer. And if you want to improve the SEO rating, you must enter the right keywords on your bio.

Talking of which, you can get a lot more creative by inserting emojis. Emojis are pretty eye-catching and can express a lot about your entire personality. These also act as visual indicators for the users going through your profile. So, treat them like a handy tool to increase overall engagement and drive more sales.

Next, you should work on inserting the right Call-To-Action (CTA). Your CTA should tell the users where to go, which can further enhance the engagement rate on your social profile.

To illustrate, you can link other social media profiles and websites. And when you link your Instagram or other social media profiles, you will be basically getting great attention on that platform as well.


What Is the Audience of TikTok Like?

the Audience of TikTok Like

If you want to drive your sales on a platform, you need to thoroughly understand the users. First, you need to have proper knowledge regarding the age group that most users fall into. TikTok is a relatively new platform. And the platform is mainly driven by Generation Z, as in the ones born from 1997 to 2012.

This demographic is considered the trendsetters, hype-active, and more drawn towards fun and creativity. However, that does not mean that all of the users on the platform are youngsters. There are millennials, parents, and grandparents as well.

Another thing you should note is that most Gen Z is in their early to mid-20s at the moment. Many even settled down and started their own family. Some are living alone and getting entertained by TikTok. So, you can basically drive sales of any product niche on this platform.


How to Sell Products and Services on TikTok?

With all of the preliminary steps aside, let us get to the central part of this guide. It is not really that hard to drive sales on TikTok. Even if you are just starting your adventure on this platform, keeping a couple of things in your mind can help your sales to soar. What factors are we talking about? Here is a brief description of each:


Create Content

Tiktok is all about content. So, if you want to sell your product on this platform, you need to merge your promotion with the content. However, do not be too focused on selling your product. That will make the users click away from your videos.

Instead, you should add a flair of fun and playfulness to your videos. Also, do consider that TikTok only allows videos that are up to three minutes long. So, you need to ensure that fewer words can convey the message you are trying to spread and entertain the users at the same time.

Furthermore, you need to make your videos engaging. If people do not interact with your videos, your videos will be just like any other video that is on the site. It will not get picked up by the TikTok algorithm, and people will not share it. Also, when the algorithm does not pick it up, it will have considerably less amount of visibility.

While you are making videos, try to allocate the first few seconds and insert something that will grab the viewers’ attention. This part is pretty important because if you can not grab the viewers’ attention, they will click away, which will eventually lead to less reach.


Do Your Research

Before you start making a particular video, you should definitely check out what the competitors are doing. Yes, no matter how unique your service or product might be, there is a high chance that other brands are offering the same things and trying to grab the same audience as you.

And you will not even have to go through many hassles just to access those content. All you need to do is use the search bar and type in the hashtag that goes with your content the most. You will find loads of videos that use the same hashtag and have pretty similar content. Go through those videos and analyze them.

However, that is not the only research that you need to do. You should also factor in the hashtags. Well-off brands treat hashtags as powerful marketing tools. The right hashtags can ensure that your content reaches the targeted audience quickly.

Basically, with hashtags, you will be categorizing your content. And users will be capable of finding your video quickly if they are in the same category. That said, you should consider a few things while selecting the hashtags. Firstly, select the hashtag that is relevant to your content. This part is highly important.

If you select the wrong hashtag and tag it with your video, users looking for videos of the same niche will become frustrated after watching your video. Secondly, do not go too into the niche. That will lower your reach. Instead, pick something relevant and relatively trendy at the same time.


Describe Your Products and Services as Accurately as Possible

Yes, we know that one minute is pretty short to adequately describe what your products and services are all about. However, if you keep things straight to the point, that 180 seconds is more than enough.

But do not just make the videos all about your products and services. As we have mentioned, you should add a touch of fun and creativity to the videos. Without that integration, users will not get entertained by your content. And that would mean less engagement and fewer followers.

Nonetheless, a good product description can make people click on the CTA and press the BUY button right after watching your videos. One of the tactics to convey such convincing promotions is to use a combination of bullet points and text. Give all of the necessary information in that combination.


Make Proper Use of Branded Hashtags

It is pretty essential to gather as many viewers as possible to start making a lot of sales on TikTok. And one of the most effective ways to do so is to use sponsored branded hashtags. TikTok has also brought out hashtag challenges. There is a plus version available as well.

In the hashtag challenge plus, users can shop for the products that are related to the challenge. This feature will help you to drive loads of sales. The app also offers a lot of ad formats, including text ads, video ads, and product cards. You can integrate them into a specific hashtag.

Once you create your own hashtag challenge, you will open the doors for a paid-for hashtag. This feature will have a specific landing page, which will lead the users directly to your product page. These challenges also appear on the Discovery page, which will increase sales.

Furthermore, TikTok also allows in-app shopping. In other words, you can make your customer purchase directly from the app. Creating hashtags and using them to sell your product and services has never been this easier in TikTok.


Engage Your Users

Keeping the engagement level up in TikTok is pretty essential. Without making your audience engage with your content, you will not see that much traffic, nor will you get that much sales. So, you should follow the best practices and keep your users engaged with the videos that you post.

One of the common strategies would be to encourage commenting on your videos. Create something unique and make your audience interact with the content.

Also, stay active on the platform and interact with those comments as early as possible. You can also try to comment on other users’ content. That will boost engagement as well.

Another important thing to note is to stay consistent with your videos. You should post at least once every day. Some of the well-off brands will even post two to three posts each day. However, do not just clog up the feed of your followers by posting tens of videos each day. That will not drive sales. Instead, you will lose followers.


Post Shoppable Videos

TikTok allows business accounts to connect their accounts with Shopify. This integration will allow the users to sell directly through the in-feed shoppable ads and videos. If you have a Shopify account, we would highly recommend using this feature because it will make your Shopify account get a good amount of reach.


Tips on Selling Products and Services on TikTok

You now know the basics of selling products and services on TikTok. However, you can amplify your sales by keeping a couple of pro tips in mind. And the tips that we are basically referring to here are as follows;


Collab with Influencers

TikTok has spawned a lot of influencers. These users have a lot of followers and all of the followers actively engage with video likes, comments, shares, views with the content the influencers post on the platform. So, partnering with influencers will be a shortcut for you to drive a lot of sales on the products and services that you are offering.

Basically, the influencers will make more people know about what you have to offer. When your products and services are visible to a wide audience, you will get a lot of traffic on both your website and your TikTok profile.

Furthermore, many influencers on the platform have mastered the art of making promotional contents look and feel organic and real. If you can pick someone like that, you will be sure to see a lot of sales. But it is pretty important to select the right influencer for all of this promotion.

For example, if your product and services are primarily fashion-related, you need to work with professional influencers in that niche. Do your research on the influencer and see how broad their reach is. Also, in order to attract influencers, you can start sending PR packages.


Promote Your Brand in Every Possible Way

Promote Your Brand in Every Possible Way

There are different methods of promoting brands on TikTok. However, among all, most users are picking these marketing methods:


1. Paid Advertising

Tiktok has its own paid advertisement feature. It will allow the users to create compelling ads and air them right on TikTok. But you do need to check a couple of parameters. Nonetheless, once you get all of the parameters right, you can start producing creative, playful, and interactive ads that will draw a lot of attention to your products, services, and account.

On that note, in these promotions, use fitting soundtracks — pick something that is catchy and trendy at the same time. And things such as proper voiceovers and music can make a low-budget promo ad look a lot professional.


2. Embed Your TikTok Feed on Your Official Website

Some of the websites will allow you to embed your TikTok feed. This feature will allow your customer to know more about your products by going through your TikTok before clicking the BUY button. You can even use the user-generated content on your feed. That will allow you to benefit from word-of-mouth advertising.


Track Your Sales and Experiment a Lot

The Pro account of TikTok already has a lot of tracking features. You should take full advantage of those and check how your hashtags, videos, and content are doing. If you find that your content is not seeing a lot of attention, you should implement other strategies.

Remember, TikTok is all about trends. And trends on this platform come and go in the blink of an eye. So, not all of the strategies will work all the time. Instead, you should do a lot of experiments with your strategies. Stick with the strategy that works the most for the time being and switch to another if required.


Final Words

Learning how to sell products and services on TikTok is not learning rocket science. You just need to keep what we have talked about in this guide in your mind. And soon enough, you will see your sales number booming. So, you better stay ready for your product to become the next viral sensation in TikTok!

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