The social media, TikTok, is one of the fastest-growing social platforms and is now a go-to social media for the young generation. In fact, “TikTok” is now referred to as a verb. And you will notice many people saying something like, “Hey, we should TikTok together.” Yes, its popularity is at that level!

Many brands are jumping on the hype train, seeing the popularity this social media has obtained. With the right TikTok marketing ideas, most companies have successfully created a good brand image on TikTok. And so could you! How? Well, we are here to help you in that regard.

After looking thoroughly at the potential of TikTok in terms of creating a brand image, we dug a bit deeper into the ideas that the successful brands are following at the moment. And in this guide, we will give you a brief insight into those ideas.


The Basics of TikTok

Before we move into stating all about the highly efficient strategies that different brands are following, we would like to ensure that you know the basics of social media. Without having fair knowledge in this regard, it will be impossible to properly implement the strategies that we will talk about.

That said, videos are the core of TikTok. However, posting videos from any profile is not going to work. So, even if you plan to use influencers to amp up your TikTok marketing, you should still open up an account strictly for your brand and then start sharing videos.

Nonetheless, the videos of TikTok have a certain time limit. Yes, it is an amped-up version of the long-forgotten Vine. You can shoot for up to one minute. However, that does not mean that you should only post videos that all have one-minute length. If you want, you can create short and snappy videos as well.

TikTok also offers you the freedom to record your videos externally and then import them to social media. That means you will not be restricted to the built-in camera function of the app.

The editor also allows users to add music to their videos. And you will have tons of options regarding the music tracks. The searchable database is pretty easy to work with as well.

When it comes to engaging people with your TikTok content, you will need to rely on shares, views, likes, and comments. The higher these factors are, the better the reach you will get.


Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Get a High Reach on TikTok

With the basics aside, let us get to the point that brought you here in the first place. So, different brands are already seeing massive growth in sales and reach after following some suitable strategies on TikTok. And among all of the effective strategies that they are using, these are the most efficient ones:


Use Hashtags

Like any other social platform, TikTok has its own sorting mechanism. It relies on hashtags for this categorizing the videos. Basically, hashtagging will categorize the available content and put them in a single group. And hashtags contribute a lot to the content that lands on the FYP (For You Page).

Now, one of the common strategies that different users are going to implement to gain a high reach is to throw all of the trending hashtags. However, this will mislead the viewers and might negatively impact the promotion you are trying to make. Instead, select the hashtags that go with your content the most.

On that note, even though you want to include the most relevant hashtag on your content, you should not use generic hashtags. If you use generic hashtags, your videos will have a higher chance of getting drowned in the sea of other content that is using the same hashtag.

Instead, try to make your videos stand out on the slightly less popular categories and hashtags. That will increase the chances of your videos appearing to a broader range of audiences that are relevant to your campaign. In a nutshell, you should not only focus on a particular hashtag just because it is trendy at the moment.

You can also study the other videos using the same hashtag that you plan to use. That will allow you to learn the trends and create something that will show off your brand in a unique manner.


Know Your Audiences

As we have mentioned, TikTok is a social platform that mostly has young audiences. Sixty percent of the total users are from the age of 16 to 24. And these Gen Z do not usually fall for most of the types of marketing strategies. For that reason, it is pretty much essential to gear your digital marketing efforts accordingly.

Many people will consider Gen Z to be children. However, that notion is not accurate. Gen Z consists of people born from the year 1997 to 2012. That means most of your targeted audiences will be in their early 20s. These people are not children. Instead, they are an ideal demographic for various industries.

Other than that, Gen Z is considered to be a trendsetter. They are the generation that understands the internet better than anyone. Why? Well, because this generation was raised with the internet. So, if you want to tune your marketing strategies for Gen Z, you should keep these factors in mind:


Keep Things Casual

Generation Z grew up in a world where everything was under their fingertips. That means it will be pretty hard to sell something to these younger individuals. They are well capable of doing their research and will catch any marketing campaign trying to throw them off.

So, if you plan to get a high appeal to this group, you would want to keep things casual. Do not try too hard to sell your product or services to them. Instead, make it seem like your brand has already caught up with the trend. Keep your promotions authentic and make them seem effortless and cool.


Keep Things Quick

The whole point of TikTok is that you need to be quick and to the point. Instead of creating something lengthy and trying to make an in-depth advertisement, you should focus on keeping the promotion short and simple. That will prevent the viewers from scrolling to the next video.


Ensure That Your Promotions Is Up to Date

One of the easiest ways to get your promotions ignored by Gen Z is by promoting something that is out of trend. Instead, you should make references to the memes and trends that are currently hot at that specific moment. Try to include pop culture references as well. That will get you more views.

If possible, keep one of your team members busy with staying on the pulse when it comes to trends. That will help you to push out contents that are sure to get a lot of views and interactions.


Keep It Sustainable

There are loads of environmental-conscious Gen Z members. So, if possible, you should focus on offering sustainable products that have a comparatively smaller carbon footprint.


Incorporate TikTok Influencers

Incorporate TikTok Influencers

Influencers are everything to social media. And that includes TikTok as well. There are loads of popular creators on the platform. These influencers get high traffic, and most of them have a follower count of more than 100 million. So, if you are trying to gain high visibility, it would be wise to reach out to them.

Yes, getting the younger audiences on your grasp can be a bit tricky. They are pretty much used to scrolling through whenever an ad pops up. It is basically built onto their muscle memory at this point.

So, rather than just putting out a full-fledged marketing campaign, you can see massive growth by creating a deep relationship with the content creators that already have the younger audiences in their grasp. You will see a lot of brands sending out PR packages to these content creators. And it does work!

Most of the influencers will try out the products that these PR packages have to bring to the table. And when they start promoting these products when they like what they have to offer. In fact, many content creators will even negotiate with brands to get these PR packages.

Now, you might be wondering how you will choose the right influencer right? Well, things can get a bit tricky, considering that TikTok has spawned a lot of influencers who are pretty good at the clout game. But not all of the influencers might be interested in the service or product you have to offer.

For that reason, it is pretty much essential for brands to take their time researching the right influencer. A shortcut, in this case, would be to check whether the influencer has your target demographic or not. Let us give you some examples:


Beauty Brand

If you are running a beauty brand, you should reach out to professional makeup artists operating on TikTok. Sending out PR packages that consist of your makeup products would be a good start. Then, get in touch with the influencer to create a strong relationship.


Meal Kits

For brands offering meal kits, it would be wise to reach out to influencers running family channels. Millennial influencers would be a great pick as well. These will have a slightly older audience that probably lives on their own. And meal kits can surely come in handy for them.


Fitness Brands

Different well-known fitness brands will often reach out the athletic influencers. On their videos, these influencers will often wear clothing with sponsorship logos on the top. Partnering up with influencers that are popular in GymTok will also work like a charm.


Use Effects

TikTok is well-known for having a vast library of visual effects. In fact, many of the professional-looking videos will rely on these visual effects. Even though most of the visuals that the library has to offer will seem pretty much unrelated to your marketing campaign, you can certainly use them as a tool to gain more views.

How will that work? When users see a video that has an interesting effect on it, they are most likely to click on the video. From there, they can click on the visuals and get to a new page full of videos with the same effect. So, if you are using that particular effect, there is a high chance that your video will get clicks as well.

On that note, brands can get their videos on the discover page by following this method alone. And let us not forget to state that some of these visual effects are pretty eye-catching. So, you should consider integrating these visuals on most of the promotional videos you post on TikTok.


Engage with Other Users

Sometimes, going viral on TikTok can be totally coincidental. The same thing applies to other social media as well. That said, if you put in the effort to connect with other users, you will have a higher chance of building an increased number of followers. Keep these tricks in your mind when you try to engage with others:

  1. Follow more celebrities and content creators
  2. Leave interesting, unique, and funny comments under the videos. Make sure that your comments are relevant to the video.
  3. Like the videos of the users you are following
  4. Stich other’s videos and encourage your followers to stitch out your videos
  5. Recreate a trend that other popular content creators start or start your own trend
  6. Whenever it is appropriate to do so, tag other users in the comments and videos


Use Humor

One of the most influential strategies you can implement for TikTok marketing campaigns is humor. Even if the video is all about sponsored brand or product, many users will watch it from the start to the end of the videos if the narrative is interesting, funny, and can make them laugh.

However, using any sort of humor is not going to work. You should try to incorporate down-to-earth and relatable humor in your videos. And as we have mentioned, try to keep things short and, if possible, create a well-crafted skit that will act as an advertisement.

By doing so, you will sell your brand to the viewers and ensure that they are having an enjoyable experience while watching your videos.


Final Words

As you can see, keeping some simple and easy TikTok marketing ideas will allow you to get the maximum reach. You really do not need to grind too hard. What you need to do is act smart and implement the ideas properly. You will get to the trendy spot in no time at all!

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