These traits of the community also make TikTok the perfect place to grow your business and reach new customers. However, not all of brands see success in the platform. But if you take a closer look at those failures, you will notice that they were not implementing the proper TikTok marketing strategy for small businesses.

Unlike any other social media, TikTok has not been around for that long. However, thanks to a hyper-engaged community of trendsetters, shoppers, and word-of-mouth advocates, it is seeing a massive amount of growth throughout the years.

Thankfully, you will not end up like one of them because you just found out the ultimate guide for getting success on TikTok. This guide will walk you through each of the effective strategies to help your brand image grow. So, if you want to drive vast sales and get a lot of traffic, you should stick to the end!

Why Should You Consider TikTok for Creating a Brand Image?

There are loads of other social platforms available. So, why particularly TikTok? Well, without any doubt, TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform at the moment. It came to light a few years ago and has been growing ever since.

Some might argue that the community of TikTok is more significant than most other social platforms. And they would be right to some extent. The social platform has grandparents, parents, millennials, and Gen Z. It is basically the home for the entire family.

Thanks to such a community, if your targeted audience is within the 13 to 60 years old range, TikTok is the right place for you to make your small business grow. But most importantly, if your targeted demographic is the youngsters, you should not really consider marketing on any other social platforms.

You will only find a couple of young people still listening to the radio or watching television. Instead, almost all of the youngsters are going to enjoy their free time watching videos on TikTok.

Furthermore, promoting on other platforms has become quite a hassle for small business owners, thanks to ad blockers. And let us not forget how reluctant the young generation is at the moment when it comes to clicking pop-ups and search engine ads.

So, there is no other way for the brands than to source out new platforms to promote their image. And TikTok has opened that door for these brands. If you can get creative with your promotional content, you can surely get many sales. And when you implement the right strategy, rapid growth will be a breeze for you.

TikTok Basics

It is pretty essential to understand the basics of TikTok before getting into tips and strategies. Without a fair idea regarding this, it will be pretty tough for you to create an effective strategy or understand the things that we will state later in this guide.

That said, the core of TikTok is videos. And the marketing strategies rely mostly on this. Yes, getting connected with influencers and making them promote your brand is one of the strategies that many brands will opt for. You still need to open your own account and use it to offer content to your audience.

However, unlike any other social media that allows you to post video content, the videos on TikTok can not be that long. The cap is at 180 seconds, and you will need to use every second of that three minutes to create something that is short, concise, but engaging.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you can just post your 30 seconds TV advert on TikTok and expect people to interact with it. The TikTok community has created its own format. Instead of the videos being bland, it needs to be as natural as possible. But most importantly, the videos need to have a proper mix of fun.

Other than the time limit, TikTok does not put any further limitations on how you are going to create the content. You can use the built-in camera or import the video from an external source. There is a database that will even allow you to post-edit and insert different tracks on your content.

The Best Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Marketing Strategies for TikTok

Seeing a lot of new brands on TikTok splash out of nowhere? Wondering what strategies those brands are following? Well, here are some of the effective marketing strategies that those brands might have followed:

Make the Best Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most crucial marketing tools in TikTok. It does not only help you to categorize the content that you are posting but also gain a lot of other advantages from it.

First of all, hashtags will let you gain a proper idea of the competitors. For this, all you need to do is search with the hashtag that is highly relevant to your content. It will let you know what type of content your competitor is putting out.

If you study the contents that are getting more attention, you can even get more ideas of the content you should be creating.

Other than that, hashtags will help you gain more reach on your content. By putting the right hashtag on your content, you will find your videos easier for the targeted audience. However, in order to get the most success out of this, you need to pick the right relevant hashtag that is pretty trendy.

But that is not all! Using the right hashtags will even let you gain more followers. If you stick with the hashtags that are relevant, more users will get to know about your content. And if you can put out high-quality content, your account will see a lot of traffic.

That said, you should not pick the highly trendy generic hashtags even if they are the ones that go with your content the most. By doing so, you will make your content drown in a deep of videos that are about the same thing. And that would not work that well if you want to gain more reach and make your brand grow.

Post Often But Post Videos That Are High in Quality

Yes, it is true that if you want to get a high reach on your content, you need to post at the right time. However, that is just one part of the story. To get a lot of interactions on your content, you need to put up a good number of videos on the platform as well.

In fact, TikTok recommends posting one to four times a day. But that does not mean that you should just spam content left and right. Consistency is pretty crucial in order to grow your audience. Put out high-quality content and post them often.

The same thing is applicable to any paid ads that you might be running at the moment. Do not just put on blatant ads out there. Instead, put on valuable ads that actually target your audience and allow them to get entertainment out of it.

Upload Videos with Clear Descriptions

One of the essential things for SEO is proper descriptions. When you put a proper description on your video, the TikTok algorithm will know what your video is about. That will make it easier for the algorithm to index the video and offer it to the right audience.

Make sure that you put the right keyword on the description as well. These keywords should not be random words. Instead, they should make sense to the algorithm. Also, in order to gain a high reach on your videos, you must keep the descriptions short yet punchy.

Reach Out to Influencers

As we have mentioned earlier, different brands will rely on TikTok influencers to make their brand grow. And the good news is that TikTok has tons of influencers that are ready to promote your brand. Thanks to this huge number of influencers, you will not even struggle one bit when it comes to finding the right for your niche.

Furthermore, these influencers have a high impact on the tweens and teens that are on TikTok. And these influencers can help you create a successful marketing campaign on the platform.

Engage with Other Users and Your Audience

TikTok is all about engagement. You can just expect to see massive growth by just posting videos that do not encourage any engagements. One of the ways to make your audience engage with your videos is by encouraging them to put comments on your videos. But you should ensure that you do reply to those comments.

You can also enhance your video and profile traffic by engaging with other users. Leave comments on the users that are posting about the same niche. Establish conversations with potential customers. Also, always be open to constructive and thoughtful comments.

On that note, you should remember that TikTok ranks the comments by factoring in the number of likes, comments, and share each of them gets. And in order to get all of that, you would need to be more insightful with your comments. Ensure that you think through the words you will say and make the words meaningful.

TikTok is the place for trend settlers. And hashtags are the thing that plays a crucial role in terms of trends on this platform. To track your or other trendy ideas, you can monitor these hashtags. Also, it is not that hard to find hashtags creating a lot of buzz on the platform. You just need to go to the discover tab.

Now, you should just jump on any trend getting a lot of attention. Instead, jump on those that are at all relevant to your business. However, if you can make the hottest trend merge with your content smoothly, go for it!

But do remember that TikTok trends come and go in the blink of an eye. For that reason, you need to stay highly active on the platform. Also, there is a thing called hashtag challenges on this platform. You can take full advantage of these challenges to promote growth.

Additionally, when you can merge most of the trends with your content smoothly, you will show your followers that you are up to have some fun. And that is exactly what TikTok is about.

Take Full Advantage of the TikTok Ads

TikTok has its own advertisement system. And the formal ad system of the platform is pretty easy to use. Let us talk about the most common types of advertisement services that TikTok offers. Firstly, there are TikTok’s branded hashtag challenges. It also goes by the name HTC.

HTC has been revolutionizing the nature of the advertisement space. It serves the user a banner ad that will take them to a page with rules and instructions. These rules and instructions are for the challenge. When you participate in this challenge, you will make the consumers convert to active participants from passive spectators.

Then, there are the brand takeover ads. You might have already noticed such kinds of ads when you open the app.

At its core, these ads are a mixture of video clips, GIFs, and images, And they will take the users to a hashtag challenger or a landing page. These ads will also allow brands to drive direct sales and raise brand awareness.

Another type of promotional service that TikTok offers is in-feed ads. These are the videos that will appear in between the content that the user watches. And these will appear when the user is scrolling through the For You Page (FYP).

Other than that, there are TopView Ads. These also appear on your feed for three seconds when you open the app. And these can also properly enhance your content’s growth and engagement rate.

Apart from all these, you can also opt for paid boosts and views on your content. We, at UpTopSocial, offer such kinds of services. These boosts will allow you to make your content more visible to the users across the platform, and eventually, you will see a lot of organic growth.

TikTok will allow you to link websites on your profile once you reach 1000 followers. And when you reach that milestone, you should put in the link to your official website on your profile. This will allow your followers to easily find out more about your service and products.

Along with that, you can put links on the caption of the videos. You should take proper advantage of this. When you are talking about something specific in your videos (it can be a service or a product), you should put a direct link to that on the caption of the video.

You must also take full advantage of the social platform linking system. Connect your Instagram to your profile. By doing so, you will get more audience on that platform too.

Put in Proper Effort on the Videos

TikTok is all about videos. And no matter how good of a strategy you implement, if your video is not high in quality, you will not see that much growth. For this, we would recommend always shooting your clips in the vertical format. Most users will not put in the effort to make their landscape just to watch your video.

You should also try to add effects to your videos. Effects are an amazing way to grab attention. In fact, many users are there to see other users create amazing things with the built-in editor’s effects.

Additionally, many users find other content creators by tapping on the effects. TikTok leads you to videos with the same effect when you tap on the visuals. So, you will not be just making your videos more creative by adding a special touch to your content, but also will make your video get a spot among other similar videos.

Monitor Your Performance

Apart from just following other strategies, you should track your growth. In fact, you will not need any other external tools to monitor your performance.

Head towards the settings and privacy section. There, you will find the account’s analytics option. That will enable you to get in-depth data on your performance.

Thoroughly analyze this data and see if you need to make any adjustments to your strategy or not. It will also be possible to track the clicks on each of the links and the user’s behavior by adding UTM tags on each of the links.

Final Words

TikTok is a competitive place. Here, loads of brands will compete against each other just to get the trending. However, if you know the proper TikTok marketing strategy for small businesses, you can get the upper hand in the competition. So, you should keep in mind each of the factors we talked about while experimenting.

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