Almost all of the users on social media use hashtags these days. However, not all users are using Twitter hashtags at their fullest potential. For that reason, many are missing out on getting a lot of engagement and impressions. It is not just about picking something trendy and inserting it into your content. There is more to it!

Twitter Hashtag Guideline

At its core, hashtags are basically a powerful marketing tool. It makes it easier to get your content to reach the relevant audience. That will let you get a lot of traffic and engagement on your posts. And through this in-depth Twitter hashtag guideline, you will get to know the ins and outs of hashtags.

This guide will also teach how to get your tweet seen and interacted with by as many users as possible by using hashtags. We will also let you know how to find the right hashtag to make your brand image grow properly on Twitter.

So, let us get into it without further ado, shall we?

Twitter Hashtag Guideline: What Makes It Important?

If you are still unaware of what hashtags generally are, it is basically a combination of phrases and keywords. It starts with the pound “#” symbol and does not have any punctuations or spaces in it. To illustrate, if your want to use social marketing as a hashtag, it would be something like this: #socialmarketing.

Now, even though most users will treat Twitter hashtags as a marketing tool, it is not just that. Hashtags also play a crucial role in organizing the content inside the platform. Let us get back to the example that we have just stated above. With the #socialmarketing, you will be categorizing the content in the marketing tab.

These hashtags will help a specific group of people who are looking for particular content. The algorithm of Twitter will start showing the user all of the posts that have a specific hashtag when the user clicks on them. Furthermore, users will be capable of finding other users that are talking about the topic they are interested in.

In short, hashtags make your content discoverable and get more retweets from other users. It also makes your specific content reach the right group of people. And when you get the hang of hashtags and use the right industry hashtag on your posts, you will appear to more users. Eventually, your profile and content will see a higher reach and traffic.

Why Should You Use the Right Twitter Hashtags?

As we have already mentioned, hashtags are pretty crucial if you want your content to reach more audiences. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is just way more to hashtags than just that.

Direction to Content

Hashtags work as a direction toward the right content for the users. For example, when a certain user is trying to find out cake recipes, if they search for #cakerecipes on the search bar, they will find all of the posts that are from the users regarding cake recipes.

The search tab also categorizes the content accordingly. There are Top, Latest, People, Photos, and Videos. For the Top, Twitter will show the most trendy post regarding cake recipes. When it comes to the Latest, the user will find all of the latest posts are relevant to that topic.

In terms of People, Twitter will show users that have #cake or #cakerecipes on their bios. The Photos and Videos tabs are pretty much self-explanatory. These will contain content with photos and videos attached to them.

Party Invitation

Other than making it easier for the users to find the right content, hashtags work as a party invitation. It will make the users come together at a single discussion and encourage them to take part in that specific discussion.

Think of the party invitation as a group chat. But instead of the group chat being limited to a certain amount of people, its members are users from all over the platform.

Hashtags will also allow users to stay up to date. When a specific hashtag is seeing a lot of use, the Twitter algorithm will pick it up. Later, the algorithm will keep that particular hashtag on the trendy section. However, that does not mean that you will only find a single hashtag on the trendy section. There will be a lot of others.

Different blog-related accounts will utilize hashtags to invite more audiences. With engaging posts, such as questions and answers, these accounts can see a lot of organic growth. Their specific hashtag will see a lot of traffic when users start to use them on their posts.

Build Brand Image

Different organizations will utilize their customized hashtags for spreading brand awareness. These branded hashtags will make the users more aware of the brand. They will even work as a tool to promote your business and help you drive more conversations.

Additionally, many brands will utilize customized hashtags to start a campaign. They will set up challenges and contests, which will go a long way when it comes to driving sales. When users start using these customized hashtags, the product or service gets a lot of attention and receives a universal appeal.

Show Support for Social Issues

You will find loads of hashtags that are connected to social issues. Different brands will utilize these hashtags to mobilize their business and create awareness regarding an important issue or cause. For example, during breast cancer month, you will see a lot of companies using #breastcancerawareness.

This type of hashtag will not only make your content get a higher reach if posted at an appropriate time but also will show your fans and followers that you are well aware of the issue and are willing to take steps to change it.

Add Context to Any Content

We have already mentioned that Twitter utilizes these hashtags to sort out the content available on the platform. Also, Twitter does not offer you that many characters to work with. Sometimes, using a long caption is less effective than using the right hashtag on the content.

When you use the right and relevant hashtag on your post, you will simplify the content and contextualize it in the easiest way.

Disclose Sponsorships

Different brands will look for influencers on the platform to promote their service and products. When working with these brands, influencers will need to let their audience know that they are getting paid for the promotion. It goes with the discloser guideline for online influencers.

But these hashtags are not only about letting your followers know that you are posting paid content. It will also help the brand get the reach they have been looking for. Clicking on the hashtag will allow the user to find more posts regarding the same brand. And that will increase brand awareness to a high level.

How to Use Hashtags Properly?

With all of the basics regarding hashtags out of the way, let us get to the main discussion. As you can see, hashtags can bring a lot to the table. But you will not be capable of enjoying any of them if you do not use the right hashtag. So, here is the guide regarding choosing the right hashtag for your content.

Find the Right Balance

We can define hashtags into two categories. One is broad, and the other is niche. It is pretty essential to find the right balance. For example, if you search for cake, you will see many results coming. Now, you would not want to browse through all the content if you were looking for something specific, such as chocolate cake, right?

For that reason, it is pretty essential to find the right balance. The hashtag that you should opt for should be relevant to your content but should also widen its reach. #cake is the broad hashtag in our example, while #chocolatecake is probably the right balance if your content is about chocolate cake.

Let us give you another example. Let us consider the #marketing hashtag. Hashtags such as #twittermarketing are too into the niche. This niche-driven hashtag will surely help users that are looking for something specific, but your content will not show up on the search results that are not too specific.

Instead, #socialmarketing could be a great choice in that regard. And finding out the right balance between niche and broad is not that easy. You would need to obtain this skill by trial and error. Start with using broad hashtags and work your way into finding the right balance for your content.

Jump into Occasion and Time-Specific Hashtags

One of the easiest ways to get more reach on your post is by inserting the time and occasion-specific hashtags. Take #throwbackthursday, for example. Each of the weeks has a Thursday, while each month, there are at least four Thursdays. That means you will have four opportunities to use that time-specific hashtags.

A good strategy to use this particular time-specific hashtag is to find out four blog posts or content that did not get that much of views. Repost them by inserting this throwback hashtag. By doing so, you will be promoting four different older posts in four weeks.

However, #throwbackthursday or #TBT is not the only time-specific hashtag. There are a lot of others. And not all of them is about making old posts resurface again. If you can create a proper schedule and use the relevant hashtags accordingly, you can see your content getting a lot of reach by using these time-specific hashtags.

Use Location-Specific Hashtags

Like any other social media, users on Twitter will be interested to see what different locations have to show. That is why the accounts that want to get a high reach never underestimate the power of location-specific hashtags. Treat these hashtags as tools for your local business.

Encouraging the exposure of different areas can make your posts positively impact the users. Local audiences will have the feeling that their area is getting the right amount of attention that it requires.

Also, other users and international users will get to know about most of the things that the specific location has to bring.

Additionally, location-specific hashtags will allow other local users to find your account quickly. That will open the doors for collaboration. And collabs do drive a lot of engagement. You can get twice the amount of reach and interactions.

Now, if you are wondering how you will use the location-specific hashtags, it is pretty simple. For example, if you are operating or living in Essex, the hashtag would be #Essex, #UKblogger, and something along that line.

Jump on Trends

Jumping on the Twitter trends is always a good idea. As long as your tweet is relevant, you can get a lot of exposure by using trending hashtags. Take a particular show, for example. Whenever a lot of people are talking about the show, you should get on the bandwagon as well if you can post a relevant tweet about it.

By doing so, you will

 that you love the show as much as they do. This will allow you to connect more with your fans, and it will help you get more traffic to your post. But that does mean that trending tweets is all about TV shows. It can be regarding a lot of topics.

How to Find the Right Hashtag for Your Post?

Finding the right hashtag for your post will get pretty hard if you have zero inspiration. But the good news is that you can take full advantage of the hashtags already trending on Twitter. Remember, not all tweets need to promote your service or brand. Instead, most of the tweets should engage other users.

To find out the right hashtag and get inspiration for the tweets with a specific hashtag, you can always look at what other users are doing. Use the native search bar to find the relevant tweets to your post. For example, if your post is about marketing, you just type in marketing on the search.

After that, go to the trending tab, and you should see a range of topics using the hashtag and other relevant hashtags on their post. Take inspiration from those posts and check which hashtag is used the most with that type of content.

If the more trendy hashtag goes with your content, you can use it. Yes, no one will be there to stop you from doing so. On the search tab, you will also come across a lot of tweets or topics that you can personalize according to your tweet.

Other than that native search, you can rely on other sites. These sites will often have a tool that will let you know about the performance of each hashtag. Choose the one that goes with your tweet the most and is more trendy than others. By doing so, you will enhance the overall reach and make your tweet more visible.

Final Words

Basically, if you follow all of the things discussed in this Twitter hashtag guideline, you will get the boost you require to make your tweets more visible to others. Your content will get a wider reach, and you will see success in promoting your brand, profile, or your products and services.

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